Hello Autumn, it’s Tea Time: Indigiearth & Little China Tea’s.

I’m a tea enthusiast, and since I know of many fantastic small tea companies, I was really excited to try out Indigiearth’s teas and Little China Teas.

A special mention for Indigiearth’s wonderful plum cream biscuits, though I didn’t review them because there’s not much you can say besides yuuum!

Lemon Myrtle tea

I’m impressed at how organic this is. I really feel like I could drop some on the ground and have something grow there. The scent is lemon with an extra spice to it – reminds me of cinnamon, but softer. I found this tea ultra-soothing. I’ve drunk lemon tea before when I’ve had colds, and found it unbearable – this is a very soft lemon with all the soothing, pleasant-smelling bits and none of the sourness.

Daintree and Lavender tea

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting with this tea, not really knowing Daintree so fixating purely on the lavender. It’s a smell I love– but which is completely non-foody – so I was expecting the sensation of drinking green tea for the first time (i.e. not much fun), but this was very refreshing. I’ve been drinking it as a herbal tea, so no milk or sugar, and I haven’t felt like it’s needed those extra factors.

Wild Rosella Tea!

Wild Rosella tea

WHOA. Firstly it’s fire engine red when brewed, and looks amazing in white china. Secondly I find it FAR too strong on its own for me – it’s tart tea, and full flavoured, even when brewed with tiny amounts. I have since refrigerated this with sugar and this is completely my preferred method. A wonderful iced tea!

Little China Teas – Up-Lift

I usually find Asian teas a bit difficult to start with, and was expecting the same with this one. The overall taste is very green tea but with a refreshing, cooling aftertaste. It would be a great option for those trying to “get into” Asian teas. This is built on Chinese medicine attempting to stimulate without caffeine – which surprised me, because I assumed this one was built on green tea. Worth mentioning as well that they recommend a “pinch” of tea –and considering this tea is made up of whole leaves you’re going to be in a world of trouble if you try to measure out a teaspoon.

Little China Teas – Slimming

The packaging on this tea explains how the tea stimulates metabolism and staves off hunger, but not how. Thus I couldn’t really tell you if it’s claims are viable, because it would take some sustained drinking before seeing results, but I would happily agree that it’s a temporary food replacement, since it’s a “meaty” tea. By which I mean there’s a lot of flavours in it, it doesn’t feel like water with leaves. Like the other, the individual tea fragments are huge and thus a pinch is all you need for a teapotful, Tasty, soothing and filling.

The Indigiearth teas are available online at the Thulli online store and the Little China Shop teas in their own online store.

Review by Suzanne: she is allergic to exercise, but not tea, and can only be cured with cake.

Be well,