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Makeup Look: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme Party.

I LOVE themed parties! Give me an excuse to get into costume and play a character for the night and I will be there with bells on; and in this case Swarovski crystals as well.

On this occasion the theme for the party was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The look I wanted to go for was an “ethereal woodland fairy”, much like the mischievous characters from Shakespeare’s play.

I designed the outfit myself. The top was made out of a satin and organza skirt that I shredded into panels and draped strategically over my torso, leaving my back and most of my midriff bare. The flowing, long, white skirt complimented the baby pink top and I painted my toenails with a shimmering polish and went barefoot.

For my hair and make-up, I called in the professionals.

Slajana Spaseski is the founder and owner of the Perth based business, Make-up by Design. She arrived at my house equipped to completely transform me, and efficiently went about turning my bathroom into a salon.

♥ Slaj gives me the tip “during the day it’s always best to work in a room that has natural light”.

Julia before makeup.

Julia after makeup.

Over the next 3 hours, we planned and executed the complex transformation as you can see from the before and after photos. Slaj deftly moved from product to product and so I asked her to give me a rundown of just how she created this design.

Here is a step by step guide you can follow yourself:


♥ Always begin with a clean canvas (baby wipes are best to clean the face because make up wipes often leave an oily residue which can make the base unstable).

♥ Apply a primer to the skin with a foundation brush. The primer will prep the skin for the foundation and will also make it last longer. I used Jemma Kidd Primer. It has light reflecting particles in it which give the skin a youthful glow.

♥ Next I applied Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Available online at StrawberryNet) all over the face.


♥ Julia is naturally gifted with very chiselled cheekbones (thanks Slaj) and so I merely accentuated them by using a peach powder blush on the apples of her cheek.

♥ Then, from my Smashbox Contouring Palette I used the darkest colour powder in the hollow of her cheek and my Smashbox Mosaic Highlighter Palette to accentuate the cheek bone.

The Eyes, Eyebrows and the Mask

♥ I began by lightly dusting the entire eye area, up to the mid forehead, with a baby pink loose pigment.
♥ I then drew in the cat eye with a M.A.C eye crayon, extending the wing to the temple.

♥ The eyelashes were then curled using a heated eyelash curler (I loved this! I am going to pick one up from Priceline for about $12, much nicer than the old school eyelash curler!), following by lashings of black mascara.

♥ I applied false eyelashes with a pair of tweezers and Duo Glue.

Benefit – Brows a Go-Go!

♥ While we were waiting for the glue to dry, I gave Julia her dramatic eyebrows using my Benefit Brow Kit . I used the eyebrow wax to set the hairs into place and plot the desired shape. When I was happy with the shape, I accentuated the brows using the darker brow powder applied with a 266 Mac Eyebrow Brush.
♥ The mask was given some depth by drawing in both silver and black streaks using Kryolan paint.
♥ I then glued Swarovski crystals randomly within the mask using Kryolan Spirit Gum.

♥ The feathers were glued on the outer corners of the eyes using spirit gum to accentuate the winged eye make-up.

♥ The lips were lined with a neutral pink lip liner by Napoleon and filled in with a shimmer lip gloss by Modelco .

The tool kit!

♥ The hair was roughly blow dried and lightly sprayed with hair spray. Each section of hair was sprayed again prior to rolling with with Babyliss hot-rollers.

♥ When the make-up was finally finished it was time to pull out the rollers.
Each section was carefully removed so as to not disturb the curl. Each individual curl was then sprayed to hold.

♥ Julia’s body was bronzed and glowing thanks to the application of Chi Chi Solarium in a Bottle.

It was a wonderful experience to get pampered at home and Slaj was very conscious of the time and making sure that I was able to get dressed, have something to eat and take lots of fantastic photos before heading out. The look was very dramatic and caused quite a stir at the party.

People were surprised at how completely unusual I looked. I have never had curly hair and so I was very excited to get the ringlets.

If you want to learn how to create theatrical or natural looks you can attend one of Slaj’s workshops. Find out more here:

Make-up by Design is a completely mobile business so Slaj can come to your home or hotel to prepare you for a big event. She says that now is the busiest time of year with parties and weddings in the warm weather.

She does everything from weddings to photo shoots for clothing labels.

Check it out on Facebook or contact Slajana on: 0433967900 or She is on call 7 days a week.

