Alternative / Massage Therapy Review: Huna Massage in Perth, Aloha!

Huna is a form of Hawaiian massage that stimulates the natural flow of energy within the body in order to bring about changes in your physical, emotional and spiritual state. This nuturing massage enables stress and tension to be released and can even help to improve your immune system.

With all this in mind I paid a visit to Scott Davey at Massage in Perth in Hocking where he works from home.

In order to experience the true magic of Huna it’s best to go commando, as in no underwear, with towels strategically placed to cover the important bits. However you can of course leave your underwear on and even have a large towel covering you if you wish. Scott emphasises that the MOST important thing is that you feel comfortable at all times. Never once did I feel uncomfortable.

Once the massage started I discovered what Scott meant. With the assistance of a silky oil there are grand sweeping strokes that run down your body almost from top to toe that make the stress just melt away. If you were wearing underwear these strokes would be interrupted. These amazing fluid movements are like waves that wash all of you worries and cares away. In fact if you were to watch a Huna massage it would look like a beautiful dance routine being performed by the therapist.

Almost no area is left untended, but it was the more unusual areas that really allowed my stress to dissipate. I never knew the palms of my hands and the bed of my foot just under my toes were the key to this! There were also a series of incredible wrap around strokes on my forearms, other movements actually sweep up underneath you.

By the end of my treatment I was in absolute bliss, centred and so relaxed I truly did not want it to end.

If you too think your soul could do with a little nurturing, your chakras in need of rebalancing and your stress to disappear I cannot recommend a Huna massage enough – my soul is still thanking me.

Price: 75 mins $100

Massage in Perth
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Ph: 0405 801 996
Therapist: Scott Davey
Location: Hocking

Review by Kristy Mollica freelance TV and radio presenter, lover of girl power & things that are so totally not beige!

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