Product Nostalgia – Where to find those old gems!

Do you ever have moments walking along the street, conversations with people or dreams where you are reminded of a product that you used to use ages ago, or your Mum used to use it, or you had heard about it’s release in America/Europe but it never came to Australia, and you are suddenly gripped with the very capitalist urge to own it either for the first time in your life or to own it once again and again and AGAIN? I do.

So what do you do if that product is nowhere to be found in Perth…if it’s discontinued or it was never here in the first place? Should you cut your losses? Should you say to yourself “well it’s JUST makeup” and move on to obsessing over more important things like boys and clothes, politics and world peace?



The answer is so simple you may even already know it, but just in case you don’t, why aren’t you using the INTERNET to achieve these dreams? Now websites such as StrawberryNET and the like are pretty common knowledge to get good deals on current products from popular brands so let’s just assume the humble reader has this knowledge and move on to the discussion of your harder to find/discontinued product.

L’Oreal – Blush Delice in Strawberry Tart ♥

About two years ago (approx) L’Oreal stopped production on a few colors of their Blush Delice range. Anyone out there remember Strawberry Tart that perfect mix of baby pink and luminous wonderment? It was the best for a pale complexion and I really had a love affair with it from the moment of its release up until the dark, dark day that they stopped making it (for some stupid reason).

I went through the normal sort of feelings you go through after a relationship ends, sadness, rage, depression but goddamnit I was just not ready to give up on this little guy! So in a moment of desperation I typed into the google machine ‘shine+delice+blush+strawberry+tart+buy’ and guess what the first result was, OF COURSE! EBAY!

And guess what? I got two compacts of Strawberry Tart for $6 (plus $6 post and handling). I was hooked, I started looking up everything I had ever once loved, liked a lot, had a fling with- but for some reason or another had been taken away from me- and it was ALL there.

Clinique – Almost in Black Honey ♥

Remember that shade of Clinique ’s Almost Lipstick that was re-released here a little while ago, sold out almost immediately and then was never added to their permanent roster of products, a little shade called Black Honey? Hm? Yep. It’s there. And it’s way cheap.

Now, sometimes going to the Australian version of eBay ( is not going to cut it, so you need to go American and go to just plain old – but it’s worth it; obviously they have far more options for the nostalgic shopper. However, shopping on the American website does have it’s downfalls. Namely- sometimes sellers will not ship to Australia. I have found in a couple of instances if you just ask them really nicely they will have no problem with it but sometimes they just flat out refuse.

Barry M Kohl Pencil

I encountered this when I was trying to buy a Barry M kohl eyeliner in black. I had owned one when I was living in London and had never used such a good eyeliner (never hard and scratchy on the eye, so soft, so glideable, so smudgeable) but I couldn’t get it in Australia. So I just stopped using eyeliner (it really was that good). Anyway, I found one on but the seller wouldn’t ship it to me (seriously you cant put a pencil in an envelope and send it to me even when I’M PAYING FOR THE SHIPPING?!!!?!??!) So I just went back to the old google search and came across this website which is actually an Australian website but stocks Barry M. Take that lazy eBay seller who wouldn’t ship to me. Take that indeed.

In summary, I guess I’m not telling any of you anything new here but I do hope that all of this might make you think about a product that you used to own and love so dearly and maybe will encourage you to go to the internet buy it, and reignite that love.

Article by dream make-up internet babe Adriane Daff.

Be well,


Store Review: Loose Produce Wholefoods, Como.

I love wholefoods and the opportunity to buy in bulk! I’d long known my Northie friends were being well serviced by Angry Almond in Nedlands but I yearned for something a little closer to home… it’s hard living South of the River in Perth y’know!

The discovery of Loose Produce in Como therefore was like a birthday, Christmas, Easter & any other gift-receiving holiday that exists, all thrown at me in one glorious “HURRAH!”

The great thing about Loose Produce is the attention to detail that goes into presenting their many, many wares.

Nutritional information, origin & a detailed list of ingredients are presented on the majority of their products, so if you’re like me and read more backs of packets than books – you’ll be right at home.

Those with a naughty sweet tooth will be thrilled with over 50 choices of bulk lollies, while the slightly healthier sweet lovers among us will be happy with the wide range of dried fruits including blueberries & goji berries. Our baking friends will marvel at the loose cake mixtures, sprinkles and bread mixes available for sale!

Gluten-free products are well-signed as are organic options, with an “I’m organic!” sticker to help you navigate your way to chemical free wonderland.

