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Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Healthy Frozen Treats, Blue Spirulina, Raw Skincare, Bali Delights & More!

Healthy frozen treats by Detoxinista

As the weather heats up I’ve been craving cooling foods and drinks, but on a sugar-and-dairy free diet reaching for the ice cream isn’t possible. So I’ve been on the lookout for some healthy alternatives and stumbled across a fantastic website with tons of inspiration –

The website is packed with healthy, but indulgent and very yummy recipes. So far I’ve tried the frozen almond butter fudge, replacing the honey with liquid stevia (about 15-20 drops) and chocolate coconut milk ice cream, again with the liquid stevia replacement. Both are divine and don’t last long! They’re also really easy to make. I’ve varied the fudge with a tahini version (so yum) and also a macadamia nut butter option (see pic below). I also reinvented the ice cream into a citrus version, adding the juice and zest of half a lemon to the mix instead of the cacao.

Lifestream Spirulina Blue

I’ve reached the end of year with flagging energy levels so have been in need of a boost. Superfoods like spirulina are a great way to get some extra vitamins and minerals into your body in whole food, rather than synthetic, form. I’ve tried various spirulina powders, but they can be pretty unpalatable and I find that adding a scoop to a smoothie tends to overpower the other flavours. So these spirulina tablets are a great idea. Not only are they easy to consume, but the ‘blue’ version means they contain 50% more phytococyanin than other spirulinas, which has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Bali Love

I’ve recently returned from my second trip to Bali since moving to Perth, which again proved balm for the mind, body and soul. This time I stayed in East Bali at the gorgeous Alila Manggis. It was beautiful and peaceful, just what I needed, and I did very little other than relax by the pool and enjoy some blissful Balinese massages.

However I did take a day trip to my beloved Ubud for a bit of hustle-bustle, shopping and some raw food treats. I lunched at the Clear Café which has a fantastic and very varied menu with a mix of raw and cooked foods, including some fish options. I had the hummus trio with raw crackers which was delicious and very healthy.

Raw Essentials Skincare

I like to keep my skincare as natural as possible and this range is spot on. It’s also local, which I love, created just down the road in Fremantle. After the Bali holiday my skin was feeling quite dry and, well, a bit scaly!

The citrus body scrub, made with raw sugar and poppy seeds, has been really effective in smoothing things out again. I’ve also been using the light face cream which is packed with essential oils (like all products in the range) so it smells amazing and it’s a perfect lightweight but nourishing moisturiser for the summer. Since I’ve been using the face cream my skin feels really soft again.

Green Juice+Smoothie Combos

Trying to decide between a morning juice or smoothie, I’ve been experimenting with juice+smoothie combos. A ‘joothie’ maybe? Or a ‘Smuice’?? My current favourite is zucchini, broccoli and lemon juice with half an avocado blended into it. I’ve also created a thirst quencher with lemon juice and blended cucumber and avocado. The only downside is that you have to clean both the juicer and blender….

What are you crushing on at the moment? Leave a comment below to share the love!

Article by Karen, currently feeling very excited about the New Year and all the exciting wellness possibilities ahead!

Be well,


Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: The Cure Is… Movie, Rawsome Desserts, Lush Goodies & Co Yo Coconut Yoghurt in Perth!

‘The Cure Is…’ Movie

Curling up with a hot cup of herbal tea I couldn’t wait to view this wellness themed film! ‘The Cure Is…’ is an amazingly inspiring film that explores how our thoughts can shape our health and the relationship between the mind and the body in the fight against disease.The film explores the power of positive thinking and optimism, the power of affirmations and forgiveness, the importance of love and self love and presents an amazing discussion on the conscious and sub conscious mind. It finishes with a great discussion on nutrition; the advantages of eating minimally processed wholefoods and concept on eating foods ‘peacefully’.

The underlying message of the film is that the cure for any disease is in you- your own mind! What you do in your own life, what you do in your kitchen, how you exercise, how you think, how you act. If you take care of yourself and do what’s right, you will live a healthy life and you will manifest health. I love it!

The first 30 people to click through this link will get to view the movie for free, if you’re interested in wellbeing it’s a must watch! Check it out here!

