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Perth Beauty Treatment Review: AVIVA City Collection Spray Tan at Shredded, Floreat.

All my experiences of spray tanning are via my family, some of whom have made some dreadful orangey-choices regarding their colours. I myself have never done it. I’m a very, very translucent pale white, and it seemed impossible that it was something I could investigate and still fall into “pale” territory, and therefore it was with some trepidation I visited Megan at Shredded in Floreat for a layer of AVIVA City Collection tan, images of Snooki dancing in my brain.

The colour chosen was Hollywood, which was a gold spectrum. I’d erroneously believed that the three colours were shades – light, medium, dark – and thus learned they were actually spectrums on their own, the shade being chosen by the amount applied and how long it is left on the skin before being washed off. Hollywood was golden, Miami was bronzed and Vegas was chocolately/latte. Since I’m the pale type and I’d clarified that I only wanted to tone down the glow a little, I was advised to leave the product on for 30 minutes before washing off.

I left Shredded sticky, smelling a bit like a barbeque and with seams of brown dye collecting on the inside of my elbows. After washing it off I was honestly surprised (because I’m a pessimist) at how even and seamless the tan was. I’d opted for the disposable g-string as opposed to my own underwear, and while it was awkward during the session (naked in paper underwear in front of a full length mirror and a stranger) I was glad once I saw the finished product. The untanned areas (i.e. two tiny strips over my hips) were startlingly white, which was my proof that it had taken. The tan was a subtle one, and not particularly obvious on my skin – my face looked paler than usual and I looked more toned than I otherwise would. The areas of my body that are usually glaringly translucent – inner elbows, boobs, collarbones – were all glossed over, bringing me back to a human colour and making me look less sick than I had previously.

Sadly it’s not intended to be a longterm fix – five days later and I’m more or less back to the shade I was, but for events and quick-fix spray tanning, this is a really nice option. Megan was really lovely and professional, and the process (while tickly) was very easy. If I were the Spring Races type, I daresay this would have been my first port of call – as it is I really enjoyed my brief stint of being handsomely (pale) golden.
The City Collection is $40 an application, cheaper for Shredded members. Give them a call on 9284 0144 for finer details!

Have you tried an AVIVA tan before? Where is your favourite place in Perth to get a spray tan? Leave a comment below!

Review by Suzanne from Don’t They Know Who I Am?

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Perth Eyebrow Threading Review: Minu Threading, Subiaco Markets & Innaloo!

♥ Minu Threading ♥

I have wanted to write an article about threading for a really long time. The first time it entered my mind was when I had first discovered threading. Amazed at the way my non-existent eyebrows looked after just one appointment, I thought to myself- I must spread the word– much like an old time explorer discovering new land (or so I like to think). A year on, and I’m still met with blank looks when I mention my luscious brows are threaded, and thus the desire to write the article has returned!

Threading is a hair removal technique originating from India and Central Asia.

Unlike plucking, which removes one hair at a time, threading removes an entire line of hair with the use of cotton, which leaves a cleaner, more precise shape. Eyebrow threading is also a lifesaver for those women who are allergic to wax or are taking medication for their skin. That’s as technical as I can get about threading; I think the best way to understand what it is, is to see it in action. And because I know you all love a good before and after, I’ve taken one for the team, and bared my naked brow for you all to see. Enjoy!

1. The dreaded before photo

2. Minu tending to my unruly brows

3. Holding the skin around the eye taught for Minu

6. I like to get a very dark and thick tint put on my brow, it helps define the shape!

7. Ahhhh back to my nice thick brows.

I have been visiting my threader, Minu, for nearly a year now. Minu has a salon at the Station Street Subiaco Markets on Friday Saturday and Sunday and then during the week she is based in the Innaloo shopping centre. Minu and her team are fast, gentle and listen to your eyebrow (and other beauty) needs. Eyebrow threading isn’t painless, and getting your top lip done hurts like the dickens, but the regrowth is finer, the damge to your skin is negligible, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper then visiting the salon for a wax. If you still arent convinced don’t hesitate to pop down to the subiaco markets and see Minu and her team in action!

Tell us…Have you had your eyebrows threaded before? Have you had the pleasure of meeting Minu before? Leave a comment below with your experiences!

Minu’s salon can be found at Shop 11, 52 station street, Subiaco, Perth.
She also has a Facebook page!

Review by Jacqui Bradfield, Makeup artist, Croissant eater & threading obsess-ee!

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Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes on a Sunday: Juicing + Jars, Teenage Ducklings & Meditation.

Having been on the smoothie wagon for a bit, I decided to jump back to juicing today for a pure shot of easily digestible nutrients that my body was craving. I recently bought this set of 4 glass jars (approx $25) so that I can make bulk juice/smoothies and refrigerate for later use – win!

I’m also currently doing a little experiment with another exciting use for them, which I’ll tell you about later!

Due to the number of carrots I put in, the juice turned an orangey-brown colour. It was still delicious and energising though, even the whale thinks so 🙂

Inspired by the meditation workshop with David Michie at The Inspiration Factory, I packed a bottle of water, this book and jumped on my bike to head down to the beautiful lake that I am very lucky to live so close to. It was a perfect Sunday and baby birds & teenage ducklings were out in full force. The sun shone down and my cells revelled in it. I spent some time reading, and then meditated for 6 minutes (it’s best to start out with small amounts, and build up) – a feeling of bliss began to emerge as hoped!

