Eyebrow Waxing Vows.

I, Annette, take you, Potential Beauty Therapist, to be my expert waxer, my vigilant tweezer, my faithful non-burning friend and my go-to girl for beautiful, pain free eyebrows from this day forward.

In the presence of the God of waxing, this treatment room and the products that surround us, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful client, in monobrows and in perfectly tweezed arches, in good economic times and in bad, and in joy as well as in the sorrow of not getting my preferred treatment time.

I promise to come to you unconditionally, to support you in your goals to be the salon manager, to honor and respect your need to ask what I’m doing this weekend, to laugh with you when you tell me about that boring thing your boyfriend did and cry with you when he runs off with your distant relative, and to cherish you for as long as we both shall understand that hot wax applied more than one time to any facial area will almost certainly result in a burn.

You may now wax my brows.

*** For relevance, I had a burny, ouchy eyebrow waxing experience today. Sub-optimal, so I created this vow in the hopes that the waxing God’s smile upon me next time.


Be well,



Salon Review: Eyebrow Wax – Total Brow, Inglewood.

Getting your eyebrows professionally shaped is like an instant eyelift. The eyebrows are such an important and dramatic feature of your face, and so, should always be well groomed and shaped. Unfortunately I’ve been somewhat unblessed with straight eyebrows that sprout out like spiders legs in the middle. They aren’t very neat and I have black hair, so they are a prominent feature. I decided to try Total Brow in Inglewood to see if they could help my cause.

From the unassuming entrance on Beaufort St, the foyer is decorated in gold and white, giving it a royal feel. The sell Napoleon Perdis products, so I had fun looking and sampling all the new range before Amy, an eyebrow stylist, called me in. Amy, like all the girls that worked there had perfect shaped brows – and this was a great relief to me.

Amy guided me into the room and I lay down on the table under quite bright lights. I explained the predicament of my wayward brows and she didn’t seem too worried as she went to work.

Total Brow use a combination of warm wax and plucking on the brows. Its relatively painless and quick. Amy also started to pencil in my brows. I confessed I’d never used an eyebrow pencil before so she kindly gave me a lesson. Even though I had dark hair, she suggested using a blonde pencil on my brows – and they looked great.

I left there with slightly thinner, much neater and better shaped brows. I was extremely happy with the result and I will be definitely be back. On the Total Brow website it says: “Come and see us at Total Brow – We’re the best Waxers in Perth!” and, when it comes to eyebrows, I would have to agree with them.

826b Beaufort Street
Western Australia 6052

Ph. 9371 6057
Fax. 93716072

Web: http://www.totalbrow.com.au

Review by Yvette.