Alternative Therapy Review: Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with Amy O'Brien @ Fabulous Health, West Perth.

I recently had the pleasure of attending an appointment with Amy O’Brien in West Perth to discuss my wellness goals and work on a plan together to attain optimal health. The 1 hour session included a consultation, acupuncture treatment and some herbs to take home with me. I first connected with Amy via email, and before attending my initial consultation Amy sent me some preliminary information including directions, a description of what the treatment would involve and some tips to help me prepare for my treatment which I found really thoughtful and helpful.

Having never tried acupuncture or Chinese medicine before, I was a little tentative as I stepped into the clinic, however Amy put me at ease straight away. We chatted for around 20 minutes about my health and lifestyle as well as what I was hoping to achieve in terms of my overall wellness, with Amy asking me plenty of questions along the way. She then took my pulse, explaining that ‘blood deficiency’ is a common condition in Chinese medicine, and that my treatment would focus on warming the body and building the blood, which would in turn help to do things like nourish my skin and reverse the effects that stress has had on my body.

The consultation was followed by an acupuncture session, which I have to say was very relaxing! For those of you who have never tried acupuncture before and are wondering whether it will hurt: the answer in my opinion is definitely no. I felt a slight prick as the needles were inserted, but they are so fine that you feel the pressure more than any pain. Once the needles are in you don’t even feel them anymore. Amy targeted certain areas of my body to focus on building the blood and creating mental clarity. She then left me to chill out for around twenty minutes while the needles worked their magic.

Amy took a very holistic approach during her consultation, providing me not only with direct treatment but also with general lifestyle and diet advice. One of the main points she raised was to make sure I was getting enough oxygen, which would help build the blood. Remembering to stop and breathe is something yoga has taught me, and it may seem trivial but it can work wonders for stress and mental clarity and is something we so often forget to do on a typical day in our busy lives.

At the end of our session Amy provided me with some herbs to take away with me as well as a personalised write-up of my treatment goals and some tips to help me achieve these, with some further information on what she had discussed with me during the consultation.

Overall I found the session to be well-rounded, relaxing and informative. Anyone who has taken Chinese herbs before would probably agree with me when I say it is a bit of an ‘acquired taste’, but it is exciting to increasingly see science backing what ancient tradition seems to have known and understood for centuries. I would definitely recommend Amy’s services as a qualified, registered practitioner and she can be contacted by email, on Facebook, or at her website

Her clinic is located at Suite 7, 3 Lawrence Ave, West Perth.

Have you tried acupuncture or Chinese medicine before? If not, have you ever thought about it? Leave a comment below! 🙂

Reviewed by Alice Unwin, Chinese medicine and acupuncture convert!

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