Have a Break (Out), Have a Kit Kat!

Breaking out is not hard to do.

Especially when kit kats, Vintage Cheddar and Onion Red Rock Deli chips & toasted sandwiches have been flying down your throat at hyper speed.

Whoever said that what you eat is unrelated to the state of your skin must be giving Pinocchio’s nose a run for his money by now.

So I’ve been slipping up, I admit it, I’m far from perfect! But the past week has seen a big effort to get back on track.

RRP $58 AUD, available at Mecca Cosmetica

Yesterday I tried the REN Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Scrub. I’d previously been using a cheap and cheerful teenage staple, Aapri (which is a bit rough for my skin), and felt like I finally graduated when the thousands of tiny smooth REN jojoba beads glided easily across my face and got down to work.

The scent of this product is really mild too, despite having peppermint and juniper oils doing their dance in there, which is nice.

Post-exfoliating, my skin felt VERY smooth and even a tiny bit tight, but the tightness soon passed. It really felt like a breath of fresh air and if my cells could smile, they probably would. I now realise that temporarily forgetting about the wonders of exfoliation was a grave error.


My skin still feels smooth and more glowy today!

In addition to re-discovering a great exfoliant, I’ve been smashing frozen berries in smoothies (bought a 1kg bag of blueberries – so excellent!), eating lots of avocado, drinking 2+ cups of decaff green tea a day plus heaps of water and generally trying to clean up my diet by eating more wholefoods and cutting out dairy / chippies (weaknesses!).

My skins been on the naughty mat for a while now, hopefully these changes will get it behaving again!

Do you change your diet when your skin plays up?

What’s your favourite exfoliant?

Be well!