Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Vanessa Megan’s Anti-Ageing Serum, Cacao Butter Buttons, Hungry for Change & More!

Vanessa Megan Anti-Ageing Serum

After stumbling across the, I have become increasingly obsessed with natural skincare. The past few weeks have seen me slowly replace my old products in favour of natural and chemical free alternatives! One product I’m currently crushing on is Vanessa Megan’s Kakadu Plum Anti-ageing Serum. Natural and organic, the serum is full of vitamin C and a super hydrating marine algae. Both ingredients help with evening out skin tone, elasticity and reduce sagging. The serum is silky smooth, non greasy and easy to apply, whooop! Read more about it here!

Raw Cacao Butter Buttons

Another natural product I am currently fixated on (and using in every way possible) are these organic raw cacao butter buttons I found at the Fremantle Markets last weekend. Traditionally used in the kitchen for baking or chocolate making, I’ve been using these little babies in the bathroom instead!

Popping a handful, about 8, buttons into a hot bath makes for a heavenly bathing experience! Bonus- not only do you get out feeling extra hydrated and smooth, but also smelling like delicious chocolatey goodness 😀 YUMM! These can also be used in the shower. Run under hot water and when semi melted you can rub them all over your skin!

English Tea Shop Teas

I have a slight obsession with tea… and by slight I mean MASSIVE :p Needless to say I couldn’t contain my excitement after spotting this new range of teas at my local grocer. The range boasts both organic and fair-trade varieties and priced at $5 for a box of 20 bags is an absolute bargain! My favourite is the rooibos with a teaspoon of Natvia. A delicious guilt free sweet treat for any time of day 🙂

Hungry For Change

I’ve lent my copy of this DVD out to so many people that a friend had to write a ‘this belongs to’ tag on the inside cover! The film explores a simple and common sense approach to healthy eating and will change the way you think about food forever. The film also explores the concept of eating for beauty- a topic that will be of interest to all! Check it out at

Healthy Food Blogs

The mouth-watering photos on this blog ( will make you want to make every single recipe (I’ve already bookmarked half, not kidding!) Drool then carry on. Nough said.

This weeks crushes are brought to you courtesy of Kavisha.

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Product Review: Lapurete Okuru Protective Day Cream – Natures Botox Alternative?

I love trying new skincare and when the chance to try something that claims to be “Nature’s Botox Alternative” I got a little excited. Since turning the big 30 last year I’ve been more attentive to products with anti-ageing ingredients to keep me looking as young as possible!

The Lapurete range is said to target all signs of ageing including; expression lines, sagging skin, age spots, dryness, eye bags, dark circles, enlarged pores and UVA damage. Whilst I certainly don’t have all these skin concerns I figure prevention is better than a cure!

Okuru plant being harvested

The magic ingredient that Lapurete use is Okuru, a plant grown in Africa that has been used for centuries for it’s nutritional and healing benefits. Lapurete’s research has found that the peptides contained in the seeds can minimise expression lines in a similar way to Botox, without the need for injections!

The Protective Day Crème that I trialed contains the Okuru plus Sweet Pea and Marine extracts to increase firmness and elasticity of the skin. The crème itself is light and pleasantly fragranced. It seemed to moisturise and hydrate my skin well without making me too oily. I would say it’s suitable for most skin types, except really oily. Whilst I don’t have any major skincare concerns such as fine lines and sagging I did find that after using daily it did seem to brighten my complexion, freshen and smooth my skin. The two bonuses for me were that it contained UVA defense (if you’re outside for long periods I would still wear a broad spectrum sunscreen!) and it had no nasty ingredients such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, and petrochemicals (a super plus for me!).

The full set of Lapurete prodz

Whether it lived up to it’s claim of being “Natures Botox” I’m still not sure yet. Maybe I need to use it a little longer, or fingers crossed it’s because I don’t need botox yet. But I know that I would rather try a topical cream that costs way less than expensive and invasive needles first.

What would you rather do?

Check out the full Okuru range at and at major pharmacies.

RRP is $59.95.

Review by Hannah L, smoothie-ing her way to good health!

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