Where Can You Buy Chia Seeds in Perth?

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I’m sure you’ve heard about chia seeds (or the more sexy sounding scientific name Salvia Hispanica) by now! If you haven’t, they have been taking the world by storm for the past few years with their incredible nutritional profile, essential fats, protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Here are a few fun facts about chia seeds:

♥ Contains the highest known plant concentrations of omega-3
♥ Great source of both soluble & insoluble fiber
♥ A complete vegan protein
♥ Three times more iron than spinach, four times more antioxidants than blueberries, seven times more vitamin c than oranges! (source)
♥ On their own they are really crunchy (and get stuck in your teeth!) but if you leave them in water for 10 minutes, they swell to form a gel like substance so can be used in dry food preparation as well as liquids, like smoothies.
♥ In 28 gms of chia you can find: 9% of the Daily Value for protein, 42% dietary fiber, high amounts of the essential minerals, phosphorus and manganese, moderate calcium content, and trace levels of potassium and sodium (source, Wikipedia)
♥ Can you say, chia pet? These cute little guys are made from chia seeds too!

♥ I want this chia puppy!

So today I was sent an e-mail asking where you can purchase chia seeds in Perth, and I wanted to let everyone know that it is REALLY, REALLY easy!

Chia seeds have become so popular now that I’ve seen them frequently in Coles, Woolworths and IGA’s (in the health aisle), as well as your more traditional outlets – health shops.

If you’re looking for organic chia seeds I’d suggest trying Manna Wholefoods or Mt Lawley Wholefoods, but if you’re just after garden variety chia then a trip down to your local supermarket should prove successful 🙂

Chia porridge

My personal trainer, Sarah, sprinkles chia seeds on porridge for breaky, which is one really easy way to incorporate these little nutrient gems into your diet.

Stuart Watkins, my personal meditation / yoga trainer, as well as Emma from The Raw Kitchen are big chia fans as well. These three are some of the healthiest people I know!

Hope I’ve helped some of you out 🙂

Have you tried chia seeds before?

Be well,