Cheap / Free: Nicholson Road Reserve Tennis Courts, Subiaco.

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High on the list of my priorities at the moment is to broaden my exercise horizons and work on my general fitness, so when my friends suggested we head down to our local tennis courts for a spot of racquet wielding, I couldn’t say no.

We turned up to the courts at about 7.30pm and let ourselves in, there was no one else there and the interesting thing about this place is that the general public has access to to turn the lights on.

Not to mention that it’s completely free to play tennis there. All you need to bring is yourself, a friend, racquets and tennis balls – something that eluded us, tennis pros we are not.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and even got some good serves in – yes!

I think it’s a testament to the Subiaco Council that excellent facilities like this are available for free use by the public and will definitely be returning to develop my tennis elbow. 😉

The facility also provides Pétanque courts and a skate park, as well as an oval for general sports.

Nicholson Road Reserve is located on the intersection of Nicholson Road, Rokeby Road & Thomas Street in Subiaco.

Be well,