A really novel setup they have going is the “Jar Exchange Program” whereby people with jars they no longer need can bring them down to the store and those who would like to use them to fill with produce can do so!

There’s a dedicated Asian section, pasta, herbs & spices, organic fruit & veg, organic meat and so much more… you’ll just have to go down there to check it all out!

The only thing I would change is quite nit-picky; as I’m a vegetarian I’d prefer that the cold meat (which is spread out across two fridges) be contained to one fridge so the other products that are sharing space with them have less chance of being contaminated by the meat. Aside from that, I love the whole place!

Loose Produce is a pantry organisers dream, little jars to pick up and fill with all manner of tasty delights.

When you take your presumably many choices to the counter, you’re met with Larabars, vegan cookies and more snacks than you can poke an organic stick at. Just try saying no.

LP also run a variety of workshops which you can browse on their website and often have reflexology and kinesiology experts visiting the store.

Loose Produce

2 Hobbs Avenue, Como
Western Australia 6152

Ph: 08 9474 9100
: 08 9474 9100


Be well,


Day Spa Review: Lemongrass Body Glow at Bodhi J, Wembley.

I received a gift voucher for a treatment of choice at Bodhi J Day Spa in Wembley as a birthday present. My friend has recently had the Indian Head Massage there and said it was excellent, however I felt like something more indulgent. I decided on a full body scrub, the Lemongrass Body Glow.

Bodhi J is a piece of paradise set unassumingly on Grantham street in Wembley. Entering into the foyer, I had no idea of the beautiful décor that was behind these doors.

I was led into a large room which had nice subdued lighting, two round spas and two tables. I felt like I had been transported to the finest day spa in Bali. The little touches the room like the frangipanis, the aromatherapy oils burning along with the dim lighting made you feel instantly calm. I was left to undress, given some lovely green disposable underwear and a sarong, and got ready for the treatment.

Laying face down I was asked to inhale a scent from aromatherapy oil to relax me. I was then given a firm soothing massage with a scented oil. My therapist knew what she was doing – long firm massage strokes on the back of my legs, at just the right pressure. After the oil, the lemongrass salt was rubbed into my body. The smell was amazing. Once my legs, back and shoulders were done, I turned over to have my stomach, the front of my legs and feet as well as my décolletage oiled, massaged and scrubbed.

Then it was time to be rinsed. I was expecting I would have to go to another room to shower, but the bed I was on was actually under a bath and I was rinsed off with a shower head that was attached to the wall. That part was a littler surreal – I felt like a big baby being hosed down, but none the less it was still all very professional.

The therapist left me to dry off and lie on the table next to me. I was then moisturised from neck to toe whilst getting a nice soothing massage at the same time . I got dressed and was then led to a waiting area. There was a herbal tea, some fruit and a chocolate were waiting for me. Here the therapist spoke to me about some of the products that were used on me during the treatment. They did have these for sale at the spa, but I was not felt at all pressured into buying something – I simply got an explanation and a price list and was left to enjoy my tea and strawberries in peace.

After that it was back to reality unfortunately. The whole process took just over an hour and a half and it was harsh to walk out of this beautiful oasis back onto old Grantham street.

Bodhi J is definitely worth a visit for absolute indulgence and an escape to paradise – if only for an hour.

Lemongrass Body Glow is $95 for 60 mins.

42C Grantham St (Cnr Nanson St)
Western Australia 6014

Phone: (08) 9387 5152
Fax: (08) 9387 4548

Review by Yvette Coyne.

Beauty Salon Review: Eyebrow Wax at Kerry Lavell Beauty, South Perth.

A girl will search far and wide for the perfect eyebrow specialist, even say, New York, (a review I will be doing myself later this year) but I’ve found one that is closer to home, situated in South Perth in a hairdressing salon called Carole Graf is a girl by the name of Kerry Lavell, and she is in my opinion, Perth’s eyebrow queen.

When I step into her humble space, which is a smallish room at the back of the hair salon, I am welcomed with an enthusiastic and smiling Kerry, who is the warmest of human beings. I lay down on the bench with my knees over a soft towel (elevating my legs for comfort) and my head rested face up with neon lights above.

Kerry will ask me how my day is and start straight away on sculpting my eyebrows to perfection. It is a seamless process and Kerry takes care and effort with each brow. 20 minutes later and I view my brows in a hand-held mirror, she pats tea tree oil to soothe the waxed off skin and I’m set to go.

Commanding $30 for a tailored eyebrow sculpt, Kerry had been hyped up by a raving friend who had recommended me to her, fear not though – she lives up to the hype!

