Product Review: beGenki Serenity Range.

The whole beGenki Serenity range!

When the beGenki Serenity products arrived in the mail, I squeezed my eyes shut and planned, in my near future, a night in the bath with lights dimmed, candles lit and Jack Johnson softly playing in the background. Finding a night off to relax was just what I needed! So why, oh why, am I two weeks post-daydream wondering what happened to this night of serene perfection?

Before you get mad at me and think “how hard is it to fit in one hour of peace” and I bullet point the thousand reasons that make me busy, I’d like to share an epiphany:

People relax in different ways.

I was beating myself up for not having a bath because they are the grand dame of the relaxation world, when I realized most days I find a way to chill out that doen’t find me a wrinkled, sweet-smelling seal impersonator by the end.

Prior to revealing my top five tips for stress relief, I must tell you about the lovely beGenki products I had the opportunity to try. The brand advocates wellness on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and to be “genki” is to be happy, healthy, positive and in harmony with oneself on all levels.

Serenity Bath & Shower Oil – RRP $34.

The two products I tried were from the Serenity range, the bath and shower oil and the body oil. The bath and shower oil was sampled in the shower after a swim session which left my poor skin gasping for moisture. The bergamot essential oil was the most dominant which gave it a refreshing and very slightly masculine scent to me. Rubbing the oils into my legs and arms was like a quick massage pre-shower and the smell and rub did provide a calming effect. However, after the shower I found the moisturising aspect of the oils couldn’t quite handle my dry skin and I still needed to slather on Benefit’s Bathina cream (current favourite moisturizer).

Bathina by Benefit – a diversion from beGenki, but also a lovely prod!

The body oil was sensational, much lighter than other massage oils I have used in the past and I didn’t feel like a grease burger once my husband gave up on the shoulder knots. The finish was more like a moisturizer and my skin loved it. Now, I just need to convince the husband to have another shot just to make sure it was as good as I remember!

So once I was moisturized and massaged and a ball of love and serenity, I thought about what truly relaxed me.

Here are my top five ways to jump out of the rat race;

1. Create a soulful playlist on your iPod, lie on the couch and stare out the window for 15 minutes. Music has long been proven to have therapeutic qualities and when the day has been too much, it helps me zone out. My current favourite is The Black Keys’ new album, Brother which is so soulful you’ll forget all your worries.

2. Get into the kitchen and bake something amazing… this isn’t for everyone, but put me in a kitchen with an apron, butter, flour and sugar and I’ll emerge singing a happy song. Fill your house with delicious smells (no candle or perfume has the same effect), dish out a slice of something wonderful for people you love and of course, you must lick the bowl.

3. Stretch out those overworked limbs. I love exercising and my body sometimes complains, so throw out your favourite beach towel in the backyard and run through a few key stretches (hamstrings, back, calves, shoulders and hip flexors are a good start) to relax your body and allow it to recuperate from daily stresses.

He’s showing us how the downward dog is done!

4. Get thee in the downward dog position. Focused breathing, stretching and meditation time at the end… there just doesn’t seem to be a better way to calm the mind and body than a yoga class. They do make the wallet squirm though, so if you’re strapped for cash, head to Lululemon in Perth or Cottesloe for free classes. Visit in-store or check their website for more details.

5. Book yourself in for a pedicure. Putting your feet up and having them rubbed at the same time is the ultimate stress reliever for this busy girl. I switch my phone off, the massage chair on and allow the pedicurist to work her magic on my trotters before walking out a new gal.

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Review by Lisa O’Neill, a freelance journalist and part-time triathlete who loves to squeeze in as much pampering as possible in her free time.

Be well,