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Perth’s Latest & Greatest Healthy Date Night Ideas!

It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of unhealthy (but still fun!) habits when you are in a relationship – Netflix, Uber Eats & a bottle of wine every weekend… sound familiar?
That’s why we’re here to shake things up and make date night a health-boosting experience again, at least every once in a while!

We have compiled some of our favourite fun, healthy and unique date ideas that might have you considering cancelling your Netflix subscription. (Oh who are we kidding, we could never give up Queer Eye!)

Recipe for Love

So you’ve heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? I think that definitely goes for ladies too! So why not improve your culinary skills together by taking a cooking class?

There are a few excellent options around Perth, but some of our favourites are Taste Budds Cooking School in Highgate who offer Sophie’s Seafood Cooking School (non-vego – if that wasn’t obvious!) where Chef Sophie Budd will teach you to cook healthy pescetarian recipes like ‘Thai Fish Cakes’ and ‘Goan Fish Curry’.

If plant-based is more your style like it is ours, why not bump the health factor up a notch and try a Vegan cooking class at Salt and Company in West Perth? Even if you aren’t vegan or vegetarian, plant-based cooking is a great way to incorporate more variety into your repertoire, perfect for #meatfreemonday!

Cute and healthy date where you get to learn a new skill, get a little competitive over who can cook the tastiest Jackfruit taco, AND enjoy some delicious food at the end of it? Sign us up!

Axe me on a date!

What could be more romantic than axe-throwing? Ok hear us out, this one is a little unconventional, but there is nothing like a little bit of friendly, flirty competition! Axe throwing isn’t just a sport for bearded men in flannos, it’s actually the newest trend to hit the streets of Perth, perfect for a fun night out!

And it’s the dream date night combo, whether it’s to help break you out of your relationship rut or break the ice with a new bae (#swiperight), you can enjoy a special Date Night package with the team at Maniax. Running every Friday from 8-10pm, it includes a 2-hour axe throwing session, plus 1 on 1 coaching, target practice and a tournament against other couples, all for only $100!

Plus, since it is conveniently located in Northbridge, you are only a short stroll away from bars and restaurants for when you have worked up your appetites.
For more information on Maniax Date Night, visit their website.

Bleeding Love

There is no greater feeling than being able to help people, apart from the feeling of being in love, of course! So why not combine the two and have a date night where you can truly make a difference, by making an appointment to donate blood?

You need to check whether you are able to of course (visit their website here to see the requirements!) but Australia is in desperate need of donor blood and it literally takes less than 30 minutes, and barely hurts at all! Plus, the warm, fuzzy feeling, and the great karma you will receive make it all worth it.

The Perth CBD donor centre is centrally located in 140 Perth (just behind the Perth Underground train station) and is surrounded by great food options, so you can truly make a date of it and head out for a bite to eat after you donate (just make sure you skip the drinks!).

Make an appointment here.

Be More Flexible

Whether you’re a regular yogi, or you don’t know your downward dog from your Warrior II , there are a million reason why you should try yoga on your next date! Okay, so we don’t have time to list the full million reasons, but we have three very good reasons why practicing yoga with your significant other can help improve your relationship.

♥ Stress less – Yoga has been proven to help ease stress and lower your levels of the stress hormone cortisol. It has also been proven to help relieve anxiety.
♥ Smarten up – Studies have shown that yoga can actually improve your brain’s ability to think more quickly and accurately – meaning you might be less likely to say the wrong thing when your partner is grumpy!
♥ Flexibility – Yoga can increase your flexibility… ummm… need we say more?! 😉

Our favourite new spot for yoga classes is Yab Yum Yoga studio, located in Victoria Park and their brand new inner city studio! Choose from a range of classes including Slow Flow, Deep House Vinyasa, or Restore and Align. Check out their website and timetables to book in your next class!

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

If you are after something that is a bit more low-key, then strap on your runners and slap on some sunscreen because we know the most romantic hiking trail in Perth.
Ellis Brook Valley is located in Martin, just minutes from Gosnells town centre and is one of the richest wildflower locations in Perth. What could be more romantic than spending your day wandering through stunning wildflowers and amazing views? There is also a huge array of wildlife in the area, so you might even spot an eagle or kangaroo!

There are a couple of easy trails to choose from, ranging from 430 meters to 2.8 km’s, but for those after a bit more of a challenge, try the Sixty Foot Falls Circuit which is a 2 kilometre loop that reaches to top of the stunning Sixty Foot Falls waterfall, giving a jaw-dropping view of the valley and Perth City beyond.

Click here for directions.

So not matter if you have chosen to follow some of our ideas, or if this has sparked your own idea for a fun activity for your next date, we know that you can wave bye-bye to Netflix for a while! (At least until the next season of Queer Eye drops!)

If you do follow any of our ideas, make sure you tell us! Tag #wellnesswa on your social pics or leave us a comment!

Be well,


Leah is a freelance content creator from Perth who loves her dog, trying weird fitness trends, beach days and avocado toast. Follow her Instagram @leahonthedoor

Yoga Review: Complimentary Classes at lululemon athletica Perth City!