Rawsome Desserts

There is no name better suited to these amazing raw desserts, because that’s what the truly are, awesome! Rawsome is a small raw dessert business run out of North Fremantle. You would never guess it, but all the desserts are sugar free, gluten free, grain free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, and most are vegan. Dessert junkies rejoice!

♥ Photo from the Rawsome Facebook page – YUM!

Providing raw versions of all time favourites such as choc mint slice, lemon meringue pie and cherry ripe, one delicious bite and you’ll be hooked- I swear! Available at Precious Organics in Myaree, Manna Wholefoods in South Freo and Yelo in Mt Hawthorn, in my opinion these are truly the BEST raw desserts in Perth. Combo boxes of raw goodies are also available weekly for $60 (you get approx. 15 treats) and can be ordered directly through the Rawsome Facebook page ( My top pic is definitely the banoffee pie… OMR (OHMYRAW) so good!!!

Lush’s I Love Juicy Shampoo

Mango mango the magical fruit, the more you wash your hair with this, the more you’ll want to eat it (not that I tasted :P). A fruity concoction of mango, kiwi, pineapple and papaya, the I Love Juicy shampoo smells like a bag of lollies and a tropical cocktail got together and made a baby. It made my hair smell delicious for days! Prices start at $10.95 for 100ml. Another mango-y product from the Lush range is the luscious bath melt. Can’t wait to try!

Coyo Coconut Yoghurt

I probably spent around 20 minutes staring through the refrigerator door trying to deceide what flavour to get when I spotted this at my local health food store 😛 Available at Precious Organics in Myaree and Manna Wholefoods in South Fremantle, I am SO excited that this is finally available to us in the West! Coyo is a coconut milk based yoghurt, so good for those who are lactose intolerant, vegan or trying to avoid dairy.

It’s a little pricey (around $13 for a 400g tub), but is definitely worth every indulgent mouthful! Incredibly smooth and creamy, a little goes a long way. I’ve been adding to my smoothies (see below) and eating straight from the tub with a little massive spoon. Your brain will be telling you to PUT THE COYO DOWN and step away…. your mouth will be telling you otherwise…

Green Smoothie Love

This is my latest creation. My green smoothie crush will never die 😉


♥ 1 cup almond milk
♥ 1 cup coconut water
♥ ½ cup frozen mango
♥ 2-3 Tablespoons of CoYo
♥ Handful of spinach (or any other greens)
♥ 1 Tablespoon of MILA (similar to chia seeds. See here for more info)
♥ Vanilla + Cinnamon to taste
♥ Ice


Blend. Drink. Bliss!

What’s making your wellness soar this week? Leave a comment below with your own wellness crushes and share the love! X

Crushes by Kavisha, self confessed ‘health foodie’ who believes a little dessert is good for the soul. She is currently studying for her Master of Wellness at RMIT University and blogs at Style My Coconut.

Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes on a Sunday: Juicing + Jars, Teenage Ducklings & Meditation.

Having been on the smoothie wagon for a bit, I decided to jump back to juicing today for a pure shot of easily digestible nutrients that my body was craving. I recently bought this set of 4 glass jars (approx $25) so that I can make bulk juice/smoothies and refrigerate for later use – win!

I’m also currently doing a little experiment with another exciting use for them, which I’ll tell you about later!

Due to the number of carrots I put in, the juice turned an orangey-brown colour. It was still delicious and energising though, even the whale thinks so 🙂

Inspired by the meditation workshop with David Michie at The Inspiration Factory, I packed a bottle of water, this book and jumped on my bike to head down to the beautiful lake that I am very lucky to live so close to. It was a perfect Sunday and baby birds & teenage ducklings were out in full force. The sun shone down and my cells revelled in it. I spent some time reading, and then meditated for 6 minutes (it’s best to start out with small amounts, and build up) – a feeling of bliss began to emerge as hoped!

I’m probably going to be talking about meditation a bit more than usual, as I’m really fired up about it after this workshop. I have high hopes for the effect it is said to have on productivity, stress reduction & going through life with ease.

It goes without saying that I HIGHLY recommend Hurry Up and Meditate for anyone who is even considering finding out a little more about meditation and whether it might be for them.

There’s not much I enjoy more than baby animals, and baby ducks have to be up there with the cutest of the lot. These ones have ventured beyond childhood to what I call ‘teenage ducklings’, as they are about half the size of an adult. So, so pretty! Just another reason I love living so close to a beautiful lake in springtime.

