Multi-tasking Magical Products!

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There’s a lotta love to be had for products that have more than one use, not only do you save money and time, but you also save on precious bathroom bench space, something which is worth an increasing amount these days!

Here are my three current favourites:

Jane Iredale Antioxidant Spray

Packed full of antioxidants and smelling like delicious oranges/tangerines, this product has a lot more uses than just pepping up your face on a hot day.

♥ Sets mineral makeup, of which Jane Iredale produce some pretty awesome varieties.
♥ Use to wet brushes to use with eyeshadow and make liquid liner, genius!
♥ Spritz over hair to control static.

The great news is that you can do all of this while smelling like summery citrus fruits. RRP $39.

Essential Kit Multipurpose Wonder Balm

This stuff beats regular paw paw balm! It’s certified organic, smells absolutely amazing – kinda like a chocolate orange, and 100% of the ingredients are from a natural origin. Plus NO animal testing or animal products and it’s made in Australia! SIGN ME UP 🙂 It even tastes yummy… should you accidentally (or not so accidentally) lick your lips.

Can be used for…

♥ Lip balm, smoothing eyebrows, giving your cheeks a highlighted glow, moisturising nails & cuticles, a thick body moisturiser, smoothing flyaways, soothes dry heels, protecting cuts, shaving… AND under wetsuits on long swims apparently!!!

It’s fast becoming a staple and comes with me everywhere. So much love! RRP $22.95.

Tisserand Ethically Harvested Lavender Oil

I’ve only just started to really get into essential oils and candles, but have always had a soft spot for lavender. Ah, quell-er of stresses, easer of sleeps! It’s always been good to me, and I’ve recently discovered that it has a lot more uses than I initially thought, lets have a look:

♥ A natural way to take the sting out of burns
♥ Super successful zit zapper – have been hitting this one up a lot lately, and it’s working!
♥ 6 drops on a damp flannel to help a headache
♥ Disinfectant for cuts & to help new skin grow
♥ And of course, a few drops on the pillow to de-stress & help you fall asleep 🙂

What are your favourite multi-tasking beauty & wellness products? Share with us below!

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Win Win Win: One of 5 Echolife Jars of Facial Clay!

Currently my cleanser of choice, as well as being my weekly clearing mask – this multitasking jar of Echolife hydrated clay (RRP$21.40) has me yelling ‘YOU LITTLE BEAUTY‘!

If you’re not the type to yell whilst applying beauty products, that’s okay too, but I would like to share how I use this gem.


Take a small dollop of clay, say the size of a 10 cent piece, add warm water and apply to your face with the usual cleansing motions. Splash face with water to remove.

Weekly mask

Apply a thick-ish layer to your whole face, wait 15 minutes til it dries, wash off! This is one serious mask, I couldn’t smile or giggle while it was drying, and it drew out all my oil and gunk resulting in much clearer skin for the following few days.

So here’s where you come in… together with Echolife, we are giving away jars of this magical natural goo to FIVE lucky readers who care to share the following with us in the comments:

What natural products do you use as part of your beauty routine?

The winners will be drawn on Wed 20 July, one entry per person. Good luck! 🙂

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Beauty and Wellbeing Crushes: 7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge, Natural Epsom Salts and Weekend Yoga.

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1. 7 day green smoothie challenge

This past week I undertook a challenge to see what difference (if any) drinking a green smoothie each day for one week would make to my life. UNFORTUNATELY! I fell off the wagon a few days in, I’m definitely not perfect and nor do I claim to be 🙂 I did however drink a lot more of them than I usually would (4-5) in one week, and I have to be honest I’m feeling pretty darn good. I recently found out about the necessity of rotating your greens when making these type of smoothies, and I have to say I am amazed that nature is so clever. Click that link and read all about why it’s best to rotate… I’m sure it will amaze you as it did me!

In light of that I’ve been flirting with cos (romaine) lettuce in lieu of spinach and kale this week, and LOVING it!

Cos lettuce, blueberry & cashew smoothie.

1 x cup of frozen blueberries
4-6 x medium sized washed cos lettuce leaves
1/2 x cup of raw cashews
2 x cups of water
Optional: 1 x banana

Blend for 1-2 minutes. Will make enough for 2-3 big cups. I find this smoothie incredibly refreshing and it’s absolutely my new favourite, mmmm! Recommended!

2. Echolife Clay Cleansers

I lurrrrve the way this clay makes my face feel. It’s very different to cleansers I’ve gotten used to, being that it’s a lump of wiggly clay in a glass jar, but I take a 10c piece sized amount, rub it into my hands with water and then massage all over my face. It’s perfect for my skin type which is combination – few dry bits, few oily bits, few pimply bits – I’m certainly not blessed in that department. After only a few days of using this I’m already addicted and I love that it’s so natural, I’m really getting back to basics with skincare at the moment, so after cleansing I press a few drops of rosehip or jojoba oil into my face while it’s still damp, for a double hit of natural goodness!

There is also another version I like to use, that contains castor oil, for when my skin is feeling a bit drier (hello winter!).

3. Toasted cereal topping

This stuff. What can I say? It has transformed my breakfasts in the morning. I put a teaspoon of this wonder-mix, which contains organic raw linseed, sesame seeds, buckwheat, sunflower kernels, almonds and cinnamon. It’s gluten free, no added oils, sugar or salt, GMO free.

I stumbled across it one day at Farmer Jacks, Subiaco and haven’t looked back since. It gives an awesome nutty crunch and texture to my porridge in the morning and it just feels so -good- knowing that I’m getting that extra bit of easy nutrition to start my morning off the right way. I also sprinkle it into my smoothies and it gives it a really interesting flavour kick.

There are heaps of other rad products by the brand, Real Good Food, such as mixes with goji and blueberries, rice porridges, delicious looking trail mixes and MORE! Ps. I’m not getting paid to promote these! I just found them randomly and LOVE the prods, so want to share my joy!

Me at yoga… hah! Nah, it’s number one yogini babe, Kathryn Budig. Crushin’.

4. Sunday Yoga

A couple of weeks ago I took part in a generally unheard of activity… exercise, on a Sunday.

It was amazing! Admittedly, I felt a little smug as I was doing sun salutation after sun salutation when many people would still be in bed nursing a hangover from the night before. I quickly got over that and realised I was doing it for ME, not trying to be better than anyone else. It was a great note to end the week on, and I’m looking forward to it again soon.

The Yoga Company near the Subi train station (across from the road from Wagamama) do Sunday classes, if anyone knows anywhere else that does Sunday yoga, please leave a comment!

Just a couple of links for you this week… we’ve been too busy organising some excellent new competitions to browse too many other websites, but do let us know if you’ve come across anything interesting on your travels! 😉


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