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Weekly Wellness Crushes: Calm Down Tea, Sauna Highs and Fresh Haircuts at Hair Addicts Perth.

I hope the start of your year has been full of wonder, joy & lots of wellness treats. This week I’m excited to get back into sharing my crushes with you – the little wellness snippets that are brightening my days & making me feel amazing. I can’t wait to start sharing more of these and hopefully helping you find a new product, fitness class or healthy tip you can add into your life.

Lets go…!

Calm Down Tea

I’m absolutely loving this tea lately because of it’s simple ingredients, yummy taste & peaceful vibes. Containing organic rooibos, biodynamic apple, chamomile & pink rose petals, it’s the perfect cup to brew after a busy day, or even to have on hand at work so you can mitigate any stress as it pops up. You can purchase online directly from Yarra Valley Tea Co. or I’ve also spied it in the extensive tea selection at Fresh Provisions Mount Lawley.

Sauna Highs

Recently I’ve been resdiscovering the wonders of your stock-standard gym sauna. For a while I was off these, mostly due to not having stepped foot in a gym for a while, and the thought of having to talk to sweaty men in an enclosed space made me slightly uncomfortable. However I dusted off these concerns and booked in for a Swim Session @ Beatty Park through ClassPass. In this session you can use any of their indoor & outdoor pools, steam room, spa and the sauna for three ClassPass points, which works out to be $5 – a saving of $6 from their regular casual swim passes – win!

The dry heat of the sauna is perfect after a few casual laps of the 50m outdoor pool, and luckily for me the few times I’ve been noone has been in an overly chatty mood, but if they are and you don’t feel like talking you can always just close your eyes and pretend you’re meditating. It only takes 5-10 minutes to start sweating up a storm, and the heat tends to have a magical calming + invigorating quality to it that will leave you feeling energised and present at the same time.

I like to squeeze in a swim, followed by a sauna, another swim, another sauna, DONE.

Block Colour Package @ Hair Addicts Perth

Let me preface this by saying I’ve never been “Becky with the good hair”. On a good day my hair could manage as passable, or “not bad”, but a combination of laziness, lack of skill and a penchant for only seeing a hairdresser once a year (!!) in my previous life meant that bad hair days were more common than good ones.

Fast forward to being 33 years old, single, and FINALLY having found a fantastic hairdresser in the form of Jess @ Hair Addicts Perth, I’ve now declared 2018 the year of “no more excuses, good hair is important, you’re making a booking every 2.5 months, no questions asked” – and I’m super excited to have my locks looking and feeling good all year.

The photo above was taken directly after I finished my latest appointment a couple of weeks ago, and I hand-on-heart can say that my hair has NEVER looked that good before. Ever. I honestly didn’t even recognise it as my own hair. That result was achieved after a colour, Olaplex treatment (my first time having this and I am a CONVERT!), wash, head massage, cut, blow dry & waves added in. All in all I believe it came to $190 which is an absolute bargain, and I almost don’t want to share this hidden gem of a salon because I’m scared I wont be able to get an appointment easily anymore!

The regular cut, colour, blowdry package is $150 at time of publishing, which is out of this world reasonable. Run, don’t walk, to get your hair cut with Jess or any of the babes at this gorgeous hair salon which is located in Tuart Hill.

Questions? Comments? Leave a message below!

Be well,



Wellness Wrap-Up: New Vegan Meal Delivery, A Hot New Hair Studio Hits Tuart Hill, Vegan Pizza in Leederville & A New Yoga Studio in Booragoon.

Launched in October by the gorgeous Alex Stokeld, Yoga Sita is the new yoga haven in Booragoon for South of the River folks to max out on relaxation and zen vibes. The studio offers beginners courses, plenty of Vinyasa classes & mixes in a little bit of meditation to create a beautiful blend of yogi offerings – grab your mat and get flowing @ Yoga Sita so you can get ahead of the inevitable stresses of the busy end of year festivities!

Botanik Kitchen is the newest vegan meal delivery business on the Perth scene – and they are making a truly tasty splash! With a delicious new menu weekly, $8 delivery, & a creative take on how good vegan food can taste – these guys are set to become your new go-to for busy weeks where you need a little extra nourishment without any effort.

This brand new hairdressers in Tuart Hill is set to become your new favourite. Hair Addicts is fairly centrally located with cute cactii, staff who know their stuff and a wash/cut/colour/blowdry/style combo for $150 – you can’t go wrong.

Check out their work on Instagram too!

