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Makeup Look: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme Party.

I LOVE themed parties! Give me an excuse to get into costume and play a character for the night and I will be there with bells on; and in this case Swarovski crystals as well.

On this occasion the theme for the party was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The look I wanted to go for was an “ethereal woodland fairy”, much like the mischievous characters from Shakespeare’s play.

I designed the outfit myself. The top was made out of a satin and organza skirt that I shredded into panels and draped strategically over my torso, leaving my back and most of my midriff bare. The flowing, long, white skirt complimented the baby pink top and I painted my toenails with a shimmering polish and went barefoot.

For my hair and make-up, I called in the professionals.

Slajana Spaseski is the founder and owner of the Perth based business, Make-up by Design. She arrived at my house equipped to completely transform me, and efficiently went about turning my bathroom into a salon.

♥ Slaj gives me the tip “during the day it’s always best to work in a room that has natural light”.

Julia before makeup.

Julia after makeup.

Over the next 3 hours, we planned and executed the complex transformation as you can see from the before and after photos. Slaj deftly moved from product to product and so I asked her to give me a rundown of just how she created this design.

Here is a step by step guide you can follow yourself:


♥ Always begin with a clean canvas (baby wipes are best to clean the face because make up wipes often leave an oily residue which can make the base unstable).

♥ Apply a primer to the skin with a foundation brush. The primer will prep the skin for the foundation and will also make it last longer. I used Jemma Kidd Primer. It has light reflecting particles in it which give the skin a youthful glow.

♥ Next I applied Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Available online at StrawberryNet) all over the face.


♥ Julia is naturally gifted with very chiselled cheekbones (thanks Slaj) and so I merely accentuated them by using a peach powder blush on the apples of her cheek.

♥ Then, from my Smashbox Contouring Palette I used the darkest colour powder in the hollow of her cheek and my Smashbox Mosaic Highlighter Palette to accentuate the cheek bone.

The Eyes, Eyebrows and the Mask

♥ I began by lightly dusting the entire eye area, up to the mid forehead, with a baby pink loose pigment.
♥ I then drew in the cat eye with a M.A.C eye crayon, extending the wing to the temple.

♥ The eyelashes were then curled using a heated eyelash curler (I loved this! I am going to pick one up from Priceline for about $12, much nicer than the old school eyelash curler!), following by lashings of black mascara.

♥ I applied false eyelashes with a pair of tweezers and Duo Glue.

Benefit – Brows a Go-Go!

♥ While we were waiting for the glue to dry, I gave Julia her dramatic eyebrows using my Benefit Brow Kit . I used the eyebrow wax to set the hairs into place and plot the desired shape. When I was happy with the shape, I accentuated the brows using the darker brow powder applied with a 266 Mac Eyebrow Brush.
♥ The mask was given some depth by drawing in both silver and black streaks using Kryolan paint.
♥ I then glued Swarovski crystals randomly within the mask using Kryolan Spirit Gum.

♥ The feathers were glued on the outer corners of the eyes using spirit gum to accentuate the winged eye make-up.

♥ The lips were lined with a neutral pink lip liner by Napoleon and filled in with a shimmer lip gloss by Modelco .

The tool kit!

♥ The hair was roughly blow dried and lightly sprayed with hair spray. Each section of hair was sprayed again prior to rolling with with Babyliss hot-rollers.

♥ When the make-up was finally finished it was time to pull out the rollers.
Each section was carefully removed so as to not disturb the curl. Each individual curl was then sprayed to hold.

♥ Julia’s body was bronzed and glowing thanks to the application of Chi Chi Solarium in a Bottle.

It was a wonderful experience to get pampered at home and Slaj was very conscious of the time and making sure that I was able to get dressed, have something to eat and take lots of fantastic photos before heading out. The look was very dramatic and caused quite a stir at the party.

People were surprised at how completely unusual I looked. I have never had curly hair and so I was very excited to get the ringlets.

If you want to learn how to create theatrical or natural looks you can attend one of Slaj’s workshops. Find out more here:

Make-up by Design is a completely mobile business so Slaj can come to your home or hotel to prepare you for a big event. She says that now is the busiest time of year with parties and weddings in the warm weather.

She does everything from weddings to photo shoots for clothing labels.

Check it out on Facebook or contact Slajana on: 0433967900 or She is on call 7 days a week.

Review by Julia Hern, personal trainer and event junkie who loves to swim, but doesn’t need water to make a splash!

Be well,


Summer Outdoor Yoga in Perth!

If the idea of doing yoga in a natural setting, be it in a park or by the ocean, takes you to your happy place then you’ll want to get involved with this.

Holistic personal trainer / nutritionist / meditation & yoga practitioner Stuart Watkins will be running classes in Kings Park, Cott and City Beach throughout the 2010-2011 Summer!