Review by Julia Hern, personal trainer and event junkie who loves to swim, but doesn’t need water to make a splash!

Be well,


Product Review: Weleda Lavender Creamy Body Wash and Birch Body Scrub.

When the opportunity to try some Weleda products came up I jumped at the chance. Having used several Weleda products in the past I was very keen to get them back into my life.

How do I love Weleda? Let me count the ways…

♥ Their philosophy – they believe in harmony between nature and human beings.
♥ The plant extracts and ingredients and grown using bio dynamic and organic methods.
♥ All formulations are free of synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colours & parabens.
♥ No animal testing!

This guy? Not harmed.

I had the chance to trial four Weleda products; Lavender Creamy Body Wash, Birch Body Exfoliant, Wild Rose Body Oil and Wild Rose Face Mask. The review of the Weleda products is split into two parts so read on to find out more about the Lavender Creamy Body Wash and Birch Body Scrub and stayed tuned for reviews on the Wild Rose products.

One of my favourite scents is lavender; it’s very soothing and calming and I’ve been using lavender and lavender based products for a long time. It is perfect to use after a long busy day at work to help relax and de-stress.

I’ve been using the Lavender Creamy Body Wash at night, the scent is just divine and it is perfect to use after a long busy day at work to help relax and de-stress. Weleda uses organic lavender grown from Moldova in a fair trade agreement.

I found this body wash very gentle, didn’t strip my skin and it lathered well .The formulation as the name suggests is a lovely creamy consistency. The scent tended to linger for a while after I used it which was lovely.

I’ve been on the lookout for a gentle body scrub for awhile. The last few ones that I tried have been quite rough and have even left nasty red scratch marks on my skin. Trying the Birch Body Scrub was a dream.

According the Weleda website Birch has been proven to be helpful to rid the body of toxins and help in the detoxifying process. The Birch Body Scrub uses natural plant wax pearls to gently but effectively exfoliate and smooth the skin. I noticed that my skin was smoother after just one use. The scrub is effective but not harsh at all. Tough areas like my elbows and knees are feeling softer. Even the scent is refreshing and uplifting. This is the perfect scrub to use in summer to get ready for all those skin baring party dresses! This scrub is a winner!

Have you tried Weleda products? What are your favs?

Review by Hannah-Lee.

Be well,


The Tastiest Lentil Burger in all the Lands!

♥ Amazing graphic design by yours truly! ♥

Eating lentil burgers is one of the true great delights of being a vegetarian, of course meat eaters can (and should!) indulge in these legume-y treats too, but they do hold an extra special place in my non-meat lovin’ heart due to their deliciousness & high protein content!

Some people I’ve spoken with think lentils are a little bit hippy. A bit too mung beans, peace signs and make love not war, man.

Well I’m here to tell the naysayers to get nay-ed, and throw it out there that I think my most recent healthy lentil burger creation would turn even the most hardened carnivore into a giant big fan of these less than beautiful, but more than tasty food friends.

Time Required: 30-35 minutes ’til you get to dine.
Difficulty Rating: 1 lentil. If I can do it, anyone can.

Notes: This burger is very filling, you will more than likely feel like chowing down another one straightaway but wait 10 minutes for your food to settle, then reassess! The structure of the burger is very important so as to separate the flavours in the optimum way, so take care 😉


♥ 2 slices of your bread of choice. Mine since you asked is Abbott’s Village Bakery – Light Rye. Stunning!
♥ 1 Sanitarium Lentil Patty. These are located in the frozen section of the supermarket, most Coles & IGA’s I’ve been to have them.
♥ 1/2 a tomato.
♥ 2-3 thin slices of reduced fat fetta.
♥ 1/4 sliced avocado.
♥ 1/2 tbsp hummus.
♥ A lil bit of tomato sauce.

: (is that the right word? or did I just slip back into high-school science..)

Cook the lentil patty in the oven til golden brown and crispy on both sides, this takes a while in my non fan-forced oven, so I heat it to 200 degrees cook for 15 mins, then flip over and cook for another ten.

Toast the bread & spread hummus on one piece and spread/place the avo slices on the other.

Place the patty on the avo side, and decorate patty with the desired sauce pattern then top with the thin fetta slices.

Tomato slices are up next and you may then finish with the piece of hummus’d toast on top.

For optimal eating pleasure, cut diagonally into two halves.

Experience the taste sensation, then come back here and leave a comment telling me how brilliant I am! Hehe.

