Healthy Perth Cafe Review: Solomons, Highgate.

While it's perfectly possible to dine out on a gluten and dairy free diet, it does get a bit tedious having to ask wait staff endless questions and sometimes having to compromise on what you really fancy. In spite of this hassle, I've persevered over the years because whilst I love to cook, I also relish the social side of eating out and don't want to isolate myself because of my dietary issues.

So when a gluten and dairy free restaurant recently opened up on my doorstep it was time for celebration! Solomon's is the brainchild of Paul Ridge aka rapper Drapht. Having experienced his own health challenges and dietary limitations, Paul was determined to create a quality health-focussed outlet in his neighbourhood, giving the food-challenged consumer more choices. Nothing inspires me more than when people turn personal adversity into a gift that helps others. Bravo Paul.

To say I was keen to sample the goods is a huge understatement! A lunch date was quickly arranged and giddy with excitement I was soon devouring the menu, feeling like a kid in a lolly shop knowing that nothing was off limits. The menu includes raw, vegan, fish and meat based options – great variety to suit all appetites and a range of prices to suit different budgets. But how to choose? A dilemma I haven't faced in a long time. It all sounded so amazing. From the sweet potato gnocchi with citrus and coriander pesto, to the purple carrot and black bean sliders on homemade quinoa bread. Heaven! Orders finally placed and fingers tightly crossed that my expectations would be met, we settled in with a vegan mango lassi and enormous pot of rooibos tea.

I wasn't disappointed. A combination of organic chicken, brown rice and broccoli salad with Asian herbs and spices, and raw falafels with coconut yoghurt was a winner. Great flavours, fresh ingredients and filling, but not heavy. A large side of kale chips served with pink salt and fresh orange wedges completed our entree.

The raw goji berry cheesecake proved impossible to resist – refined sugar free of course – and was so delicious that a small amount leftover was quickly wrapped to take home.

As well as serving up tasty, healthy food Solomon's has a relaxed friendly vibe, a cool urban interior and open air dining at the back of the restaurant. Paul was a fantastic host, generously sharing information about his naturopath and other health tips alongside the lovely food. Two very happy and loyal local customers achieved!

Solomon's, 487 Beaufort Street, Highgate
08 9328 7995

Have you been to Solomon's yet? How do you handle eating out with dietary limitations? Any go-to places in Perth that I should know about?!

Article by Karen, holistic health coach and owner of Conscious Cravings whose mission is to inspire people be more nourished with food, life and love. Find her on Facebook!

Be well,


Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Yoga Girl, Eden’s Salad Bar, Floradix & more!

Yay wellness crushes! To be honest, I have so many crushes at the moment so I found it hard to pick just 5, but I will do my best to get more of these articles going because I know you love em, and I love writing them!

Eden’s Salad Bar

This place is a little slice of heaven nestled in Subiaco & Nedlands. My pick is the Subi store as they have a wider menu range (tofu & veggie burgers! corn fritters! vegetarian sausages!) and I always try and get down here on my day off for their ‘Edens Green’ smoothie… spinach, lime, mango (& one other thing I’ve forgotten!). So totally thick, bright green, smooth, creamy and delicious. HUGE fan. They also have this amazing pumpkin bread. Love heading to pick up the smoothie after a hot personal training sesh. Will do a proper review soon, but if you haven’t heard of it then get down there. It’s not just vegetarian/vegan but they do have a lot of options for those so inclined 🙂

Wella SP Hydrate Shampoo ($18.50 from StrawberryNET)

While I’d prefer to use a more natural shampoo, I haven’t come across one yet which delivers results as good as the shampoos from the Wella System Professional range. Leaves my hair super clean and pretty smelling every time, plus tames and controls my hair, while providing much needed moisture. Tick tick tick. I’m loving this one in summer, but when summer is done I think I’ll go back to the Wella Shine Shampoo!

Floradix & Liquid Vitamin B

I get by with a little help from these two liquid supplements. Alright, number 1: FLORADIX. This is a herbal iron supplement that is useful for those low in iron and who don’t tolerate iron tablets well due to… slowed down traffic. I’ve just started taking this again after stopping for a few years and I have to say, the difference to how I feel is really noticeable. While I dislike the perception that vegetarians can’t get enough iron, because they can (plus I know many meat eaters who are deficient too!), I like to take this as my busy lifestyle means that sometimes I’m a little low – and this helps. Plus it tastes pretty good and can be taken with juice, smoothies or even water.

Number 2: Grants Liquid Vitamin B. Since our bodies don’t store vitamin B’s, we need a constant supply in our daily diet. Due to stress, heat and a busy lifestyle, we can sometimes have a need for an extra supply to keep us cool headed and feeling great. I love this liquid B and I always feel better taking it, just put some in water and drink. It’s recommended not to take it at night though, as vitamin b’s give you energy 🙂

Both are available from health food shops & some chemists.

Kikki-K Weekly Habits Pad

I had wanted this for SO LONG, and a few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and shelled out the $5.95 so I could take it home with me and start getting myself into line. If you’ve got a million things on your mind everyday, sometimes those good intentions don’t get a chance to make it to the forefront of your brain. This will help. You write down some small (or big!) things you want to achieve throughout the week and tick the boxes on the day/s you achieve your goal. When you’re writing them in, you also choose a reward that you can treat yourself with if you complete your goals! For example mine reads like this:

♥ Green smoothie 4 x a week – reward: buy frozen goji berries
♥ Iron supplement every day – reward: more energy
♥ Zinc supplement every day – reward: clear skin

Some example they provided were:

♥ 8 hours of sleep – reward: breakfast in bed
♥ Read the newspaper – reward: buy a gossip mag

It keeps me on track, and I love it! 🙂

Yoga Girl

This has been out for a while now… but if you’re into yoga and haven’t seen it, you MUST!

“I’m gonna grab a coconut water…and be on my way”

Did you enjoy these crushes? Anything new that you’re crushing on, I’d love to hear!!

Be well,