As a devout once-a-week yogi for the past twelve months, I recently found myself looking for more class options that would mean I could increase my structured practice to twice a week and reap the rewards of increased practice. However, the financial commitment of two classes a week was a barrier for me given I currently exist in a saving-for-a-house black hole. Then, right on cue, I discovered lululemon athletica community classes at the Perth City store.

lululemon offer a variety of complimentary community classes – yoga classes in store, to anyone and everyone who would like to attend, and there is no catch. The underlying philosophy behind lululemon is producing yoga inspired athletic apparel that will encourage and help people to be active, stress-free and live their best & most fun lives, therefore making the world a better place.

Every week lululemon stores move their thoughtfully designed and brightly coloured apparel aside, unroll yoga mats and turn their stores into instant yoga studios. Classes are led by a variety of local instructors that reflect lululemon’s core values, ensuring the offering is spirited and varied. All this in an effort to spread yoga and fitness to their communities.

This month lululemon athletica Perth City have been offering three community classes a week, and I was lucky enough to try out both the Saturday morning yoga for runners class with Donna Buchanan from The Yoga Vine, and the Wednesday evening upbeat vinyasa class with Laura Carroll from Rooftop Yoga.

My highlight from this month’s classes was definitely the dolphin pose/head stand pose sequence in Donna’s class. Never have I been more comfortable in the knowledge that I was likely to fall over in a room full of people whilst attempting my first full head stand.

Both classes were completely different, yet sublime. One of my favourite things about the community classes is the exposure you gain to different types of yoga and teaching methods. This alone is working wonders for my overall understanding of yoga, not to mention working my body differently each time I practice.

Make sure you check out the community events calendar on lululemon Perth City’s website so you can fill up your diary with divine yoga dates!

lululemon Perth City is located at:

Shop H127, in the enex 100 building in Hay Street Mall – look for the giant purple Buddha!

Have you tried the complimentary classes at Lululemon? We'd love to hear from you so leave a comment below!

Review by Kimberley, a Kiwi migrant to Perth who is a lawyer by day, yoga convert and dog lover.


A Tale of 2 Groupon Vouchers… Featuring Discount Gym Passes & Insanely Good Makeup Tools.

Picture a scene: you and friend sitting around doing what you do and all of a sudden their phone goes 'buzzzzz buzzzzzzz' then a second later yours goes 'buzzzzzzz buzzzzzzz' and after reading you both look up and almost perfectly in synch say; 'is $49 for 10 yoga sessions a good deal?'

Has that happened to you? No? It will. Why? Because everyone's inboxes are filling up with DEALS DEALS DEALS! Quick as a wink.

So today I'm going deep for you guys, I'm seeking out the deal BEHIND THE DEAL. And my dealer of choice today, is Groupon. In the first instance it must be said, I know it seems a little overwhelming. I know it seems easier to just bin that email without opening it. But if you do look you may just stumble upon a shining shimmering splendid.

So with that in mind and for the purposes of this article I decided to get myself a 24-piece Makeup Brush Set for $29. I had a choice of colour (black or pink) and the delivery was free. TWENTY NINE DOLLARS! PINK! FREE! !!! My choice was motivated by the fact that I have always gazed at makeup artists brush sets in giddy wonderment (in that clap your hands together and bob on the spot kind of way) and as previously mentioned on Wellness WA, I massively enjoy drawin' on me face.

To balance this out I also bought a 20 session pass to a gym for $49 (CBD Health Spa, a gym I like and where WE ARE LOVING that I don't have to buy a full year membership, aren't we guys?) so we are now looking at a product and a service. Range. I like it.

The brushes are flipping marvellous. I really cannot believe how it worked out to a little over a dollar a brush because the quality of them is so good. No stray brush hairs coming loose and hanging onto your chin like you're growing the world's thinnest most disgusting beard and my makeup application game has gone up a notch or two- hey don't wanna brag…all in all I'm THRILLED. The only downer was that they literally took months to be delivered – like 3 months- but my unease about that has subsided since I use these brushes everyday and am so happy with them. Plus the delivery was free so maybe chill Adriane, gees.

And the gym one? Um…well…you know…uhhh- that one was instantaneous as soon as I bought it and so there were no problems in THAT regard. Full access to the 24hr gym, all classes and even a couple of PT sessions. But I've only been about three times. I KNOW. But I've got three months to use that one so I'll just, you know, go every single day from now until the end of the year and then I will be the Queen of Groupon Success*. That's totally possible right?

If you've been ignoring those emails because they are annoying you in their multitude then downscale to the ones you are interested in (yes you can choose) and be in it to win it. You might end up with something useful for yourself or your loved ones.

What do you guys reckon? Have you got a good Groupon deal of late?

*Groupon never said they would MAKE me go, that has to come from within…is there a deal that could help with that?

read more

Reviews by Adriane Daff. Make up enthusiast and world class gym procrastinator.


Beauty Product Review: Emjoi PediSmooth – From Claws to Polished Paws!

The first taste of the summer sunshine tells us we’re getting to the pointy end of the year when we start to worry about how our cellulite will look in bathers and we begin ditching tights and boots in favour of cute sandals.

