Beauty Salon Review: Eyebrow Threading, Zubias Threading Perth!

Being Spanish, and suitably hairy (as my lineage implies) I am always on the look out for new and less painful forms of hair removal, and ever since I first heard about the exotic art of Threading, it has intrigued me. So whilst browsing through the Browne’s Every Woman Expo in Perth last weekend I took full advantage of the free demonstration being offered by Zubia’s Threading!

Now, before I start my review I have a little confession. This is hard to admit on a beauty and wellness website, but it’s vital to showcase just how good this treatment is. *deep breath* I haven’t waxed, plucked or touched by eyebrows for six months. *shudder* This was not a pretty sight.  

Being in the middle of an expo and in a line of about five other ladies, the environment was not really conducive to a soothing and relaxing mood that one normally expects from salons. However, I assume this would be very different when having an appointment in store. 

Sitting down in the chair, my technician went straight to work on cleaning up the tops of my brows, this I barely felt and was over in less than 2 mins. The next bit was a tad odd. In order to thread the arches, you’re required to place one hand above the top of your brow and one hand over your eye and pull the skin tight while your unwanted hairs are removed, just as quick and almost as painless as the tops!  

I was up out of the chair less than ten minutes later and completely overjoyed with my new brows, the technician not only removed all unwanted hair but completely reshaped them and opened my eyes up. There was absolutely no redness and I was ready to go! This was the most quick and pleasant hair removal experience I have ever had!

My new threaded brows!

Threading uses a pure cotton thread that is twisted and skilfully manipulated to gently lift the hair off the follicle. The pain is far less than waxing and provides a more accurate shape. Unlike waxing, where you often find Houdini hair that dodge elimination, not a stray hair remains and you are left with a perfectly shaped brow.” – Scoop Magazine.

The main Pro’s I found with Threading as opposed to waxing and plucking are;

♥ Much, much, much, much, much less pain – the best I can describe is it’s like a light scratching/tickling
♥ Very, very, very, very, very minimal to no redness – YAY NO REDNESS!!!
♥ Superior lines and smoother contours – I’m guessing this is due to the thread being able to create a smoother line and more accurate shape 
♥ Super quick – I hadn’t had my brows done in 6 months and it still took less than 10 mins!
♥ The $19 price tag is pretty attractive too. 

Zubia’s Threading is located all over Perth and both walk-in and appointments are welcome, head to their website for all locations.

Review by L, your ultimate style icon and resident cat lady.

Be well,