Get Green with Wellness WA!

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It ain’t easy being green – or is it Kermit, is it?

Well for me it has been easy to get my daily dose of green, knowing that there are a long list of benefits for your body inside and out. There are green smoothies, green tea and green veggies and endless varieties of each. Why not add a bit more green into your daily routine by trying some of these favourites of mine?

Green Tea and Pea Eye Cream – RRP $40

I bring to you Endota’s Green Tea and Pea for your peepers. The balmy green tea helps with anti-aging and the pea promotes elasticity. This soothing cream also contains grape seed and chamomile for those baby brown/blue/grey/hazel/green eyes. Beauty rest takes a whole new meaning with this little side-kick in your night stand drawer. (You’re also being green with the cute card-board packaging!)

Green Rose and China Jasmine T2 teas. I can’t rave enough about T2 teas and their green teas. When I drink a hot China Jasmine in the morning, it’s like a wake up call deep within my belly. For lovers of Jasmine this fusion with green tea gives you a dose of warmth and energising spirit to prepare you for the day ahead.

Green Rose is another favourite that I like to drink cold. I make a jug of this (4-6 teaspoons of loose leaf tea in a T2 iced tea jug) and store it in my fridge, and when I drink it it’s refreshing and cleansing, and since you know it’s good for you and it’s quick and easy, you’re more likely to want to drink it. I like to add slices of lemon for that extra kick and detoxifying feel in my tum.

Eating green veggies is the simplest ways to inject some green. The above (top o the article!) packet of snow peas will be making it’s way into my vege patch soon and when they start sprouting green goodness I will enjoy pea pesto crostinis, minted pea soup or home-grown snow peas and butter as a side dish.

BASICALLY IT’S EASY BEING GREEN. Kermit was cute, but oh so very wrong.

Share your green loves and tips, whether it be your favourite beauty products, food or recycling…let us know!

Review by Kelly-Anne, graphic designer and green lovah.

Be well,