And if you’re like me, the first showing of leg after a long, cold winter might look something like this:

Okay, maybe not that horrific. But many of us are familiar with our winter pedicures happening only when we can be brave enough to remove our bed socks.

For me, looking down at my freshly pedi’d feet makes me feel instantly more refined and less like a wild, spear-wielding cave woman. Painting my toenails has always been something I’ve done to relieve stress – there’s something about the methodology in achieving a perfect pedi and staring at the pop of nail colour as I paint it on brightens my mood no matter what kind of day I’m having. I’m a big fan of the home pedicure where I know every bit of equipment is hygienic on my tootsies, and I’m also a big fan of anything that makes my DIY pedi easier!

Now, I’ll save you some nausea by not showing you my “before” photos. Let’s just say my feet needed some lovin’ after months of being hidden inside socks, tights, boots and uggs. On a scale of “Fresh Feet” to “Wild, Spear-wielding Cave Woman”, I was probably at “Girl, That’s Nasty [Know What I’m Sayin’?]”.

Enter Emjoi PediSmooth.

This cute little gadget removes the effort of manually scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone at the push of a button.

The battery-operated PediSmooth has a natural stone roller that spins really, really fast and buffs away coarse, old skin with no effort or pain. The device is comfortable to hold and the roller is big enough to cover a good area, but small enough to maneuver over the natural curvature of the foot. For $29.95, you get the PediSmooth, two white “extremely rough skin” rollers, a pink “rough skin” roller and a brush to remove the build up of er…dust?

I find the PediSmooth does a good job at “polishing” feet. It definitely makes them smoother and you can see the difference after you’ve used it, but I find it works best if I use it after my foot file (*shudder*) to get ultra smooth and soft feet. That being said, I use the PediSmooth once a week just to keep things in check, and I’ve ignored the finer pink roller that is meant to be used for maintenance. All in all, it does a pretty decent job given the budget-friendly price tag, but my feet need a bit more oomph to get the results I like.

After my feet are buffed and fresh, I work some body scrub into my feet to really make them sparkle. My favourite is Soap & Glory’s The Breakfast Scrub (RRP $18.95 at Kit Cosmetics). It’s constantly selling like hotcakes at Kit, and probably because it smells like hotcakes. Seriously. It’s like rubbing your feet with warm pancakes, doused in maple syrup and butter and garnished with a big cuddle. This fine sugar scrub leaves skin all over the body super smooth and it’s great for feet because it can get right between your toes but rinses off easily, with no residue.

I pat off my feet, pop on some foot balm (I’m currently using QV Feet Heel Balm – I also smother it on at night and slip on some cotton socks) and prep my nails for some colour. While I was in Kit, I picked up this awesome shade of pink for summer called Let Go. It’s so perfect to add a splash of colour without being too garish!

The final result is a beach-worthy pedicure that will look smashing in sandals, all without the effort of those pesky pumice stones or buffers!

Emjoi Pedismooth is $29.95 and available through the Emjoi online store!

Tell me… what are your favourite DIY pedicure tricks and tips? Do you have a hero product to get your feet ready for exposure to the outside world? Leave a comment below!

Review by Gemma, our resident pedicure loving PR professional!

Be well,


Product Review: Soaps by Lavender Fields of Bridgetown.

A sensory escape and soooooooo easy!

I am going be totally honest from the get go – my life gets pretty crazy busy. Sometimes there is so much adrenalin kicking about it’s hard to wind down. That’s why the shower is my sanctuary. A place to gather my thoughts, take a few deep breaths and reflect upon the day. So when I do finally get there I want it to be a sensory experience and am especially choosy about my shower products. And boy have I found my thing!

This year at the Perth Royal Show I did my usual trick of eating my way through it, avoiding at all costs those scary rides opting for a more peaceful visit! I was delighted when I stumbled upon the stand for the Lavender Fields of Bridgetown. Breathe in, breathe out …..relax.

I started sniffing my way through their amazing array of soaps and knew I had found something special. It was a hard choice but I managed to decide on 6 to take home and sample. So incredibly aromatic and, dare I say, holistic. Even when I wasn’t using them my bathroom smelled divine. Just one whiff transported me to the land of relaxation in seconds.

Made with a blend of olive and essential oils they are luxurious and smell divine, lifting my spirits immediately! They are not at all greasy and last a really long time.

My favourites so far are the more traditional rose geranium and tea rose while I have to say my hands down favourite is Lemongrass. Amazing! Other delights are an Australian bush soap pack, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary combined (trying that one soon) and mandarin and clove. There is even a pet soap!

So delighted by my discovery I bulk ordered a whole stack as Christmas presents. Some things are too good to be a secret!

You can go on a road trip and visit them in Bridgetown however if like me you struggle to find time you can order online or give them a call. They will promptly put them in the post as tried and tested by me. Too easy!

Get on board boys and girls, bring your shower to life, I dare you!

Lavender Fields of Bridgetown

Soaps are $3.50 each not including postage and can be viewed and purchased on

Review by Kristy Mollica freelance TV and radio presenter, lover of girl power, farmers markets & things that are so totally not beige!

Be well,