Product Review: Neon Makeup Done the Bobbi Brown Way.

My love for Bobbi Brown first blossomed when I stumbled upon a campaign in an old magazine (probably while waiting for the dentist or something equally dismal) and was immediately taken by the image of a clean-cut, classic, yet modern woman. Intrigued, I looked further into the brand and was swept away by the story of Bobbi’s rise to the top from humble roots, her wholesome image, and her amazing advice. Last year Bobbi celebrated 20 years in the business, and I was proud to be a part of the company for that year. This year however, brings a new chapter, and even though I am no longer with Bobbi Brown, I still love to rant and rave about the products.

Today my product of choice is this amazing ‘Ultra Violet’ Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow ($44) from the Neon and Nudes collection.

Of course this collection has been done ‘the Bobbi way’, which requires beautiful skin, soft cheek colour and either an accent of colour on the eyes, or on the lips. Another product from the Neon and Nude line I am itching to play with is the Limited Edition Ink Liner ($46). Ink liner is not a product you will often find at Bobbi Brown, and would go amazingly with the look below.

♥ Look #1!

My hints and tricks on how to wear a neon shadow.

♥ Use an eye primer – Bobbi Brown long wearing cream shadow in Shore ($50)
♥ Lashings of black eyeliner make the colour pop – Bobbi Brown Gel Liner ($45)
♥ BIG lashes – Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara ($48)
♥ Sweep the shade over the lid as a soft wash of colour, pop on any pretty pink gloss – I like Bobbi’s Tutu ($42)- and some bronzer for a summer look
♥ Build it up to an intense smoky eye by adding a darker purple like Bobbi Brown Eggplant eyeshadow ($44) and LOTS of eyeliner
♥ Do your eyes first as this colour will drop down!

♥ Look #2!

Bobbi Brown products are available in store, at the official online store or through StrawberryNET (who often don’t have the whole range, but you can pick up some pretty sweet deals through them!)

Neons and Nudes collection available in-store from the 19th Feb, and <online now! Get in quick, as it’s limited edition.

What do you think of the two looks, readers?
Which is your favourite?
Are you keen to play with some Neon Neutral looks?

Written by Jacqui. Makeup artist, Blogger and Bobbi die-hard.

Be well,


Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Sunflower seeds, Bobbi Brown, Omnilux and more!

1. Australian Grown Sunflower Seeds

I recently became interested in how I could get more Vitamin E in my diet as it’s said to be fantastique for the skin, brain and overall wellbeing. Sounds good to me, I thought, and went on my merry way to buy some sunflower seeds, which are little treasure chests of vit-e (along with lots of other nutrients)!

Unfortunately I was disappointed at how hard it was to find Australian grown and produced sunflower seeds – they were all imported from overseas. I decided to check with Organic ‘n Green, the place I buy my organic veggies from and lo and behold they stock certified organic Australian grown sunflower seeds as well – this company never ceases to impress me!!

I’m now the proud owner of some sunflower seeds that were grown within our shores, and I’m loving adding them to my salads and trail mixes 🙂

2. The tastiest drink!

Today I had this smoothie, and it was totally delicious, I call it the Double Whammy Banana & Blueberry Smoothie:

♥ 1 x cup of Vitasoy vanilla soy milk
♥ 2 medium sized ripe / just overripe bananas (decadent in these times!)
♥ 1 x cup of frozen blueberries (or more if you prefer)
♥ 1 x cup of baby spinach
♥ 1-2 tsp wheatgerm

Whiz it all up and you are left with a tasty dream treat. Vanilla soy milk is SO much more palatable than regular soy milk, in my opinion. The vanilla Vitasoy can be hard to come by but if you see it, pick some up, I bet you’ll like it!

3. Omnilux

I’m still going with my Omnilux sessions! For best results you need to have at least 2 sessions a week over a 4 week period. I just had my third treatment today. I can definitely tell the difference in my skin the day after! The other interesting thing to note is that the red light is about 40x brighter than the blue light! For me, the red takes me about 5-10 minutes after the session is completed to re-adjust to normal vision (with goggles and cotton wool) but with the blue or white light it’s no problem at all! I’m currently having my sessions at Skin Deep in the city and I always look forward to my next sesh :)!

Eyeliner – & Brush

4. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner & Brush

For the ‘makeup skills challenged’ among us, and I firmly plant myself within that group, this little duo from Bobbi Brown is a lifesaver. It is SO EASY to create a great eyeliner look with these two products, that it’s almost ridiculous. It lasts a long time too and comes in 10+ classic & quirky shades. There’s a reason why this pair have earned cult status worldwide and consistently make it into the top tens of industry experts… but if you’re like me, and still traversing the lower slopes of the makeup mountain (where do I come up with this!) then these are solid beginners companions. Highly recommend. Available online at the official Bobbi Brown online store.

Hans Bruechle..!

5. Date my Mate

Here’s something fun that’s a little bit different! Local fella and man of various infamy, Hans Bruechle, and a friend have teamed up to do ‘Date my Mate’ which is a web series dedicated to reviewing ‘everything in Perth’ as well as getting in a few sneaky dates here and there. The catch? They choose each others dates! Makes for some good giggles.

In the latest episode, Hans heads to the day spa and his mate takes on a brutal personal training session. All while trying to woo a ‘lady’ of the other ones choosing!

Date my Mate: Episode 3

That’s all for now my darlings! Please feel free to share your current beauty & wellbeing crushes with me!

Be well,