Exercise Review: Pure Moves Pilates, Cottesloe, Perth.

After a pretty mundane day at work, I was looking forward to nothing more than my Monday evening Pilates class at Pure Moves Cottesloe. I jumped online in the morning to book and pay for the 5.30pm Pilates Mat class with Chantelle. It was super easy and quick and I was emailed a receipt straight away. I pay for casual classes, $22 per visit, but there are packages available too.

I arrived early to the light, bright and fresh studio and had a quick chat to the instructors before setting myself up for the intense core workout to follow.

Pilates is nothing like Yoga. I’ve been a Yogi for about 3 years and love it for a good stretch and to relax and calm my mind. Pilates is more focused on core strength and developing lean muscle tone. But both hark back to the importance of breathing and its place within the exercises.

Chantelle led us through some breathing and neck roll downs to start before we moved on to work our glutes, abdominals, triceps and quadriceps. We worked these major muscle groups with a series of ab curls, squats, leg raises etc. We used toning balls to add resistance to most of the exercises, in other classes we’ve used resistance bands (rubber bands that help with strengthening exercises).

What I love about these Pilates classes is the fluidity, the only rest we have is to stretch between tough exercises – into my favourite position, child’s pose 🙂 It really is a great workout as we keep our heart rate up with the continuous movement.

Pure Moves check your health and injury history and are able to tailor any exercises to your needs – a lady had sore knees in one of my classes and the instructor showed her alternative exercises for when we were doing squats etc.

I walk out of Pilates every week feeling lighter than air and totally refreshed and re-energised. If you haven’t tried it yet, you must!

Have you tried Pilates before? Share your experience below in the comments section!

Review by Lucy, pilates enthusiast!

Be well,