Beauty Salon/Spa Review: Priori Yoga Facial & Deep Tissue Massage at Vanity Box Skin Couture, Perth.

A few weeks ago I got to spend some time at what I'm not afraid to say is the most elegantly decorated spa I've ever had the pleasure of being pampered in. And Vanity Box Skin Couture in Perth (the intersection of East Perth, Highgate & Maylands) isn't just a pretty face, though their exquisite decor is the initial drawcard, it's the warm welcome, ambiance and list of 'little extras' about a mile long that really impress. This is definitely your go-to if all out luxury and service is on the cards.

My purpose for visiting Vanity Box was to spend an hour and a half with the gorgeous and delightfully friendly owner, Suzey, to road-test one of her 'bespoke' treatments. Basically this means that you book in for a certain amount of time, and in consultation with Suzey decide on the day what you most feel like having done. Genius! It makes sense to be guided by what your skin and body need at the time, and I've never come across a service like this before, so I was very excited to see what she would suggest for me.

The room I was in, stunning right?!

My afternoon of delights starts with some candle warmed berry tea, while the strains of classical music wash over me and the relaxation process begins…

For someone so petite Suzey has strong hands, which are capable of tailoring the massage treatments to your liking, from tender butterfly kisses, all the way up to strong deep tissue work. My massage was a mixture of both, the preceding deep tissue working out all of my computer slouching sins, while the follow up gentle massage sent me to the brink of sleep. The classical music played during the second half of the massage transported me to a perfectly choreographed ballet, where her hands were the world renowned dancers, and my back the stage.

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The Priori Natureceuticals Coffeeberry Relaxing Yoga Treatment (75 mins) is said to be an intensely relaxing anti-ageing treatment that reduces tension and stress levels as well as brightening the skin. This is where the little extras really kicked in.

♥ My face was massaged extensively during the facial, which was a very enjoyable experience and is meant to help with relieving stress.

♥ I was brought a much appreciated hot water bottle (with plush covering) and a warmed eye bag as it was chilly that day, both of which I loved.

♥ While the face mask was setting I received the longest and most glorious arm massage ever. Divine.

♥ Post-facial I was offered a light mineral makeup application, I gratefully accepted as my skin has been playing up lately and the thought of going bare-faced was a little scary on that day 😉

The second room at Vanity Box – so pretty, this one's my fave!

With my bespoke treatments complete, relaxed muscles and brighter complexion in tow, I couldn't help but think that Vanity Box has completely hit the nail on the head in terms of combining stunning surroundings, wonderful service and a sense of being welcome in those who visit.

This gorgeous spa is the definition of opulence – without the attitude.

Vanity Box Skin Couture
Dilhorn Manor
178 Claisebrook Road
Perth Western Australia 6000

t : +61 8 6468 6471
m : +61 433 133 573
e :
price list: available here

Have you heard of this spa before? What do you think of the decor? And how about the sound of a yoga facial? Lets chat below!

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Perth Day Spa Review: Sound Healing Experience @ Bodhi J Health and Beauty Spa, Wembley, Perth.

When was the last time you experienced something truly unique? Something beautiful, unexpected and rare?

For me that was a couple of weeks ago when I was privy to a sound healing session with Julian Silburn at Bodhi J Day Spa.

Julian has an extensive background in using sound for wellness, having been given blessings by aboriginal elders to practice the didjeridu for healing, he has been doing so for over 20 years! Previously working for local favourite Sodashi only cements his natural healing credentials.

If you feel like you’ve experienced it all spa-wise (or life-wise!) and are looking for something powerfully unique and transformative, then you cannot go past sound healing.

♥ ♥ ♥

The experience that follows is very powerful and a bit tricky to explain. There’s something a bit mystical about it, but to try and make some sense of how sound can improve wellbeing it’s useful to know that:

♥ Everything has a frequency to which it is naturally tuned, including parts of the body.(Source: Rediscovering the Art of Sound Healing)
♥ Sound can have an impact on the molecular structure of matter.
♥ When we are sick or not at our optimum wellbeing, parts of the body can be resonating at the wrong frequency.
♥ Sound healing can help the body return to the right frequency

If you’d like to read more about the scientific background of sound healing, you can check out this article.

The 60 minute session begins by lying on a cosy bed in a beautiful dark room, lit with candles and all the sound healing instruments laid out (as above, but with the lights off!).

Throughout the experience, which feels like a sacred dreamtime ritual, an array of instruments including: the didjeridu, Indonesian temple bell, Chilean rainmakers, Mexican rattle, Peruvian flute, Native American hoop drum and more are used to bring my body back into a state of balance, afterwards a feeling of intense relaxation and awareness settles over me.

I feel as though I’ve been born at the very dawn of time and the whole universe is open for me to explore.

I don’t want to give away the ending, as that was the part that impacted me the most – suffice to say that the whole experience seemed so powerful and important that a little part of me felt like I shouldn’t be there, that this ritual should be reserved for someone who has been chosen to go on an amazing journey, or do something spectacular. The whole session was incredible and something that has to be experienced to be fully understood.

Afterwards Julian will answer any questions you may have. The neat thing about sound healing is that the best way to experience it is with someone else, so you and a friend can take part in the journey and it’s only $150 as a 2-for-1 special for 60 minutes, which is a great price to pay to be able to explore the universe! (Please note the cost is $150 for one OR two people, so best to bring a friend!)

I feel that this experience will linger with me for a long time to come.

Available at:

Bodhi J Health + Beauty Spa
42C Grantham St (Cnr Nanson St)
Wembley, Western Australia 6014

ph: (08) 9387 5152
fax: (08) 9387 4548

fb: Bodhi J Facebook Page

Be well,