Exercise / Yoga Review: Tamara Yoga, Claremont, Perth.

I’m a lazy, overweight exercise-avoider. I have no excuse beyond a crippling dependence on cake, and in the last year, I’ve been doing my best to try to get on top of this situation. There have been ups, there have been downs, but having recently started attending Tamara Yoga, I’m starting to feel a lot more optimistic about my rocky road to (relative) health and fitness.

Firstly, all credit to my younger sister, who after my unsuccessful week-long attempt at finding a yoga class that worked with my work schedule piped up and suggested I attend Tamara Yoga. It’s obscenely close to where I live, parking is ample and free and their schedule is so insanely varied (7.00am on a Saturday morning, anyone? How about 6.00am on Cottesloe beach?) that you’d have to be truly unlucky to not have something you could attend.

The format is thusly – some classes are fixed, some allow a rock-up-and-pay arrangement. I signed myself up for a six-week beginners course, which locked me in for that amount of time, and meant that each class built on what was learned the week beforehand. They’re wonderfully flexible with this arrangement – I came waltzing in at the week two point, and they altered the fee to reflect the five-week duration. My instructor – the effervescent Carol – quizzed me a bit on my relative level of familiarity and kept an eye on me to make sure I didn’t do anything stupid.

This Buddha greets you in the foyer @ Tamara Yoga

The other option – pay as you go – means that for certain classes you can just turn up and hope it’s not horribly packed (this hasn’t happened – yet). I chose to attend a Vinyasa class at 7.00am on a Saturday morning (yes – this was extremely strange and overeager), which worryingly specified neither all levels or beginners, as many classes do. This instructor (I didn’t catch her name, but the website makes me think Helen), just like Carol, checked on what I knew and what I didn’t and came by to adjust me occasionally. Whilst it was a more advanced class than I strictly speaking should have been attending, every pose and movement had a lesser-powered option, and she was careful to specify easier variations of every motion. It was incredibly inclusive, and very considerate, and impressed the crap out of me.

♥ A class in action

But how are the classes themselves? The key word is relaxed. It’s a very informal, almost chatty format, more educational than you might expect and the wind down, meditation portion at the end (savasana) is complete bliss. The day after my first class I felt less stiff, more limber and more – centred, I suppose? And I don’t resent going at all, like I do gymming, or any other kind of exercise. I actually find myself poring over the schedule and trying to find drop-in classes I can wedge myself into – voluntarily. As in, with no one making me. This is a big deal, kids. As an additional level of awesome they provide everything – mats, blocks, straps, all manner of things. And you can buy rather wonderful yoga equipment there. I’m tempted. Watch this space.

So ultimately I’m really happy with Tamara Yoga. It’s wonderfully informal (which I love) with a great assortment of classes and highly skilled, friendly staff. It is the ultimate in non-intimidating Yoga. Very recommended!

Have you been to Tamara Yoga before? Have a penchant for cake? Lets chat below!

Email: info@tamarayoga.com

Web: https://tamarayoga.com/

Phone: 9385 2242

Tamara Yoga Classes held at The Luck Now Centre
UPSTAIRS 10/24 St Quentin Avenue Claremont Perth Western Australia
Enter via laneway off St Quentin’s Avenue across from Claremont Quarter

Review by Suzanne: she is allergic to exercise, and can only be cured with cake.

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Sunday Morning Deep Stretch Yoga Class @ Sun Salute Yoga, Claremont.


As most of you know, I love yoga. The feeling of peace and serenity afterwards can’t be beaten, and the ongoing changes that it makes to your mind and body are incredible. I ride a wave between doing 2-3 classes a week for a while, beginning to feel amazing, then falling off the wagon for a few weeks in which time my mood and general wellbeing are noticeably worse.

So many of us struggle with this, even as the owner of Wellness WA I still really need to work on making sure I do the best things for myself and my body whenever I can (and I do slip up!). But that’s cool, because it’s a journey, just “do your best, and your best will get better”.

So, back on the wagon lately and last Sunday morning a friend and I partook in a 9:30am Sunday restorative yoga class at a new school in Claremont that I’d been wanting to check out for AGES – Sun Salute Yoga.

The studio has an amazing feel, all beech-y wooden floors, high ceilings, candles & space. What I can only imagine a studio in New York might look and feel like.

A gently spoken English lass with the tell-tale glowing skin and calm presence of a seasoned yoga teacher led the ‘Deep Stretch Restorative Class‘. The Sun Salute website states that “This restorative class is the best in Perth” – quite a claim, and one I was keen to put to the test as I have a few favourites around the place!

This is an Ashtanga Yoga school, and even the restorative class has elements of the staple pose (and namesake), the sun salute. Personally I have low blood pressure which can make me feel a little dizzy when going from floor to standing poses, so if you’re in the same boat make sure you let the teacher know before class and they will happily accommodate you by providing alternative postures.

My friend was unable to do one of the other poses, and our teacher Louise made sure she was looked after and helped her find another way she could do the stretch. Personalised attention and care is one of the many benefits of small class sizes at dedicated yoga schools, as opposed to large classes at the gym.

The class lives up to its name of being a deep stretch, and many of the poses really get into the hips – which I found out today are the deepest joints in the body and hold a lot of tension and emotion, something I’m happy to get rid of!

Overall it was a very enjoyable class and we both left feeling happy and calm, ready to tackle a crazy morning of Christmas shopping. My friend who is a total yoga newbie loved it too, so it’s suitable for all levels. Is it the best in Perth? It’s definitely up there. I’m undecided as to a clear winner just yet, as I’m pretty in love with a few other classes too, but it’s definitely a very high-quality class and one I would recommend to anyone who needs a little extra zen in their life. I’ll be back for sure!

Ps. Check out their FAQ page for some great info, and some light-hearted-yet-serious answers to common questions, including:

My boyfriend dumped me for a woman with a flat stomach and a tight bum. I think she had breast implants too. Will yoga help me look more like her?

The deets:

Length: 75 minute class
Cost: $20 casual rate. See website for package deals.

SunSalute Yoga
12 Stirling Road
Claremont WA 6010

Ph: (08) 9448-8179
Email: yoga@sunsalute.com.au
Facebook: Sun Salute Yoga FB
Twitter: @yogasunsalute

Have you done yoga on Sundays, the traditional day of rest, before? Heard of this new school?

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