Some of you may know that I am cutting out most dairy from my life at the moment because I have found it to be the number one reason my skin goes crazy (more on that another time!), so while I’m not 100% vegan I LOVE a good vegan meal and am always delighted when something delish & local pops up that fits the zero animal products bill.

Enter my latest vegan favourite, the Mrs Potatohead Pizza at Theo & Co. Pizzeria in Leederville + Vic Park. Created with the help of popular Perth Vegan Instagrammer Andrea Brown (@eatwithandy), this baby isn’t on the regular menu, so you have to be in the know to order it – sneaky!

Sporting 3 types of potatoes, loads of fresh herbs, tomato base, balsamic reduction & some soy cheese if you wish – I’ve gotten acquainted with the delicious Mrs Potatohead Pizza twice in the past month & my skin is thanking me for saying no to the dairy cheese! Give this one a whirl next time you need a break from cooking. Yum!

I hope you enjoyed the latest round-up! Be sure to let me know if you have any new faves that I should check out 🙂

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Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: A Fun Way to Meditate, Style Your Hair, Double Yoga & Gem Infused Body Wash!

My Diamond Days

I’ve been talking about the benefits of meditation a lot lately, here on Wellness WA, as well as going on about it to my friends a LOT! I’ve also been creating a few little morning rituals for myself – 2 sets of sun salutations followed by a couple of minutes meditating, and it’s incredible how much better I feel on the days that I do this.

If you’d like to start meditating but are not sure how, then you need to check out My Diamond Days, a delicious program which gives you access to a large variety of high-quality guided meditations that you can listen to on your computer, MP3 player or smart phone whenever you want. My Diamond Days sends you a daily email with a new guided meditation, so you never get bored, and there’s such a big variety of meditations that if you’re not so keen on one, then you can easily go through the archives to find one that suits whatever you need at that point in time.

I like to listen to mine before bedtime using their mobile app, that 5 or 10 minutes helps calm my mind and ensure a great nights sleep. Highly recommended! Find out more at

Style Your Hair

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the launch of a brand new smart phone and tablet app that promises to make the downtime between appointments at the hairdresser less of an ordeal. Enter – Style Your Hair.

Promising to teach you how to whip together a salon-worthy hairstyle in just a few minutes with its easy to follow videos, this app was created by two of the award-winning hairdressers from local salon Chilli Couture.

There are 67 videos in the paid version ($2.99) and there is also a free lite version which gives you a taste of the program! Available for both iPhone & Android products, this is one to check out if you need a little extra help keeping your follicles in check.

2 x Yoga in a Row

While I’m not quite at the level of the lass in the picture above… I’m a pretty big fan of yoga. You might know this by now. If you ever want to have a chat about yoga, get in touch! I’m lucky enough to go to a gym that has fairly plentiful, high-quality yoga offerings available, in fact it was the deciding factor in me signing up! One such yoga offering comes on a Sunday afternoon in the form of two yoga classes in a row. Most people attend one or the other, but there’s a few of us who’ve cottoned on to the fact that each class is different and that double yoga = double the benefits.

I can turn up frazzled and stressed, and walk out of class two hours later with a significantly lighter mind. A cheaper option is to do two different yoga DVD’s in a row – both are sure to have different focuses, and you’ll get a double hit of stress dissolving goodness. Let me know if you try it!

AEOS Beauty Body Shower

This organic/biodynamic body wash contains the gem & crystal essences. Yep. Amethyst, turquoise, emerald, quartz and more. AEOS stands for Active Energised Organic Skincare, and these guys know how to make some truly great, and very natural, products.

A gentle cleansing wash for the body, containing a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals. Rich in rosemary, white birch and gardenia to leave the skin feeling fresh and soft, whilst the scent of lemon myrtle transforms your showering ritual in to a refreshing and uplifting experience.

I’ve been enjoying using this in the mornings, and even though I don’t really know how the whole gemstone/crystal thing works, I can’t help but think it makes my mood a little more sparkly. Available for $18.50 from Be Genki Shop.

What’s making your beauty & wellness world spin this week? Share your crushes below, I’d love to hear them!

Be well,



Hairdresser Review: Siimon for Hair, Wembley – Perth.

♥ Siimon for Hair ♥

I love the idea of having a locked in service provider. You know – your GP, your dentist, your acupuncturist, so on and so forth, and whilst I’ve got most of these set, a locked in hairdresser has eluded me for a long time. I want to have someone who knows me, knows my hobbies and stupid idiosyncrasies and knows who I am immediately when I call. I essentially want an extra boyfriend/girlfriend who is good with the scissors. Some would think I’m asking too much, which is a valid point, but I am very happy to tell you that I have found this, in Siimon, the chatty and thoroughly wonderful proprietor of Siimon for Hair in Wembley.

