Budget Beauty: Chux Microfibre Cloth for Exfoliation and Smooth Skin!

Another budget beauty product that I have read about on the Vogue Forum is the microfibre cloth. According to my research (read: Google and Vogue Forum), microfibre cloths are able to eliminate oil, cleanse makeup with just water, exfoliate skin and deep clean pores. Plus, the household microfibre cleaning cloths are a LOT cheaper than the beauty specific ones and still get the job done. Needless to say, I was hooked! I just had to try them out.

As I have mentioned in my previous article, my skin isn’t the greatest. Unfortunately, I am not one those girls blessed with naturally perfect, glowing skin – mine is oily, prone to break outs unless I am very disciplined in my cleansing regime, with large pores and rough patches.

So, I toddled down to my local supermarket and found a microfibre cloth in the household cleaning aisle. That night, I decided to try it out. I wet my face, wet a corner of the cloth and massaged it over my face in soft, circular motions. Let me tell you right now, the cloth really delivers! It managed to clean ALL of my makeup off (moisturiser, primer, foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara and concealer) with just water. No harsh rubbing and it took barely any time at all. After, I toned with witch hazel and there was no makeup residue on the cotton pad – none! At all! Even when I cleanse with Cetaphil, there is still usually a bit left. The cloth managed to get right down into my pores and sweep everything off.

In addition to removing all my makeup, the cloth also eliminated the oil from my face (not long term – it was back the next day) and my skin was left feeling very soft and smooth. The cloth acted as a very gentle exfoliant. In fact, it is so gentle that I feel comfortable using it everyday – there is no redness, rubbing or scratching. As the cloth is quite large, I have been using various corners of it so far, but once I have run out of clean patches I will just chuck it in the washing machine and voila! Good as new. Love it.

Cloth in packaging (so you can spot it in the shops!)

The Nitty Gritty

$4.72 for Chux All Purpose Microfibre Cloth (pack of one)

cheap as chips!
instant results
feels great during and after

results aren’t AMAZING OH MY GOD THIS IS A MIRACLE, but still really good

Recommended Usage:
I think that it would be totally fine to use the cloth everyday – I certainly am and haven’t noticed any adverse effects so far.

4.5 / 5

Review by Cassandra, beauty lover on a student budget and Pilbara correspondent!

Be well,