This burger is so good for you, full of nutrients, good fats & protein. If you try it, let me know! Just writing about it has made me hungry so I’m off to create some havoc in my kitch.

Be well,



Product Review: Wotnot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes.

Wotnot Facial Wipes

If you’re anything like me and are in a constant mini-war with your face, fighting dry, sensitive spots one day and little breakouts the next, you’ll know how difficult it is to find a face wipe that settles down the battle zones.

Not to mention the difficultly in finding one that quickly removes your makeup before you fall into bed after a big night.

So the recipe for my dream facial wipe would go something like this…

♥ Doesn’t sting sensitive bits or aggravate breakouts.
♥ Doesn’t dry out and tighten the skin.
♥ Nourishing and calming.
♥ Takes off makeup in a flash.
++ Bonus points: Improves skin condition.

Almost impossible?

Enter our star and my new fav. product, Wotnot Facial Wipes!

This baby is a winner in my eyes because it does all of the above, contains heaps of organic goodies AND is environmentally friendly as it’s 100% biodegradable / compostable!

Why didn’t someone think of this before?!

So down to the nitty gritty…

Contains: soothing organic aloe vera, organic sweet almond oil, organic rosehip oil, organic jojoba oil.

If you guys didn’t already know, those three oils are the who’s who of the “oils that are good for making your face healthy & pretty” scene. So get to know ’em!

Does not contain: alcohol, chlorine, sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial fragrances, artificial preservatives, animal extracts and they are of course against animal testing. PHEW.

This guy wasn’t harmed during the making of these wipes! YAY!

This is all well and good, however we need performance as well as enviro-responsibility, and Wotnot wipes deliver on that front too.

It takes off my makeup in a flash and feels GREAT afterwards!

I love this product and won’t be giving it up anytime soon, it’s replaced my stinging wipes and now takes pride of place in my messy bathroom.

Wotnot Naturally Nurturing Facial Wipes are $11.95 for a pack of 25 wipes and available to buy online (with free shipping) at

Be well,



Personal Training in Perth, A Diary: Part Two!

Ze lovely Sarah Devlin!

A little over a month ago I started on my journey to fitness once and for all, by enlisting the help of the lovely Sarah to help me navigate the jungle known as “Doing More Exercise Than Just Walking to the Bus Stop Each Day“.

It was an unknown world to me, full of strange creatures such as the wild lunge squat, the dreaded tricep dip, which tend to travel in packs of ten…(at this stage, I hear they get more prevalent the further into the jungle we go), the gentle plie (plee-yay) and the common press up. There are also some ultra rare beasts known as ‘rest periods’, but we haven’t seen too many of those during our travels.

Dreaded tricep dip, for reference!

So what have I learned so far on my trip? Here are a few of my discoveries.

I am capable of so, so, SO much more than I ever thought possible. Despite being in the early stages of training, I had very low expectations of how much exercise my body could cope with. The great thing about this style of training is that we work on so many different areas (eg. not just cardio, although there is some) that most muscle groups are nicely exhausted by the end of the session.

I was scared at first. In the past I’ve heard of trainers who make you work out until you can’t see / throw up / emotionally break down. My training sessions are not like this! By no means will Sarah let me slack off, but she’s not there to make me cry or be sick.

My bum, thighs & tummy are getting tighter and stronger all the time. How do I know this? Well first up it’s the aches and pains that come the day / two days after training!! This has got to be the worst part, but I’m told it will get better in time. It just means I’m working muscles that have been taking it easy for WAY too long!!

Secondly, I can visibly see / feel that these areas are getting firmer and it’s such a great feeling. As a reminder, I’m pretty small already and not trying to lose weight, but I’m very happy to be getting firmer and more toned as that was my goal :)

A pic of me at the beach after some workouts… oh wait. Maybe one day?

Better posture – as you can imagine, running a website requires a fair bit of computer time. My ‘real job’ also involves a hefty amount of staring at screens also, so partially rounded shoulders tend to come with the territory.

We’ve been working on my posture, strengthening up the back / shoulder / chest muscles and even the work on the core helps too! I’ve definitely noticed an improvement which makes me super happy! My spine is beginning to ♥ me again.

So overall starting personal training is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done for my health & wellbeing and I’m only just beginning to see the results.

I can’t wait to see what happens as I continue with it!

If you want to find out more about Sarah see her website!