I’ve recently had a personal meditation / yoga sesh with Stuart (more on that to come later) and can vouch for his knowledge, calming voice & positive / healing vibes that seem to emanate from him in droves.

Make sure you get in touch with him by the listed methods to ensure a spot. The classes are by donation, so you pay what you feel, which is a really harmonious way of doing things.


Be well,



Event Review: Cruelty Free Festival, Subiaco.

This glorious sunny Saturday just past marked the first of hopefully many Cruelty Free Festivals’ held at the Earthwise centre in Subiaco.

As you can see from the photo above, vegan cakes & sweets were out in full force, as were helpful advocates giving out informative flyers & pamphlets about cruelty free living.

The main focus though was the food, proving what most already knew – it is possible to eat delicious food without the use of animal products.

Lunch in the form of mock meats, vegetable curries, spring rolls and rice dishes (I also spied mango flavoured sweets just out of this picture!)

Peach muffins & custard fruit tarts (these were both GREAT!), chocolate + green tea cheesecake, melting moments plus a couple other things I wasn’t sure of… keep in mind there are no animal products in any of these, which is pretty amazing / awesome!

Here’s a photo of the wood-fired pizza magic happening, I didn’t get a chance to test these out but there were some winning combinations happening and I’m kicking myself for filling up on chocolate cupcakes before I saw this.

There were many wares to be found including heaps of books, stickers, shoes, tees & hoodies, vegan dog treats (!!!), snacks and so much more.

One well known healthy living company that made the trip up from down South was Samudra.

Here are some of the goodies that they had on display:

As you can see, these snacks look great and they are all amazingly good for you! Aside from selling these treats, Samudra also run yoga and surfing getaways in Dunsborough, well worth a look.

The bands playing kept the spirit lively outside and if you ventured into the back corner there were vegan cooking demonstrations being held inside if you could tear yourself away from the cakes for long enough.

All in all it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon, a fantastic new event and one I will be wholeheartedly supporting next year!

Many thanks to Animal Rights Advocates for organising it!

Did you go to the Cruelty Free Festival?

Ever tried a vegan cupcake?

Be well,


Event: The Cruelty Free Festival, 30th October 2010, Subiaco.

This event sounds incredible…

Held in the peaceful and shady grounds of Earthwise Community Centre (315 Bagot Road, Subiaco) from 10am-2pm, the festival will celebrate cruelty-free vegan living, social justice and sustainability – all growing interests for West Australians!

There will be two photography stalls on the day, so if you want a snap of your pooch bring them along!

Now that’s the one that’s sold me! The chance to mingle with copious amounts of puppies while dining on healthy vegetarian treats? I’M THERE!

It should be a great day, looking after and caring for animals is something very special that we can all do, so come down and learn more about it, taste some delicious veg food & listen to some bands on a Sunny afternoon :)

You can join the event Facebook Page or e-mail for more details.

Hope to see you there!

Be well,


Event: Sodashi Night at Bodhi J Day Spa, Wembley.

Megan Larsen, Sodashi Founder

The lovely people from Sodashi invited me along to their day spa meet and greet event at Bodhi J with Megan Larsen (founder) two weeks ago and I want to do a little re-cap because it was a gorgeous night!

Tickets to the event were $50, redeemable on product purchase, and included an array of mini-treatments, personal consultations with Megan herself, delicious snacks in the form of mini quiches and pumpkin soup shots, obligatory champers & juices, the chance to win a facial AND the best part of all… GOODIE BAGS!!!

I was lucky enough to experience two of the three mini-treatments on offer.

First up, in one of the most relaxing feeling spa rooms I’ve had the delight of experiencing, I had my chakras balanced!


The purpose of it is to balance out the energy centers in the body, apparently my heart chakra was out and I’m a bit lonely at the moment, oh no! After the balancing was done (which involved special oils and much ushering of bad energy away from my body), I instantly felt like bursting into tears!

It was really strange, I’ve had similar experiences before with energy therapy too so I think there is some weight to it, just need to experiment some more with it and see how I go!

Sodashi Chakra Balancing Kit RRP $330

The second treat I received was a lush mini foot-facial, which is a facial for the feet, not a facial done with feet! I’ve never actually had a pedicure (quelle horreur) and this was absolutely DIVINE! My feet felt so soft and relaxed afterwards, I’ve been missing out all these years!

From my mingling and chatting to the guests, it’s safe to say that the people who use Sodashi are in fact as lovely as the people that work there!

The prize was drawn and we all received our exciting Goodie Bags, which consisted of:

♥ 1 x full size Rejuvenating Face Mist – I love this product, it smells divine and feels so fresh on the skin, I have to say that sometimes I spritz it around my apartment because it smells so good!

