Product Review: Carmen Electra Fit to Strip Vol.2 DVD

Carmen Electra – Fit to Strip

Carmen Electra: Fit to Strip Vol. 2 – for those who are unsure from the title, this is a workout DVD(not porn!) that claims it’ll give me a dancers body and spice up the bedroom.

My bedroom is currently about as spicy as vanilla yoghurt so I’m welcoming Carmen’s projections on that one. Keen for the dancers body too!

The great thing about this DVD is that when we watched it later in the afternoon while eating leftover vegetarian pizza (me) & a triple ham sandwich with mustard, plastic cheese and a beer (housemate), we were amazed by how sweet and friendly Carmen Electra actually seems.

And the ‘celebrity fitness instructor’ Michael Carson who leads us through the routine is nice as well, another great aspect is seeing Ms. Electra struggle a little with the workouts, human after all!

Volume 2 doesn’t seem to have any actual stripping moves, but focuses on cardio and getting toned up, apparently the other DVD’s in the series look more at the art of taking ones clothes off in order to excite.

We did some of the exercises whilst indulging in previously mentioned treats and let me tell you, I am really feeling it in my thighs and ‘buns’ (as Carmen is fond of describing my rear) today. Wonderful news for my impending fitness!

I really like what I’ve seen so far from Fit to Strip 2, it’s definitely not something I would have picked up had I not received it as a gift, but it’s really enjoyable and I’m already noticing the effects from it the day after first using it, so I’m keen to continue on and see some results!


PS. Author does not condone eating leftover pizza, beer & ham sandwiches on the quest for optimal health and wellbeing, HOWEVER, if you’re going to do it, might as well be before you get your body movin’ so you can burn some of it off!

Be well,