I’m probably going to be talking about meditation a bit more than usual, as I’m really fired up about it after this workshop. I have high hopes for the effect it is said to have on productivity, stress reduction & going through life with ease.

It goes without saying that I HIGHLY recommend Hurry Up and Meditate for anyone who is even considering finding out a little more about meditation and whether it might be for them.

There’s not much I enjoy more than baby animals, and baby ducks have to be up there with the cutest of the lot. These ones have ventured beyond childhood to what I call ‘teenage ducklings’, as they are about half the size of an adult. So, so pretty! Just another reason I love living so close to a beautiful lake in springtime.

Warm Roasted Root Vegetable & Quinoa Salad

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of this one, as it was a bit too dark at my table, but this evening I met up with lovely fellow blogger Elizabeth from Life With Elizabeth Rose at the Subi Hotel. As I checked out the menu, I was excited to find this dish before my eyes:

“chermoula roast vegetables with honey & citrus, quinoa, spiced caramelised pear”

For $13.50 I was sold, and it was incredibly yummy! Roast beetroot, baby carrots parsnips, spinach, crunchy spices – it all came together so well, and despite not being able to see what I was eating, I was very happy with this dish and will definitely be back to have it again!! If you’re in the area and need a healthy bite then this wont disappoint.

What are your crushes this week? Be sure to share them so we can all be inspired to continue reaching for optimal wellbeing!

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Boost Your Wellness with the Fitness For Foodies 8 Week Program!

Équilibre (the French term for balance) is a collaboration between fitness fanatic and foodie, Pascal and Nicole van Kan.

Our business combines Pascal’s years of expertise and experience as an exercise professional, with Nic’s passion for great food and cooking. Together, we provide a refreshing approach to health and fitness that is realistic, back-to-basics and sustainable.

Staying fit and healthy is a way of life for us, but it doesn’t mean that we miss out on delicious food, a great glass of wine or a well-made coffee! So for us, it’s all about helping our clients to find their own personal equilibrium.

We champion good health over weight loss, promote positive body image, strive to simplify exercise and encourage people to get back to REAL food. There are no gimmicks, quick fixes or empty promises.

We’ve been delighted to introduce our 8-week Fitness for Foodies program this year. It combines outdoor exercise sessions with practical advice and simple habits that can be easily implemented on a week-by-week basis – including plenty of recipe inspiration, useful templates and exercise routines to do at home.

Sessions are held 3 times per week at central Perth locations (such as King’s Park, Subiaco, City Beach and Lake Monger) and our groups are friendly, approachable and designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. Read what our members are saying about it here.

We pride ourselves on delivering an inspiring and uplifting program that is both supportive and personal. And at only $139 for 8 weeks, it’s also great value for money.

Fitness for Foodies is all about giving you the tools and knowledge to be able to self- manage your own health and fitness and to change your approach for good.

Our spring program commences on the 20th August and we’d love to have you join in the fun!

Photo credit: Jessica Shaver Photography

This is a sponsored post, as always though, we will only bring you posts with content we think you will find relevant & inspiring!

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Alternative Therapy Review: Kinesis Myofascial Integration with Adrian Boyd.

I’ve been fortunate over the years to experience many forms of body-work – massage, chiropractic, reflexology, the list goes on. The more times I encounter skilled body workers, the more deeply I appreciate that as well as having a technical understanding of the body, they are true artists.

This observation proved to be especially the case when I recently experienced a technique called Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) with Adrian Boyd of KMI Perth. KMI is designed to ‘unwind’ the strain patterns residing in your body and restore its natural balance, alignment, length and ease. It consists of deep, slow manipulation, combined with movement re-education and is run over 12 sessions. Following this, the new alignment becomes integrated into your body – a new you!

The start of the session was rather unnerving, consisting of a ‘body reading’ whereby Adrian cast his trained eye over my physique as I stood in front of a full length mirror in my undies! Once I got over the initial aversion to looking at myself in the mirror, it was fascinating. I was happy to get some positive feedback, but there were some definite ‘wonky hips’ issues to deal with. In front of the mirror Adrian moved me into a more balanced posture and the results were astounding – my legs suddenly looked so much longer and slimmer.

Now, onto the treatment itself, of which my first taste was divine. It’s a dynamic technique – you perform small movements that help Adrian identify areas of tightness and tension, and gently (if a little painfully at times) bring them back into balance. Adrian was so deeply in tune with the process that it was very easy to relax, let go and let him work his magic.

After the session I felt much lighter and more aware of my body. The subsequent sessions work ever deeper to unravel longer term and deeper areas of strain. Well worth looking into if you are dealing with body niggles and looking for a sustainable solution.

To find out more info, check out Adrian’s website, KMI Perth.

What are your favourite forms of body work and who are your go-to practitioners in Perth?

Article by Karen Miller, intrepid body-work explorer from the earthly forms to the esoteric!

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