♥ Travel size Eye & Lip Cleanser

♥ Travel size Enlivening Body Lotion

♥ $20 Bodhi J Spa Voucher.

Loved them all!

I left with balanced chakras, soft feet, a swag full of loot & a head full of knowledge about the brand. A very successful evening! I would recommend everyone to check out day spa events, as they are super informative and you usually recoup any cost in the form of samples, nibbles, drinks & treatments, so it’s totally worth it!

Have you ever been to a day spa event?

Had your chakras balanced?

Had a pumpkin soup shot? (T’was delish!)

Be well,



Birthday Wellness!

A big sleep-in started my birthday with a snoozy bang. I did wake up at 7am to rush into my housemates room and sleepily jibber about birthdays and she made it worthwhile by presenting me with two wonderful prizes!

Carmen Electra: Fit to Strip Vol. 2 (review coming very, I love it!) and STOTT PILATES: Sunrise Workout (also coming soon!). Yay! We’d both been meaning to get some workout DVD’s happening, so now we’ll be busting moves and stretching it out in the comfort of our own home!

After my gift receiving I fell back into bed til 11am and then made my favourite healthy breakfast: Honey porridge with sliced banana!

This stuff is really good for you too as it keeps blood sugar levels even throughout the day, so it’s a perfect brekky.

Backtracking a little… the night before I went to dinner at Galileo Buona Cucina, Shenton Park. Totally in love with this place now!

Bruschetta for starters (possibly the best I’ve ever had), pear nectar (!!!) and one of their signature dishes, artichoke ravioli for mains… such a fantastic birthday dinner!

Urban Spoon rating: Galileo Buona Cucina on Urbanspoon

My parents gave me something dorky I’d been wanting for a while, A WATER JUG! I’m going to use this to make my special Iced Green Tea – I make a big batch of this up and drink it throughout the week, I’ve found it really helps with glowing skin so I’m really excited to get back into this!

Back to my day though! I met up with my Mum and had a HUGE salad and detox juice (beetroot, carrot, apple, celery) from Edens Salad Bar in Subiaco, they were both delicious and the juice was enormous! I recommend.

Urban Spoon rating: Eden's Salad Bar on Urbanspoon

As my birthday treat to myself, I bought the latest Good Health magazine and some of the new Lindt Blueberry Intense chocolate – OH MY DELISH! As well as the blueberries, it also has little slivers of almonds, yum.

Another lovely gift I received, from Conor @ Hold the Beef was some Oxfam Unwrapped seeds, I found it really thoughtful and it made me smileeeeeee that my birthday inspired Conor to want to help someone else 😀

Throughout the day I slurped on green tea & rosehip tea to up the wellness quotient, and when it came time to get ready for my party, I used some Akin & Al’chemy prods to “gussy up”.

My locks were treated to [Al’chemy] Rice Aminos & Wheat Protein Intensive Moisture Shampoo and Avocado & Calendula Re-Moisturising Conditioner. These hair heroes are SLS free (a very good thing) and are devoid of many other nasties as well, so are great when you want to give your strands a break from the chemical torture they’re usually subjected to!

Post-shower I spritzed some ‘Cellular Brightening Mist’ on my face, I –LOVE- this stuff! It smells like lavender and feels cool & sparkly on the skin. I haven’t done any comparitive analysis pre and post spritzing but it makes me FEEL like my skin is brighter, so I’m sticking with it!

Seeing all my favourite people in one place that night ended my birthday on a high note, friends are critical to wellbeing and I was so happy that all my besties made it out to celebrate with me.

Love you all. Thanks for reading. Here’s to the next wellness filled year, hope you stick along for the ride!

Be well,



Wellness Tips: “Jog Squad” – the perfect way to get fit for the City to Surf!

For those among us who are runners, joggers, aspiring runners/joggers or slow walkers (hand straight up in the air over here!) and are wanting a little nudge and inspiration to get fit or perhaps take part in one of the Fun Runs coming up in the near future, I present to you: The Jog Squad!

Myspringday is an Australian website I’ve recently stumbled across that will help guide you to fitness. Their latest project, ‘The Jog Squad‘ is a free program designed to make it easier for you to reach your running goals by allowing you to interact with fitness experts and other runners.

There’s a few Fun Runs coming up in Perth over the next 6 months and this could be the catalyst to get you ready for them!

Fun Runs in Western Australia for the rest of 2010:

18th July – Big Fun Run, Perth 5km
1st August – Womens Fun Run, Bunbury 5km
19th August – City to Surf, Perth 4km/11km/12km/21km/42km

As part of the free membership to ‘The Jog Squad‘, myspringday will send you weekly motivational support e-mails and there are even over $4,000 worth of prizes being thrown around which is never a bad thing.