As silly as it sounds, I arrived at Siimon for purely facetious reasons. I’m a huge Tintin fan. I love the crap out of that guy, and my younger sister who’d visited Siimon on the recommendation of a friend, told me excitedly that she’d had her hair cut by someone with a half-sleeve Tintin tattoo. So naturally, this was enough of an impetus to book an appointment for my sorely neglected hair, and check out this artistic wonder for myself.

Siimon’s salon is situated on Cambridge St behind St John of God in Subiaco and has ample out the front/around the corner parking, for pretty much as long as you’ll need. I think he’s the only one who operates from there – he’s certainly the only one I see – and the salon is totally saturated with his personality, which I think tends to be lacking in other salons. There’s Tintins sitting with the magazines in the waiting area, he hand makes Tintin cards to send to clients at Christmas – the artwork (not Tintin) is clean and modernist and really great. One of my biggest reasons for coming back to Siimon is how relaxed the whole thing is – from the appointment itself to the compete lack of pressuring for follow up appointments (there is no “three week trim” pushing here. It is wonderful).

♥ A selection of the literature available for perusal

And to the actual business end: Siimon’s got a product and hair knowledge which is really extensive. On our first appointment, having ascertained that I have a flaky scalp, he talked me through the basic (common sense) things I can do to get rid of it, and did not do the immediate “hey this product will help that” thing which was really nice. Before all else he pushes nothing on you. And he’s blunt. He will tell you if you’re genius avant-garde hairstyle idea will push you over into Lady Gaga-land. And, um, some of us need that. And it’s always worth mentioning that a salon is reasonably priced – he is. Very.

So yes, Siimon for Hair. An awesome dude, a relaxed and friendly salon and a very good idea. Recommended.

Also, the review wouldn’t be complete without a photo of that fabled Tintin half-sleeve:

Have you ever been convinced to try a beauty service provider based on their aesthetics? Love Tintin as much as Siimon? Let me know in the comments!

Siimon for Hair
208B Cambridge St
9381 1777

Review by Suzanne: she is allergic to exercise, and can only be cured with cake.

Hairdresser Review: Haircut @ Element Aveda Concept Salon, Subiaco, Perth.

For someone who runs a website like this one, I really am quite abysmal at getting my hair cut and maintained to a pleasing standard. Massages, exercise classes, buying my lunch and restaurant dinners seem to drain the majority of my “extra money”, while my hair gets left being swooped up in a simple high pony tail day after day, only occasionally being privy to a hair straightener.

This year, I’m determined to make an extra effort to have “babe hair” more often than not, so with that in mind I headed down to Element Aveda Concept Salon in Subiaco for a cut, colour, blowdry & style AKA a complete overhaul. I had a 60’s themed night out planned too, so I was especially excited to have my hair styled.

When I phoned up to book the appointment I was a bit nervous, as I always am with hairdressers, but the guy who answered the phone was great and managed to book me in with Bree, the Creative Director for my whole sesh. Note to the uninitiated: seeing the Creative Director usually costs a bit of extra moolah, luckily for me it was worth it in this case!

With my long scraggly mop in tow, I was greeted with cups of Aveda tea (so yummy once you get used to the unique taste!), hand massages and the signature “blue oil massage”. Bree and I decided to go with a chestnut colour, which has the gentlest of red tints to it, similar to my own hair colour but just a bit more oomph. Love the colour, but next time I think I will be a little more daring!

For the cut, I wanted quite a bit off, but still a longish side fringe and the ability to make it a lil wavy. Check, check, check. Bree delivered all this and more and was fun to talk to. I ended up with an Alexa Chung-esque long bob with waves which I digged, and she even gave me a mini lesson on how to create GHD waves on my own… which I’ll try soon!

The whole experience was about 2 & 1/2 hours, and everyone was super friendly, I was kept hydrated and…THERE WAS A PUG IN THE SALON!

This certainly was a plus for me as I am wild about pups.

I purchased the Aveda Brilliant Hair Spray ($39.95) which makes hair super shiny, gives a medium hold & contains black tea, certified organic chamomile, aloe and more! I found it kept my waves in well throughout a night of 60’s dancing!

So without further words…

Tah dah. New hair.

The total cost for my wash, cut, colour, blowdry/style & Brilliant Shine Hairspray was $265.

I will definitely be back!

Element Aveda Concept Salon
17 Rokeby Rd Subiaco WA 6008
(08) 9382 3004

Do you like the short hair or the long hair?! Love to hear your thoughts!

Be well,