Big Day Out Gets LUSH!

Yours truly isn’t the biggest fan of music festivals, despite being a huge fan of music, the crowds, the craziness, the dirt, the heat and the standing for hours on end between bands you don’t-actually-want-to-see all leave me a grumpy mess about an hour in. But when you get to watch the band you came to see, then oh is it worth it.

I’ve long wished there was a way to make the bits I don’t like about festivals disappear… maybe get a massage or facial in between bands? A bit of a spruce up? Well kids this year Big Day Out goers are in luck because they’ve teamed up with the sweet smelling sugar doves at Lush and gone and made this happen!!!

Think free face masks, massages, cool-down treatments and even bottles of their earthy smelling “Grass” shower gel for the washrooms. Pretty good. Even better is that these pamper sessions are FREE!!

So in between rocking out, jive on down (wrong era?) to the LUSH tent to chill out and get a little wellness into you while waiting for your fave band to play!

Check out for more info on the event and let us know if you’re keen to check to get some festival style pampering!

Be well,