Win Win Win: 3 x March Notox Boxes Up For Grabs!

Notox box is a monthly box filled with handpicked natural, organic and eco products! It allows us wellness lovers to spoil ourselves with a box full of goodies delivered right to the doorstep every month. The products are all natural, safe & eco conscious. Notox box does the research for you, so you can sit back and enjoy!

Wellness WA has teamed up with Notox box this month to offer three super lucky readers the opportunity to experience the gorgeous March box pictured above – you'll be thrilled with the assortment of conscious goodies, including…

Clay Mask
Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion
Soap nuts!
Raw Acai Bar
Cute biodegradable foodware
Biodynamic brown rice

This goodie box will delight any wellness fan! To be in with a chance to win, just do the following:

1. Like Notox box on Facebook. Entrants will also be added to the Notox Box mailing list.

2. Leave a comment on this post with your best tip for starting a non toxic day!

3. Keep your fingers crossed 🙂

Good luck! Winners will be drawn on Monday 18 March 2013!

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Product Review: Notoxbox, Sample Subscription Boxes Just Got Greener.

Eating healthy is a bit of a minefield. It’s not even about cutting out junk anymore; it’s about carbs, salt, proteins, a million and one factors, and the whole ordeal is a perplexing and stressful one. Even more so when confronted with things like health food shops – and believe me, as someone still trying to puzzle my way around the preparation of chia seeds, there is a lot to learn.

♥ Halp!

I jumped on the sample box subscription thing when it kicked off in Australia – and while I enjoyed it, I ended up cancelling them all because I was just collecting masses of tiny products, many of which for whatever reason I wasn’t going to use. So a sample box that mainly consists of consumables? Makes infinitely more sense. It saves you from the sizeable cost of buying a full bag of a product you don’t know how to prepare and likely haven’t even heard of (Kale? Maca? Acai?) and allows you to experiment before pursuing the products that you respond well to. In fact I think the sample box thing is far better suited to food/nutrition than cosmetics.

Anyhow, subject at hand: Notoxbox is a monthly subscription box that combines healthy eating with some organic, healthy and naturally made products that all fall into that indefinable “green” category. All its packaging and padding is recyclable, there is no excess dressing up or ribbons or flounces or anything – it’s the box, a small explanatory sheet, and the products themselves. It’s rather wonderfully straightforward. The Notoxbox subscription is $25 a month – more than the beauty subscriptions, admittedly, but you’re also getting a fair few full sized products and a wider variety of things.

My box is the November one, and it’s pretty fabulous one.

One a beauty front, I got a 20g Kosmea’s daily facial exfoliant (the rosewater mist is pictured instead above) and a Giovanni La Hold hair spritz (hairspray). On a hygiene front I received a Melrose organic hand sanitiser and a Pure Bamboo sports deodorizer (who told them I was a smelly gymrat? Who?) – and in the noms category I got a fullsized packet of Eat Rite brown rice tamari seaweed crackers, and samples of aforementioned chia seeds (The Chia co.) and Vital Greens, a powdered nutrient supplement. I actually already own Chia Co. Chia seeds and can now confirm that the least intrusive way to get em in ya is to throw them in with your muesli or into a green smoothie. I haven’t mastered anything with more finesse.

So this is essentially the learning experience of walking into a health food store and ensnaring a really, really good store assistant to boil it down to the basics for you. It’s low cost, low confusion and non-pushy, and pretty much genius as far as I’m concerned. Those who have contemplated making a healthy change but have no idea how to start would be advised checking these out – they’re a very beginner-friendly step to making some positive changes.

Do the samples in the Notoxbox appeal to you?

Review by Suzanne, who also blogs over at Don’t They Know Who I Am?

Be well,