My eyebrows are in the best ‘shape’ they have been in years, actually, ever. Beauty therapists from rival, up-market day spas were in awe of them! That’s when you know you’re onto a winner.

Kerry also offers other beauty treatments on her list of specialties, including facials and peels all at reasonable prices.

Situated in the heart of South Perth in the MeadowVale Shopping Centre is Kerry Lavell Beauty:

Shop 6, 298 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151

Opening Hours: Tues 9-5, Wed 10-8, Thurs 9-5, Fri 9-5, Sat 8:30-2

For appointments with Kerry, contact her on: 0420 973 447.

Review by Kelly-Anne, I saw her brows & they look fab.

Be well,


Product Comparison: Nars Bronzers for the Pale Skinned!

Peaches Geldof recently said that she wears bronzer to prevent her from looking ‘dead’ and whilst I don’t normally subscribe to what Bob’s daughter has to say about anything, on the matter of bronzer- I think the young lady has a point.

Bronzer is one of those products that I used to avoid like the plague- if not done correctly- bronzer can be so very very bad, and when you are on the paler side of life the thought of putting some kind of browny orangey colour on your bright white face is enough to make you keep your distance from it. Permanently.

But I have recently become convinced that bronzer would like to help me, that it would like to be my friend and I have come to realize that if done correctly this could be a very good thing for me and may even stop me from looking dead (right Peaches?!) So why the hell not? Let’s do it.

Now the selection out there is enough to make even the most hardened beauty shopper break into a cold sweat so for simplicity I have stuck to one brand (Nars) and have road tested three different forms of bronzing/illuminating- the powder, the illuminator and the cream stick.

1. The Powder

Nars Bronzing Powder (Laguna) RRP $72

The Good: You can just keep layering and layering and layering this stuff on because the pigment is so strong which means you can choose between subtlety or making it as dark as you desire.

The Bad: Application. Hard. For. Me. I couldn’t get it even or to look the same on both sides of my face so I decided to combat this by putting more and more on, and then blending it in to the rest of my skin was nothing short of an ordeal. I tried a smaller brush, a bigger brush, throwing the powder in the air and then walking through it, but I just couldn’t get it right.

The Ugly: If you are not utterly hopeless like me and have even only semi-decent application skills then this product will not be a problem for you at all and will bring you much joy and happiness. I, however, somehow managed to make myself look like this…

2. The Illuminator

Nars Illuminator (Orgasm) RRP $69

The Good: You’re thinking ‘hey this isn’t a bronzer’ and you’re right, you are, but for the purposes of this experiment I wanted to cover lots of different kinds (well three) and bronzer is SCARY to me, so I had to start with baby steps. Plus this product has been so highly anticipated that I wanted to get in on the action. I wanted in bad!

Now…was I expecting too much? I’ll admit I went to the Mecca store three days in a row before I could buy some (it was selling out at a record speed) so maybe having to wait made my expectations way high. And yeah ok, maybe I was expecting this product to miraculously turn me into a young Sophia Loren, so it would be unfair of me to feel like this was anti-climactic (har har har). But…

The Bad: They say you can use this over makeup or under make up and I imagined that it was going to be a highly versatile product in what really is an iconic shade but it just didn’t seem to make any noticeable difference to me. It’s like in an attempt to be multi purpose I just couldn’t make it serve even one purpose for me. It’s probably my own fault (ahem- my inability even to apply something as simple as a powder bronzer- ahem) but I just didn’t really know what to do with it. I tried applying it all over my face or just to certain areas but…frankly, I got no real pleasing results.

The Ugly: I need to do some homework. I either need help with this product or I think I better master the art of using a brush. Then I will go out and by some powder in the colour of Orgasm because it really is a great colour.

3. The Stick

Nars The Multiple (South Beach) RRP $89

The Good: Where have you been all my life you sweet, sweet multiple stick? (Maybe in South Beach?) This was love on first use. It’s foolproof, it’s the perfect size, you don’t need to use a brush (just rub it on in) AND it’s a really great colour. It’s the perfect mix of bronzer and illuminator so you don’t feel like you’ve had a bad fake tan applied to your face. Instead its subtle whilst still giving you a little bit of zing- just tipping you over from dead to very much alive and kickin’.

The Bad: Nothing.

The Ugly: See above.

You can get any of the products mentioned here at Mecca Cosmetica

Review by Adriane, fellow ghosty-faced make-up adorer and possible catalyst for my first bronzer purchase…gulp.

Be well,