Tell me your personal training stories of joy / woe!

Be well,



Product Review: Ella Bache Everyday Zinc 30+ Protection.

Everyday Zinc 30+ 50ml rrp $49

I recently met a woman who was in her early 40s, who had the skin of a 25 year old – smooth complexion without a freckle or hardly a wrinkle on her. The woman, who lives in England, surprised me when she told me her secret.

I never go in the sun, and when I do I use a 30+ sunscreen” she said.

Feeling slightly cheated that I have lived in the Australian sun all my life, and at age 30 my skin is now showing the signs of this with slight wrinkles and a couple of sunspots, I jumped at the chance to try Ella Bache’s Everyday 30+ Protection.

After cleansing your face, apply a small amount to your fingertips and work it to become smooth. With its thick formula, a little goes a long way – so you do get value for money.

Dab onto your face then blend in. I found I looked a little ghostly as it left a slightly white cast over my face, however about 10 minutes later it had absorbed. I did notice that less foundation was required – or could most likely be skipped as you’re left with a nice translucent glow. By the end of the day I hadnt noticed that my face appeared any oilier, as some suncreens can make that happen.

The only cons about this product is that the smell is slightly chemical, and if you don’t shake the product before use you do get a bit of oil seeping out amongst the product (most likely from the lanolin content).

He’s coming for you!

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone seeking an everyday high sun protection. I imagine I would only use it on days when I know majority will be spent outdoors, and with summer upon us – that’s more often!

Using Ella Bache Everyday 30+ Protection, I felt good knowing that I had an ‘invisible shield’ against the sun, without the oilyness you would get just using a sunscreen.

Everyday Zinc 30+ is available at all Ella Baché salons and David Jones stores nationally. For
stockists call 1800 789 234 or visit our location finder at (Available online at StrawberryNET)

Review by Betty C.

Be well,


Happy Shaving Device Versus World of Pain Shaving Device.

Hands up who likes to cut themselves shaving? I’m talking multiple wounds to the leg, cursing, stinging, band-aids required style scenarios.

You don’t?

WELL THEN! In that case you should steer clear of the Bic Soleil razor, this bad boy has caused my housemate and I much pain and multiple injuries which ended up turning into some pretty unpleasant and visual sores / scars (yuck!).

Now as you know, we don’t usually get too negative on here, because I like to champion the promotion of the “best of ze best” and celebrate the good stuff, but we both had such a bad experience that letting y’all know was a must!

On the other side of the cookie however, is a wonderful little shaver that has been making my legs feel silky smooth for the past month, bringing me joy and not stealing vital blood supplies!

RRP $8.39

With the scent of white tea, three blades and a really handy inbuilt shaving gel, Venus Spa Breeze has restored my faith in shaving!

Apparently it’s the first ever 2-in-1 shave gel disposable razor. All I know is that my legs are happy, so I’m sticking with it!

What is your favourite shaving product? Please share!

Have you tried the Venus Spa Breeze? Or the Bic Soleil?

Be well,



Day Spa Review: Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment, Bodhi J.

Photo of Chakra Balancing Treatment by Sodashi

As soon as I read about the 90 Minute Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment on the Bodhi J website, I knew we had to be together.

“Deeply meditative, this experience aims to bring the chakras into alignment through a fluid combination of massage, specific essential oil synergies and beautiful crystals. Working subtly on the energetic body with profound effects, this truly unique experience leaves you feeling calm and in a state of harmony, resulting in an increase in wellbeing and spirituality.”

Yes please. Now, as you can imagine, one prerequisite for this treatment is a mind that is at least 2% open. Energy therapies are a relatively new player in the game and as such are often viewed with a skeptical eye.

I can’t say for certain they work, all I can let you know are my experiences, and after this treatment I felt on cloud 9 for about 3-4 days after!

Check out Chakras for Beginners for a little more info before reading on!

♥ ♥ ♥

Going to the day spa can be a very intimate experience, we allow ourselves to be touched and comforted by people we usually don’t know, this treatment specifically requires you to be completely undressed (although your modesty is certainly preserved at all times), however disposable underwear is made available for those who might not feel so comfortable going au naturale!

♥ So after taking it all off, I’m directed to a beautiful eco-bathrobe. It’s all about the little things, and these unique robes are made of flax and are very low in pesticides, herbicides and fungicides! Pretty impressive and really comfortable, they are also available to purchase for $130.

