Hairdresser Review: Luxe Aveda Concept Salon, Garden City Shopping Centre.

My hair smells like rosemary and mint, but not because I’ve been rollin’ around in the vege patch. I’ve just come from an amazing experience at Luxe Aveda Concept Salon in the Garden City Shopping Centre.

I booked a hair appointment at the salon after hearing many raves. They use all Aveda products with their treatments; and their motto follows the art and science of pure flower and plant essences. Before going in, I let the staff know over the phone that I would be requiring a brand new head; a new colour, cut and style and blow-dry. An experience with my previous hairdresser from a salon that shall not be named, had scarred me almost 6 months ago, but I was ready to go back and face my fears and begin a relationship with a new hairdresser.

As soon as I sat down, I was asked to close my eyes and choose from four different scents in a bottle. As she lifted each scent up to my nostrils, I made a mental note to remember each scent as I wanted to pick the best one. I picked the one called ‘energy’. She placed a few drops in her palms and gave me a wonderful scalp and head massage- heavenly – and it was then I knew that I was on my way to star treatment. All of this, before the consultation.

They really took the time to really listen to what I wanted and gave me some advice to find out what was the best for my hair to give it a dose of healthy and a spoonful of shiny. I chose a sexy dark brown/black shade and said goodbye to my fading highlights and the transition from sunkissed summer to rich chocolate winter hair began.

As I sat in the chair for the dye process, I was given a tiny cup of the Aveda tea to drink that tasted like sweet licorice, a nice touch. 20 mins later and after waiting for the dye to do its thing, I was brought over to the sink where I received another head massage after a rosemary and mint shampoo. The same sensation when you place a mint in your mouth was all over my scalp and it was invigorating, I had never felt anything like it before. It felt tingly but in a good way, and lasted for 2 minutes. It was doing some brilliant things to my scalp let me tell you!

As for the hairstyle, they trimmed up my split ends and the layers at the back, also a few short layers at the front that really brings out the shape of my face. Then the blow-dry which gave my hair bounce and showed off my layers.

The result: A healthy head of hair and a fantastic experience with some tender lovin’ care from the Aveda ladies; muchos gracias, now I can say my dream of looking more like a dark-haired goddess came to fruition.

That’s not where it ends though; afterwards I was given a client file, yes my very own client file! And some tempting offers for when I collect points for each treatment I book. I also purchased 1 litre of the colour shampoo and conditioner to go with it to take some care of my hair when it’s off-duty.

All up for the colour, cut & style was $185, a reasonable price at any well-known salon, only this time I got the little extras that were well worth every penny. Service means everything, take note, other hairdressers, you have some fair competition here.

THANKS LADIES AT LUXE AVEDA CONCEPT, I’ll be seeing you in 6 weeks.

Aveda products are available for purchase in-salon, or online at StrawberryNET!

Reviewed by Kelly-Anne, waiting impatiently for her next tingly scalp experience!

Be well,