A Week in the Wellness Life!

♥ Natural yoghurt, blueberries, banana, honey & cinnamon sugar – breakfast of champions!

I’ve decided to start a new segment where I’ll showcase in photo-form some of the best wellness snippets of my past week! I might also get some guest “Week in the Wellness Life”-ers so stay tuned, enjoy – and let me know if you like the idea! 🙂 xo

♥ 100% pomegranate juice from Grill’d. My friends and I all decided to try it! It was quite sweet, I prefer the sour cherry.

♥ I was incredibly happy to receive this beautiful pack from local favourites Sodashi, containing mini versions of their best selling concentrates, a soft face towel and a quiz to find out which one suits me best!

♥ A mini vegan chocolate feast for the bf and I. The cherry Green & Blacks is my all time favourite dark chocolate. HANDS DOWN. It is a little harder to find than the other Green & Blacks flavours, but if you see it make sure to swoop up a block. So good. The acai bar is a favourite of my boyfriends, I have to admit I haven’t tried it. Conscious Chocolate is a fairly new brand, WITH THE CUTEST PACKAGING OF ALL TIME! Plus their choccies are all hand-made. We didn’t try this one yet but I can’t wait! And the minty one up the top was from PAWS Vegan Cafe, unfortunately it was my least fave.

♥ Three drinks which are rocking my world.

1. Reboot Your Life – Very Berry Good. These are found in the fruit n veg section at woolies and are AMAZING. Seriously. They have the lowest sugar count of any freshly pressed juice I’ve come across (10g as opposed to upwards of 30g) so don’t leave you feeling spacey after 20 minutes, plus they have spinach in them, plus they are DELISH. They’re created by Joe Cross from the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead doco I reviewed recently. You must try these. There are heaps of other flavours too!

2. Almond Breeze almond milk – to be honest I haven’t tried this yet. I’m just stoked at the number of convenient almond milks that don’t cost $10 a litre that are showing up in the shops. This one was about $4!

3. Sunraysia Cranberry Juice – a long time favourite of mine, packed full of vit c, antioxidants and just super tasty, tangy and good for you. Especially for anyone who may be prone to UTI issues. This will help sort em out.

♥ Lunch at Edens in Subiaco and a catch up with April Rose (AKA one of our star writers @ Wellness WA!). The smoothie is spinach, mango, banana, apple & ice. Amazing. And the sammy is rye, hummus, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, pineapple, tomato relish, spinach, cucumber, beetroot. I definitely felt healthy afterward!

Love to hear your thoughts on my wellness this week, if you like the new section and if you have any suggestions!

Much love.

Be well,



Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Yogawoman + Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.

I want to share with you two inspirational documentaries that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in the past couple of weeks. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in wellbeing and living a healthy lifestyle (that should be most of you!)

Yogawoman – The Film

This documentary follows the female journey of yoga throughout the world, and focuses on the ‘global good’ that yoga can foster. From cancer survivors, imprisoned women, those in poverty and those with a variety of health conditions, yoga can bring about the capacity for change and healing.

With an all star cast including Shiva Rea and Sean Corne, plus many other highly regarded practitioners, Yogawoman is a unique look at the practice that so many of us are a part of. Recommended to anyone interested in yoga! Available from the Yogawoman website.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Now here’s one I haven’t been able to stop raving about since watching it a week ago. Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead follows the 60-day juicing journey of soon-to-be-household-name Joe Cross. Starting out with obesity, a poor lifestyle and with chronic urticaria (persistant skin lesions), Joe decided to quit processed food altogether and only drink freshly pressed juice for 60 days while he drove across America, spreading the word about healing through green juice.

Not surprisingly his health increased exponentially, his lesions completely disappeared and he became fitter than ever before. All this while inspiring many others to make positive lifestyle choices as well.

Never fear though! You wont just be drinking juice for the rest of your life, it’s just a ‘Reboot’ to your system, afterwards you’ll be able to continue eating (hopefully healthy food!)

While I don’t need to lose weight, I’ve experienced amazing levels of wellbeing from green smoothies (little different to juice) and would heartily recommend anyone give either juicing or smoothies a go! Find out more about Joe Cross here!

Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Would you like to? Lets chat about this!

Be well,