♥ A quick test is done to see which of my chakras are imbalanced, turns out my 3rd (emotions) & 5th (communication) chakras could do with a bit of work!

♥ Before each chakra (from the base of the spine to the crown of the head) is gently massaged and worked on, I’m asked to inhale a Sodashi scented oil (see above) that corresponds to and will help to balance that particular chakra. It is incredibly relaxing and the scents are divine.

♥ After each point is worked on, a beautiful crystal is placed on my skin.

♥ I have to note at this point that I’m not someone who falls asleep easily, but I found myself dozing off at least twice!

♥ Once the back is done, the front is worked on (again, modesty preserved).

♥ The treatment finishes with a relaxing rest in the lounge area, some fresh fruit, tea and chocolates :)

The whole thing was AMAZINGLY relaxing. I walked out of there on a cloud and stayed there for 3-4 days. As someone who is very busy and always searching for ways to reduce stress, I found this to be one of the more effective treatments I have tried in a while!

If you have the moolah, the Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment weighs in at $185 for 90 mins, then I would highly recommend you high-tail it down there before even finishing this article.

If not, start wishing upon stars or putting away a dollar a day because this treatment is definitely worth your hard earned.

I wish I was back there right now! *dreams*
Contact Bodhi J

42C Grantham St (Cnr Nanson St)
Wembley, Western Australia 6014

ph: (08) 9387 5152
fax: (08) 9387 4548

Ever had your chakras balanced?

Would you like to? Lets chat!

Hairdresser Review: Peggy Sues at Last Chance Studio, Northbridge.

Let me introduce Bee. She is 25, nutty, cat obsessed, and a genius with scissors.

Stepping into Bee’s salon, Peggy Sues, was a very different hair experience for me. Walking through Last Chance Studios, then through a kitchen and up a winding staircase (careful not to step on the sleeping kitty!) makes you feel as though you are visiting a friend, not a hairdresser which is always a good thing!

Once seated and robed Bee and I have a chat about what I want and within 5 minutes of talking we both come to a decision… Mermaid hair*. Otherwise known as hair with lots of layers, swish and length, mermaid hair is something I have always longed for and Bee is just as excited as I am about achieving it.

She gets straight into the washing and cutting, (no messing around here) and a short while later I am a very happy lady with pretty mermaid hair. We decided not to redo my balayage, as once the layers were cut in, the colour popped out any ways. This saved me from wrecking my hair with more dye and also saved my pennies! Bee even gave me a quick lesson on how to style my new do at home. Very nice.

If you are after a salon that is comfortable, kitsch, friendly and fun then Peggy Sues Is for you.

If you prefer mood music, cups of tea and white walls then look elsewhere. Bee was previously employed with Circles Subiaco and she charges extremely low prices for the level of expertise offered.


Student Cut+Blowdry- $50
Cut+Blowdry- $60
Mens – $25
Cut,Colour,Blowdry – from $150
Blowdry- $45
Hair Up – $80

(Prices current as of December 2010)

Review by the lovely fashion/beauty blogger April Rose.

Product Review: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.

I’ve always been a little bit hesitant to get into the world of leave-ins and leave-ons. Conditioners, masks all those things that I like to wash off or out so they wont just hang around on my skin or in my hair collecting dirt, weighing everything down and perhaps even causing breakouts.

But when the Origins Overnight Mask came into my life I was won over by the glorious smell (delicious fruity apricoty, but not sickly), texture (light and leaving no residue) and the fact that it promised to instantly quench my skin’s depleted moisture. I gave it a go. The best thing was I didn’t feel like an oil slick when I went to bed and the next morning it feels non-existent – which is exactly how I wanted it to feel.

So far, I haven’t seen a noticeable change in my skin, but this product (by its own admission) is more of a maintenance or long term kind of thing- replacing the moisture you lose during the day and repairing your skin’s barrier… and if you think about it, who doesn’t want to use a product that does that?

If you were looking for a leave-on mask I would definitely encourage you to give this a go to see how you like it. You can use it as often as you desire, but you could also use it as little as twice a week, meaning that it doesn’t need a big commitment from you and it could be a good inclusion to your general beauty regime if you like to change things up every now and then.


Ed’s Note: Or if you want your skin to smell like beautiful, fresh apricots… this ones a winner!

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is available from Kit Cosmetics for RRP $45.

Review by Adriane Daff.

Be well,