Perth Eyebrow Threading Review: Minu Threading, Subiaco Markets & Innaloo!

♥ Minu Threading ♥

I have wanted to write an article about threading for a really long time. The first time it entered my mind was when I had first discovered threading. Amazed at the way my non-existent eyebrows looked after just one appointment, I thought to myself- I must spread the word– much like an old time explorer discovering new land (or so I like to think). A year on, and I’m still met with blank looks when I mention my luscious brows are threaded, and thus the desire to write the article has returned!

Threading is a hair removal technique originating from India and Central Asia.

Unlike plucking, which removes one hair at a time, threading removes an entire line of hair with the use of cotton, which leaves a cleaner, more precise shape. Eyebrow threading is also a lifesaver for those women who are allergic to wax or are taking medication for their skin. That’s as technical as I can get about threading; I think the best way to understand what it is, is to see it in action. And because I know you all love a good before and after, I’ve taken one for the team, and bared my naked brow for you all to see. Enjoy!

1. The dreaded before photo

2. Minu tending to my unruly brows

3. Holding the skin around the eye taught for Minu

6. I like to get a very dark and thick tint put on my brow, it helps define the shape!

7. Ahhhh back to my nice thick brows.

I have been visiting my threader, Minu, for nearly a year now. Minu has a salon at the Station Street Subiaco Markets on Friday Saturday and Sunday and then during the week she is based in the Innaloo shopping centre. Minu and her team are fast, gentle and listen to your eyebrow (and other beauty) needs. Eyebrow threading isn’t painless, and getting your top lip done hurts like the dickens, but the regrowth is finer, the damge to your skin is negligible, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper then visiting the salon for a wax. If you still arent convinced don’t hesitate to pop down to the subiaco markets and see Minu and her team in action!

Tell us…Have you had your eyebrows threaded before? Have you had the pleasure of meeting Minu before? Leave a comment below with your experiences!

Minu’s salon can be found at Shop 11, 52 station street, Subiaco, Perth.
She also has a Facebook page!

Review by Jacqui Bradfield, Makeup artist, Croissant eater & threading obsess-ee!

Be well,


Beauty Product Review: Jane Iredale “Feeling Alive” Collection.

Have you noticed that it’s starting to get gloomy in Perth? I’m pulling out my jumpers, turning on my oven to cook veggie lasagna (yay!) and wearing darker toned makeup. And while I’m all for a rich plum lip and darker tones on the lid to tie in with winter, wouldn’t it be a nice change if we wore makeup to lift and brighten the face during a cold day?

Jane Iredale has the answer in her new autumn colour collection, ‘Feeling Alive!’

For those who aren’t familiar with the lady and the brand, I’ll give you the run down. Working in conjunction with world-renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Jane Iredale has developed a ‘skin care first’ mineral makeup line. Effective, yet gentle, Jane Iredale products are a favorite amongst beauty editors, makeup artists and the folks here at Wellness WA!

The ‘Feeling Alive’ collection was created to give your complexion a much-needed lift as we move into the cooler months. Incorporating bright tones for the eyes and dewy fresh colours for the lips, the products offer the wearer a fresh sun kissed complexion, even if you feel the exact opposite.

The kit includes:

Rose Dawn Bronzer – $90.00

The bronzer is split into four rose tones, which can be used individually on the cheeks or mixed together then swept across the cheekbones. The colours offer a subtle glow and can be used as a highlighter, on the eyes as eyeshadow and as a bronzer. The soft glow omitted from the powder is the perfect pick me up you need when it’s raining outside!

♥ Rose Dawn Bronzer

Eye Gloss in Pink Silk and Aqua Silk $33.00 each

Little tubes of bright colour seem a bit daunting at first but these Eye glosses are easy to blend and can also be worn as eyeliners. Just sweep a sheer amount across the lid for a subtle wash of colour or draw a thin line on the tip lash line for an interesting pop during a drizzly day.

Lip Definer Pencil in Pink $22.00

A pretty rose coloured lip liner, which can be worn with the two lip plumpers in the kit or worn on its own with a swipe of gloss over the top. Rose colours are great for your makeup collection as they can be worn by many skin tones and are a beautiful change from a nude lip for the office.

Just Kissed Lip Plumper in L.A. and Rio $56.00 each

With a slight scent of peppermint and just the right amount of shine, these lip plumpers are comfortable to wear and really do plump! The team from Jane Iredale told me that the Lip Plumpers contain ‘time released peptides which increase hydration and stimulate collagen synthesis through out the day’ which I translated to ‘comfortable, hydrated, plumped up lips throughout the day,’ success!

The Jane Iredale ‘Feeling Alive’ Pack will be available for purchase as of mid may and can be picked up through selected destination salons, spas and medical practitioners.

Does this pack sound like it would lift your winter blues? Do the eye silks sound exciting or scary to you? Have you used any Jane Iredale products before?

Review by Jacqui Bradfield, Makeup artist, winter lover and owner of glowing skin.

Be well,


Kit’s Viva Le Colour Fiesta Event!

A couple of Wednesdays ago, I was in the city after hours on a cold and rainy night, only to end up being locked up in a store. Don’t worry, I had it all under control, I was actually there for Kit’s Viva Le Colour Fiesta event. It really was every gals dream, locked in a store, with champagne, nibbles and hours to kill. As the name suggests, Kit’s latest offering is all about colour. Inspired by the bright shades found in Spain and Mexico, the limited edition mineral range of products are sure to catch your eye.

Kit’s effervescent National Sales Manager, Pauline kicked off the night with the war cry, “colour isn’t scary” promising that her team of Makeup artists (pictured above) would have us convinced and in colour by the end of the night. A step-by-step demonstration on how to achieve a subtle, yet colourful face soon followed, with helpful tips from the makeup artist and plenty of audience interaction. As a makeup artist myself, I did think (for a moment) that I would be sitting smugly in the corner during said demonstration, but I was immediately drawn in by the fun and interactive performance and found myself making mental notes!

The crowd was a varied bunch, ranging from those who really wanted that one-on-one time with their favourite artists and those who just wanted uninterrupted time to peruse the aisles after hours. Kit events really are a valuable chance to learn about makeup in a relaxed environment. While wandering around the event (sticking my nose in everywhere really!) I caught snippets of useful information – did you know Kit do not test on animals? – and really acquainted myself with the products on offer.

The Viva Le Colour Fiesta range is full of fun new mineral items; my pick of the bunch would be the Viva La Coral Kit ($29.95), and the Long Live Colour Palette for eyes, lips, cheeks ($69.95) which I was lucky enough to take home with me. As promised, the audience was in colour by the end of the night and I was making plans to line my eyes with electric blue eye shadow the following day, a big feat for me as my wardrobe consists of black, black and more black. I would like to mention the girls who pulled the night together, Amelia, Sashelle, Daniella, Loren and Pauline, their approachable attitude and abundance of product knowledge was a delight to witness.

More pics from the night:

Pauline and Sashelle

Yum!! (Note the healthy options too, good to see!)

Cute girls with colour, tricky to see the eyes, but there’s a nice coral lip on the right.

Thanks to Kit Cosmetics for inviting us along to the event, they host them quite regularly so make sure you ask in store or sign up to their mailing list to find out about any that are coming up!

Event review by Jacqui Bradfield, makeup artiste extraordinaire!

Be well,