If running if your thing, or you want it to be, I would suggest checking this out! Let me know if you do!

Is anyone else participating in any runs this year?

Be well,


The Natural News, Public Lecture by Heath Daly.

Heath Daly & Emma Gilbert

On Sunday I attended a public lecture (Cost: $15) held at La Tropicana cafe in Fremantle, it’s a lovely setting for a talk and holds a mish-mash of chairs, cushions & health interested folk.

Heath Daly, our charismatic host, runs The Raw Kitchen Cafe & Smoothie Shop in the Freo markets, as well as being a practicing naturopath, homeopath & former lecturer at the Australian College of Natural Medicine! We’re in good hands here.

As is the case when you stumble upon someone with a profound passion for something, I found myself effortlessly absorbing everything Heath had to say as he passed on his knowledge during our captivating and inspiring, yet never evangelical, hour and a half lecture.

These were the topics covered:

– The mineral deficiency causing a major public health concern in Australia (Iodine!)
– Raw seaweed and why it’s the number 1 supplement for the modern age
– The single best way to increase energy (and it isn’t a supplement or exercise!) (Sleep 10 hours a night, go with your circadian rhythms ie. wake up before the sun, sleep before midnight)
– The best immune booster known to science (Vitamin D / sunshine!)
– The power of groups – Introducing the Detox Train (This will be covered more in the next lecture)

The other big tip he gave us was to drink 2 glasses of water ever morning upon waking to clear out toxins & refresh the brain. I did that this morning and I have to say I do feel more ‘alert’ than usual, but of course I’ll do it for a few days to see if I really notice a difference :)

I seriously enjoyed Heath’s lecture and so did the other 30 or so attendees from what I could tell!

There will be many future lectures & I’ll definitely be there. If you are interested please contact for more info & upcoming session dates :)

Be well,



Food for Thought!

Source unknown

It seems the past week/end has been our first true hit of the Winter that is to come! Electric blankets & heaters are becoming a staple, as are layers of clothing. I’ve had my first bout of the flu & hopefully my reliance on natural remedies (fresh ginger, honey & lemon tea! lots of sleep!) means my immune system will be ready to stave off any subsequent bugs that fly my way.

SO! Because it is chilly and we probably are spending more time indoors than usual, I’m going to throw a few links your way that I’ve come across recently and enjoyed.

Don’t claim it if you wont follow through – excellent advice for any beauty / spa / other businesses and also good advice for consumers too!!

Coles releases new beauty magazine! – whodathunkit? It is a great idea for those looking for budget buys, so congrats to Coles on this new little venture!

BEAUTYFull Women Networking Event – a unique networking event for women in business, complete with pedicures, reflexology & body balance. UM, sign me up!

It’s all about the chocolate – another networking event, this time in the lush surrounds of the Subiaco San Churro Chocolateria! Less related to wellbeing than the last one…but some research does say chocolate is good for you!

WA VIP Card – new beauty & wellness venture coming SOON, we’ve got some big names on board but our lips are sealed…!

Hope you’re all enjoying the start of Winter! If you have any links to great websites you think we should know about, please, send them through!

Be well,



Event: Global Vegan Waffle Party, Perth Edition!

♥ !!! ♥

VEGAN WAFFLE PARTY – Three words, all excellent by themselves, together at last in delicious, cruelty-free, fun loving unison!

Add to this that the waffles at this particular party are FREE and you’ve got yourself a sure fire winner of an idea for something to do on Sunday the 16th May! :)

Just what is a Vegan Waffle party?

A waffle party is a festive and stomach-filling social event where waffles are served, preferably hot off the iron, with delicious toppings. It can be a relatively simple gathering with just a few friends, or it can be an extravagant production with dozens of guests.

(For more info check out the Waffle Party Site!)

Cruelty Free WA, the gracious hosts of the Perth event

(Following taken from the Perth Global Vegan Waffle Party Facebook Event Page)

We want to show everybody that being vegan is not about sacrifice and denial and there is no need to miss out on the things you enjoy.

Help us celebrate all things vegan by coming along to our vegan waffle party for free waffles hot off the iron and complete with yummy toppings. Everybody is invited, so why not bring along your steadfast meat eating friends and show them how delicious cruelty free food can be.

Not vegan? It doesn’t matter, come along anyway we would love to see you. The Global Vegan Waffle Party is a worldwide event so help us put Australia on the map. This is one time WA won’t be behind the rest of the country when it comes to good veg*n food.

When: Sunday May 16th 11:00am – 3:00pm
Where: Cruelty Free WA
Shop 28A Queen Street, Fremantle
(opposite Myer)

or phone the store on 9335 7039
Cost: FREE! (So awesome!)

Be well,