A Week in the Wellness Life: Bathing, Miranda Kerr & Healthy Shopping.

Does anyone else adore grocery shopping as much as I do? I tend to make a bee-line for any aisle containing the words ‘health’ or ‘organic’ and spend ages contemplating giving almost every item a new home in my pantry. This week I picked up a big bag of almonds (to activate and make home-made almond milk!), organic pasta sauce, Caesar’s salt grind (my fave!), lemon, parsley and shallot infused quinoa (!!!), snow pea sprouts – unfortunately these had a spider in them so I didn’t end up eating them! The Noni juice was a gift from the Miranda Kerr KORA Organics event 🙂

There’s nothing like having a big soak in the bath to help soothe sore muscles after 3 hours of yoga! I love both macrobiotic sea salt & detoxing mojave clay to help heal me 🙂

One day a week I treat myself to a meal from PAWS. This ones a kale & peach juice, raw salad & tofutti cutie! YUM.

I bought this cute clear teacup from T2 and have been using it for tea, as well as Noni Juice pictured here!!! Excellent way to start the day 🙂

While not the most exciting meal out there, mashed potatoes and mashed chickpeas is a simple favourite of mine when I want to stock up on protein and carbs 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this weeks wellness piccies! 🙂

Be well,