Day Spa Review: Hydrodermabrasion at Bodhi J Health + Beauty Spa, Wembley, Perth.

My skincare routine has really been ramping up lately. I’ve started a course of LED light treatments at mi:skn (15 minutes of blue light to kill acne bacteria, then 15 minutes of red light to rejuvenate the skin and get the blood flowing), have been seeing a lovely naturopath, Marnie Downer, for the past 6 weeks who has prescribed me some hormone balancing herbal remedies (more on this to come!), have been drinking copious amounts of green juices and water – and am about to get back into exercise in a serious manner by way of a new personal trainer!!

The next step was to try something I’d been wanting to experience for a long time – microdermabrasion! Buoyed by all the positive reviews our other contributors have had (check ’em out here, here and here!), I was super excited to try hydradermabrasion – which is microdermabrasion, with a h20 twist!

♥ ♥ ♥

My experience started with a deluxe treat, a 90 minute ‘Retreat for One‘ that was my gift for starting a new full-time job last month. This is one of my all time favourite pamper sessions, I recommend it to everyone.

But back to the facial: it starts with an orchid filled, dimly lit room. My head resting on one of the comfiest pillows of all time, with another pillow under my knees and a deliciously cosy blanket – no chance of getting chilly here!

I have combination skin, so my face is cleansed with the Sodashi Clay Cleanser with Lime (this is the one I use at home too) to balance it out.

Next, the microdermabrasion machine comes out to play, it’s kind of like the tube at the dentist which sucks up your saliva, but with a little abrasive brush on the tube so the dead skin cells are brushed off then sucked up like magic. The second part of the process is where the hydro comes in, it feels a bit like a cats rough tongue as the tiny stream of high-pressured water is applied and then sucked up, flushing the pores clean with pure water.

At this point I touched my skin and it felt SMOOTH. Smoother than I have ever felt it. I didn’t have too long to think about that though, as the Sodashi Recovery Boost was applied, along with a calming mask to reduce any redness (which was minimal). My scalp was then whisked to heaven with a dreamy massage… at this point I was struggling to stay awake, and as the hot towels enveloped my face to take off the mask, I felt like snuggling into the bed and staying there all day.

♥ The Bodhi J Relaxation Lounge

Unluckily for me there were other people with much deserved pamper time waiting for their time in the gorgeous room, so with a hydrating Sodashi serum applied, I dragged myself out of there and into the comfortable relaxation lounge for a cup of mint & chamomile tea, a strawberry and some reflection on the blissful 2.5 hours (including my retreat for one) that had just passed.

The verdict? My skin LOVED the hydrodermabrasion. 24 hours+ later, it’s still feeling super smooth. My chin is prone to some pimples, and it hasn’t cleared those up, but the rest of my skin is looking great and I’ll definitely be adding microdermabrasion to my skin maintenance routine 4-5 times a year.

The Hydrodermabrasion treatment is valued at $140 and was provided complimentary for review, read our review policy here!

Find out more about Bodhi J Health + Beauty spa on their website.

Have you tried microdermabrasion before? What about hydrodermabrasion? I’d love to hear anyone elses experience with either of these treatments!

Be well,



Beauty Salon Review: Guinot Facial at Light Aesthetics Skin and Body Clinic, Southern River and Canning Vale Area.

Have you ever paid big bucks for a facial? I have. I have also laid there during said facial and thought to myself, “hmm cleanse, tone, moisturise, mask… pretty sure I do this myself each week for a fraction of the cost” immediately after having that thought, the beautician is turning up the lights and asking you to meet her in the foyer for payment. Facial over.

Yup, it’s a common occurrence, and the main reason I stopped getting facials on a regular basis. With all the amazing products out there, why would I pay someone else to do it for me? Enter Guinot. A luxury skincare range hailing from France, Guinot facials are certified vegan and only practiced by trained therapists. Guinot is a professional range and can only be sold within salons, which definitely means I wouldn’t be able to do it myself at home!

Recently I had the opportunity to receive Guinot’s Signature Hydradermie Facial, at the beautiful Light Aesthetics Skin and Body Clinic in Southern River. Owner/manager Erin administered my Guinot facial and talked me through the process as we went along. Erin explained to me that the Hydradermie facial was a favourite among clients as it really penetrates deep into the skin, creating long lasting results that you can really see.

Here’s Bay Area (Cali!) esthetician Sarah Jane of Advanced Beauty Care using the rollers during the galvanic part of the Guinot facial

While Erin was talking she had placed plant based gels onto my skin which would assist with calming the sensitivity and dehydration that I struggle with. To really assist the gels absorption, Erin uses a galvanic current which passes into the skin through rollers that are moved all over the face and neck. Yes, rollers were used. For me this was the highlight of the Guinot Hydradermie facial, as the rollers omit a subtle current which makes the body tingle just a tad and really cements the feeling that you are receiving a thorough facial.

After a round with the rollers Erin uses a glass probe on my skin which omits high frequency, oxygenating my skin and zapping any unwanted blemishes.

By now I have been in the salon for close to an hour. I really have swallowed my facial pride and I decided that I can definitely justify the $110 a month for this facial. Just when I think it can’t get any better, the Hydradermie facial finishes with a customised mask and a relaxing massage. Sigh.

Swanning out to the foyer I wanted to hug Erin for giving me comfortable and amazingly hydrated skin, something I never get to feel. I was also lucky enough to be sent home with a little care pack of follow up Guinot products which I am still using as I write this.

My facial snobbery now something of the past, I feel I can highly recommend the Guinot range of facials which can be customised to your every need. If you live South of the river, pop out to see Erin and her team for a truly relaxing treat.

What about you readers, do you like to give your self at home facials? Does the Guinot range sound like it could help your skin care needs?

Review by Jacqui, blogger, makeup artist and Guinot facial convert!

Be well,