Product Review: Alchemy Gingko and Jojoba Intensive Moisture Vitamin Masque.

Am I the only one that craves that kind of hair that you have when you first leave the hairdressers? That hair that just seems to behave so well, sit so damn fine and even sustains the nastiest of weather conditions? That hair that just… well… that just doesn’t seem to be yours? I’m sure I’m not the only one. I think I’m not alone in this quest for this thing that I seek …yes friends… manageability .I’m also pretty sure its got something to do with your hair being a consistent team player and I’m doubly pretty sure that that has got a whole lot to do with keeping it in tip top condition.

Something that I have discovered recently that can really help with this is your humble hair mask (and you thought they were only for your face!) and what better time to take a look at one now that Summer is upon us and the sun, sea and pool are going to try their dandiest to lure your tresses into all out fuzz ball mode. Alchemy has such a hair mask currently on the market, namely a ‘Gingko and Jojoba Intensive Moisture Vitamin Masque’ . While being paraben and sulfate free (this means no irritants that cause the product to foam up) as well as containing protecting ingredients such as avocado oils and white tea, this product is all about giving you that manageability that we all so badly need/want/desire. Who would’ve thought we would go to so much bother for a bunch of dead skins cells…

So the deal with this is

♥ Wash your hair
♥ Towel dry it
♥ Put this all over your hair and then leave it for anywhere from 5 minutes to overnight.

I didn’t do the overnight option (the thought of rolling around on my pillows and sheets made the clean freak in me, just…freak) but I did try the more manageable 5- 30-minute spell.

Basically, this works. The longer you leave it the better. And why shouldn’t it? Anything as thick as this and filled with as many good things as this AND kept on your hair for longer than you would leave your average conditioner is going to work. It makes sense right? It makes your hair sit better, feel smoother and lighter (not weighed down by too much product) and it smells so lovely. Addictively so! (I used the whole bottle in three weeks because I wanted my hair to smell like this forever). This product can be used as often as you like UNTIL you gain that manageability and then twice a week from then on.

It’s suitable for straight hair, permed hair or coloured hair, its Australian owned, vegan and it’s not tested on animals. Now- if there’s not something that appeals to you out of ALL OF THAT, then have a great time trying to manage that rat bag head of hair of yours until you come to your senses.

Alchemy Gingko and Jojoba Intensive Moisture Vitamin Masque retails for $17.95.

Article by Adriane Daff, I’ve seen her hair. It’s good.

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Winners: Al’chemy Competition!

It’s been two weeks since we ran the Al’chemy Competition and it’s time to announce the wonderful winners…!

Now you see, there is only one main prize (a bumper hair care pack worth $90), but two of the answers thrilled me so much that I will be giving away a tube of the Alchemy Gingko and Jojoba Intensive Moisture Vitamin Masque to the lucky runner up!

Drum roll please…


Mia, aka starletskye, for her adorable recount of stealing dollops of shampoo & condish from Mum and this amazing set of words…

“Waking up every morning to the sight of those familiar black tubes and bottles with the endearing little botanical pictures and then squeezing a portion into my hand, to then massage through my depressed locks, my shower stall steaming up and filling my senses with the beautiful out-of this world scents…!!! That is heaven to me!
This prize would make my hair happy for that reason and If my hair had the ability to smile it would be walking around all day with a 10,000 mega watt smile, bursting with happiness.”

Just wow Mia! Please e-mail me your postal details and we’ll get your shower heaven started ASAP!

Runner Up!

Ghabby, for her ‘Unfinished Fairytale’ poem! Seriously check it out, the last comment here, very creative! Please e-mail me your contact details and I’ll send out the Masque to get your hair all fixed from Prince Charming and his wayward hair climbing maneuvers!

Thank you so much for entering everyone! It was a real joy to read them all.

We’ve got a new comp coming up next week to stay tuned!

Be well,