Exercise Review: Zumba Perth / Warwick!


I’d heard a lot about Zumba, from the advertisements on TV to the seemingly overnight explosion of people talking about it on Facebook, and now the appearance of a class at my local gym. The curiosity was too much – I had to go and see what the fuss was about, and of course to join in the ‘Cardio Party!’

So I grabbed a girlfriend and we both went off to see if Zumba really did live up to the hype. I can officially say – it did! We went on a Tuesday night, and it was very busy. I’d estimate there were probably about 70 people there.

We went to the class in Warwick, however there’s Zumba available all over Perth (log on to http://www.zumba.com to find a class near you). There is also Zumba Gold, a low impact class for people recovering from injuries or the elderly. Danza Loca run 66 classes across Perth and more are opening up all the time so you are bound to find one nearby! It costs $10 per class, and you get a 20% discount when buying a 10 lesson card.

Zumba is marketed as being suitable for all ages, which I think is a really big point of difference from other classes that do not advertise this fact.

As our instructor -Tass – walked in… I thought “If that’s the sort of body you get from Zumba, then I will definitely be coming back!”. Tass started the class with a bit of a pep talk about what to expect from Zumba and an overview of the moves that we’d be doing during the class. It’s a mix of meringue, salsa, cha cha and – which sounded really exciting as I’ve got a dance background and always wanted to try something a bit more exotic than jazz! Tass explained the importance of enjoying the class and getting into the moves – his motto seemed to be “free your mind, and your ass will follow!” and it dawned on me what we were in for.

The music started and we launched into the first routine, which was fantastic and definitely broke everyone into a sweat. The class then hit full pace and we were jumping, shimmying, meringue-ing and (most of all) laughing all the way through. The entire class is set to a soundtrack, featuring some songs that I recognised and some that I did not. This was great as it really helped to maintain the energy in the class, and Tass didn’t really need to shout out instructions as he was up on a stage at the front demonstrating.

The best part for me was how easy it was to pick up the moves, there were some people there who were Zumba experts, and some Zumba first-timers, like me.

The main focus of Zumba is the cardio aspect of it, however there is lots of oblique twisting as well, which I found to be quite beneficial and I was definitely sore the next morning.

The class goes for 55 minutes – there’s 10 minutes of warm up and explanation, then 40 minutes of actual Zumba-ing. This is more than enough to get you feeling like you’ve had a great workout! At the end, there was a 5 minute cool down and stretch, which was also done to the Zumba music.

I left feeling energised but not exhausted as is often the case after a fitness class. I would highly recommend Zumba, although it’s popped up really quickly it’s definitely not one of the fad classes that we’ve all seen come and go. It’s a great hour class, grab your friends and make an evening of it!

Review by Amy S., Zumba convert!

Website: http://www.zumba.com
Facebook: Look up – Zumba with Danza Loca
Email: maestro@danzaloca.com
Phone: 0402092900

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