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Website Review: My Spa Guide!

Every now and then we come across a new online resource that we love and are very excited to share with you!

My Spa Guide is a website dedicated to sharing reviews of day spas, Australia-wide, and you can join in the conversation! It provides a voice to the Spa Seekers of Australia, allowing you to share your spa experiences, good or bad, and to pass on spa recommendations to other Spa Seekers.

Sounds like a winner to us, and while you will of course continue to check out Wellness WA regularly, this could be a good addition to your researching needs – especially if you’re travelling interstate!

Let us know what you think of our new friends!

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Beauty Salon Review: Aromatherapy Facial at Jurlique, Claremont Quarter.

From the outside, it’s not clear whether the Jurlique Store in the newly developed Claremont Quarter provides treatments or not. It’s a cute little shop, which evokes a sense of being atop a snowy Swiss mountain, nestled in a wooden lodge. Only instead of hot chocolate and moose-heads, you’re surrounded by all the organic, biodynamic Australian-made skincare you could ever need! It’s a good feeling.

Jurlique, Claremont Quarter store.

Luckily for you (and me), this quaint little space does indeed provide treatments and they are indulgent ones at that. Here you wont find any of your standard waxing fare, but what you will find is an incredible array of facial and body treatments that will have your mind abuzz with confusion as to which one to pick!

I chose the Jurlique Aromatherapy Facial which is described as:

“This classic facial provides holistic benefits essential for radiant healthy skin. Using aromatherapy preparations, this cleansing and relaxing facial is personalised to suit your skin’s individual rebalancing needs. An uplifting sensory experience of natural skin care and total pampering.”

The treatment room.

Both the girls at the Claremont Quarter store were lovely and welcoming! I filled in a card, was asked a lot of questions about my skin and then taken into the treatment room for the fun to begin…

I should mention that they were playing really good music, cue Death Cab for Cutie, The Album Leaf and more soft folky sounds.

Lemon-Lime Hydrating Essence – $45.

I love personalised treatments, from a choice of three scents I chose this one, Lemon-Lime. Yum. This hydrating essence is compressed onto the face with hot towels, complete bliss, and apparently it plumps up the dead skin cells and makes it easier for them to be exfoliated off!

Balancing Cleansing Lotion – $45.

It should really be called a face-neck-chest-ial, as all three of these areas are joining in the party, starting with the cleanse.

Next comes one of the best bits of getting a facial…. the steamer!

My face is steamed for about 5 minutes to open up the pores and then a mask is applied (although I forgot which one, oh dear!)

While it dries my arms are exfoliated, massaged and moisturised, I could get used to this.

Some soft hot towels later and my face is bare again, ready to be introduced to the final products to complete my experience…

Herbal Recovery Eye Cream – $52.

♥ (Above) Applied under the eyes, this cream helps to de-puff and reduce dark circles!
Balancing Day Cream – an everyday moisturiser that smells great.
Herbal Recovery Gel – this is a potent little mix of good for you anti-aging ingredients, I found it made my skin pretty sticky afterwards though, so beware!

Love Balm!

Last but not least this super-cute balm is applied to my lips. My therapist offered me some tea and water, and then sadly it was time to leave.

To check out the other treatments available on the menu, head here.

I loved my treatment and the staff were super sweet, make sure you head down to Claremont Quarter soon – it is incredible! When you’re finished with Jurlique you can duck over to the T2 shop across the road as well – for a post-spa tea! Can’t beat it 🙂

The aromatherapy facial is $105 and takes 60 minutes.

Contact the Claremont Quarter girls on: 08 9284 2325

I received this facial gratis, but as always would like to remind you that we will only write about something if we loved it and think you’d love it too. This one made the cut!

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Mens Salon Price List: nvmen Complete Grooming, Fremantle.

nvmen Complete Grooming Salon

“nvmen is the longest trading barber shop in Australia (established 1911) with almost 100 years experience they offer the great service of yesteryear with the modern day touch of fashion.”


33 Market Street
Fremantle WA

Tel: 08 9336 7171


Download the nvmen brochure!

Beauty Salon Price List: 4 Ever Waxing & Beauty Studio, Fremantle.

4 Ever Waxing and Beauty Studio

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 9am-6pm
Thursday: 9am-8pm
Sunday: 12pm-5pm


Unit 24 / 27-35 William Street
Fremantle WA

: 08 9430 9270

Mobile: 0419 904 428

Download 4 Ever Brochure!

Alternative Therapy Price List: Yogaveda, East Fremantle.

Yogaveda – Ayurvedic Practitioners

“Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness”


George Street Yoga

79 George Street
East Fremantle

Tel: 08 9431 7794 or 08 9331 5999



Download Yogaveda Brochure!