Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Face Mask, Le Gym, Grown Haircare & More.

Beauty & wellbeing crushes is BACK, and this time I have some superb treats to share with you. Let’s dive straight in!

Sodashi Brightening Marine Mineral Face Mask – $110

If you’re craving softer, brighter, plumper skin, then this new mask from Sodashi is hard to look past. Any day that a Sodashi package shows up in the mail is a good day, and this mask takes the cake in terms of excellent results! It’s one of those products that will make you want to endlessly touch your skin after you’ve washed it off due to how silky it’ll be feeling. Yum!

I’ve been using this prior to any big event (Going out to dinner with friends… I’m taking liberties with the terms ‘big’ and ‘event’ here!) and loving the results. Contains seaweed, spirulina, several varieties of clay and rosewood oil. Radiance almost guaranteed 🙂 Available from Peachy Clean.

♥ Random picture of Miranda Kerr for no other reason than she looks much better in gym wear than I do!

Joining the Gym

I have been enjoying the gym SO MUCH since joining and noticing lots of small and exciting changes in my body! There are some fantastic yoga classes, and the equipment is top notch. I have started a light weights routine to try and gain some strength and put on a touch of weight, as well as doing lots of hill walking (for calf definition) and even a few sauna and steam room stints – which are resulting in some seriously glowy skin afterwards! I’m excited to continue on and develop my muscles & peace of mind. It’s been a great decision and I’m loving getting back into it 🙂

Grown Haircare

I was recently sent a few samples from Grown to test out, I love their ethos of ‘Botanical Beauty‘ and I’m very much enjoying the Damask Rose, Chamomile and Lavender Stem Conditioner in particular. The shampoo smells great, but I find my hair needs quite a lot of it to get the smooth clean feeling that I’m usually after. That said, my hair is a difficult beast, so I’d recommend both of these to anyone to give a go if you’re looking to give silicone-free haircare a go. Plus the bottles look just gorgeous in the shower!

Mecca Lit From Within – $40

I’m all for naturally derived glowing skin (think green smoothies, tonnes of water, exercise, steam rooms and rosehip oil), but sometimes we need a little extra help. And lately for me, there has been a LOT of extra help needed. I’m blaming the change of seasons!

If this sounds like you then FEAR. NOT. I’ve been mixing Mecca’s Lit From Within into my foundation/tinted moisturiser combo and have been receiving a lot of compliments on my skin since doing so. You can do this, and then also use an extra bit to highlight certain areas of your face to give it even more of a glow. I am really, really diggin this. My only qualm is that it contains carmine, which is a dried, ground up insect (sometimes this stuff is even found in yoghurt!), so I would much prefer to find a highlighter which doesn’t contain it. However it is doing some wonderful things for me at the moment, so I am putting up with the beetles until further notice! Leave me a comment if you have any alternative suggestions!

Cheeki Water Bottle/Smoothie Transportation Device

I was lucky enough to be sent a Cheeki stainless steel water bottle to trial recently, it came at the perfect time, as I was searching for something that could safely transport my green smoothies on the journey from my apartment, through the perils of public transport and the walk to school. This kid did the trick!

For ages I’d been using dodgy old water and juice bottles to cart around my morning smoothie extras, but they were always too small and sometimes leaked. Not the best. I’m super happy with my new stainless steel bottle and can’t believe it took me so long to try one out, I use it every day at school & at the gym and it inspires me to drink lots more water too. Love + recommend it! I preferred a the plain silver version, but Cheeki has a range of more colourful options too!

QUESTION TIME! Do you use a stainless steel water bottle? What mask are you currently loving? Recently joined the gym too? Recommendation for a carmine free highlighter? Talk to me about it below! 🙂

Be well,