Warm Roasted Root Vegetable & Quinoa Salad

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this one, as it was a bit too dark at my table, but this evening I met up with lovely fellow blogger Elizabeth from Life With Elizabeth Rose at the Subi Hotel. As I checked out the menu, I was excited to find this dish before my eyes:

“chermoula roast vegetables with honey & citrus, quinoa, spiced caramelised pear”

For $13.50 I was sold, and it was incredibly yummy! Roast beetroot, baby carrots parsnips, spinach, crunchy spices – it all came together so well, and despite not being able to see what I was eating, I was very happy with this dish and will definitely be back to have it again!! If you’re in the area and need a healthy bite then this wont disappoint.

What are your crushes this week? Be sure to share them so we can all be inspired to continue reaching for optimal wellbeing!

Be well,



Green Smoothie Recipe: Karen Then’s Green Berry Smoothie!

I first heard about green smoothies when I attended a raw food seminar in 2009. Eating greens had always been a challenge for me, because although I loved my salads, fruits and vegetables, it was hard for me to sit down & find time to eat loads of leafy greens such as spinach or kale. At the seminar, I learnt that greens possess more valuable nutrients than any other food group and all these nutrients are stored inside the cells of plants. These cells are made of tough material and to release these valuable nutrients, the cell walls needed to be ruptured. In simple words, we need to chew our greens to a creamy consistency in order to get the benefits and chewing them thoroughly with our teeth does not always satisfy our nutritional needs as much as blending our greens!

This is how I learnt that blending my greens and drinking them in a smoothie form was actually more beneficial for my body in order to absorb the nutrients. And smoothies on the go were easier to digest than salads on the go!

This recipe below is one of my favourite recipes, as I can always get the ingredients at the grocery store, and it is quick, easy, satisfying, cleansing, nutritious and tasty for my hectic lifestyle.

Karen’s Quick & Easy Green Smoothie

♥ 1 handful of hydroponic lettuce
♥ 1/2 cucumber
♥ 1 ripe banana
♥ 1 cup of chemical free water
♥ 1/2 a Green apple
♥ 1/2 a Red apple
♥ 1/2 cup frozen berries

Blend for 2 minutes and add 1/2 avocado (optional) if you want a more creamy consistency or are a bit more hungry.


Article by Karen Then, yoga instructor & owner of Bikram Yoga Victoria Park!

Be well,


A Week in the Wellness Life – Juicing, Sweet Treats & Organic Goodies.

I absolutely love a visit to any boutique-y health store, and Organic on Charles is a great find. Heaps of fresh organic fruit & veggies, drinks, skincare, chocolate and snacks, groceries and there is even a smoothie bar too! I picked up some organic red grape juice (packed with antioxidants), Quinitos – quinoa and rice based sweet ‘n crunchy snack, green tea, apples, coconut mylk luvju, strawberries & a free book. Love!

An epic farmer’s market fresh fruit and veg haul for two. We decided that some juicing was on the cards this weekend, and are now stocked up on all the juicy essentials (apples, carrots, cucumbers, ginger, silverbeet, celery), plus lots more produce to keep my housemate and I happy and healthy for the week!

I’ve come to the realisation that these two products make my skin feel better than almost anything else. Sodashi Rejuvenating Concentrate & Sodashi Marine Brightening Mask = total skincare heroes! The concentrate brings my face back to life when it’s looking dull & tired, and the mask amplifies that brightness by about 5 times. I’ve just comleted this little mini ritual and then massaged rosehip oil into my face, so I’m hoping for a glowing complexion in the morning!

And what better to treat myself with than some healthy chocolatey goji berry balls whilst wearing above face mask!! These treats are the second type I’ve tried from the Modern Day Hippie organic snack range, and I’m a fan. Perfect to satisfy a craving for sweets at 3pm or 8pm at night! 🙂 Or anytime really – have them for breakfast if you like, they are packed full of healthy ingredients for guilt free gobbling.

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Thanks for coming along for the ride this week 🙂

I’d love to hear what wonderful wellness treats you’ve been upto, or if there’s anything new you think we should try out, leave a comment below!

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