Product Review: Endota Lavender + Alpine Pepper Hand Cream.

There’s been something in the air where I work lately, it’s got everyone talking, sniffing and asking – what IS that smell?!

It’s my Endota Lavender & Alpine Pepper Hand Cream and I need to stop being so generous, because this baby is running out.

The Endota brand is making a name for itself in a big way over in the Eastern States as a chain of environmentally conscious spas that use certified organic, 100% natural products to keep our bodies looking beautiful in a safe manner.

Unfortunately for us West-siders, they haven’t yet made the trek over the great plain, but rest assured I’ll be e-mailing them to enquire “WHEN?!@#!@” as we can never have too many options for pampering, especially when it’s kind on the environment and our bodies!

So back to the hand cream:

♥ It smells phenomenal
♥ Luxurious to apply
♥ Absorbs quickly
♥ Will get you compliments galore as you glide around the office leaving a trail of olfactory delight

Endota Lavender + Alpine Pepper Hand Cream is my current favourite. All possibility of me sharing has gone, I’M SORRY FRIENDS.

Try this hand cream and you too can become obsessive & selfish, but at least you’ll have the finest hands in town.

Love it.

RRP $34 for 90ml. Available online and at David Jones stores.

Be well,



Hairdresser Review: Luxe Aveda Concept Salon, Garden City Shopping Centre.

My hair smells like rosemary and mint, but not because I’ve been rollin’ around in the vege patch. I’ve just come from an amazing experience at Luxe Aveda Concept Salon in the Garden City Shopping Centre.

I booked a hair appointment at the salon after hearing many raves. They use all Aveda products with their treatments; and their motto follows the art and science of pure flower and plant essences. Before going in, I let the staff know over the phone that I would be requiring a brand new head; a new colour, cut and style and blow-dry. An experience with my previous hairdresser from a salon that shall not be named, had scarred me almost 6 months ago, but I was ready to go back and face my fears and begin a relationship with a new hairdresser.

As soon as I sat down, I was asked to close my eyes and choose from four different scents in a bottle. As she lifted each scent up to my nostrils, I made a mental note to remember each scent as I wanted to pick the best one. I picked the one called ‘energy’. She placed a few drops in her palms and gave me a wonderful scalp and head massage- heavenly – and it was then I knew that I was on my way to star treatment. All of this, before the consultation.

They really took the time to really listen to what I wanted and gave me some advice to find out what was the best for my hair to give it a dose of healthy and a spoonful of shiny. I chose a sexy dark brown/black shade and said goodbye to my fading highlights and the transition from sunkissed summer to rich chocolate winter hair began.

As I sat in the chair for the dye process, I was given a tiny cup of the Aveda tea to drink that tasted like sweet licorice, a nice touch. 20 mins later and after waiting for the dye to do its thing, I was brought over to the sink where I received another head massage after a rosemary and mint shampoo. The same sensation when you place a mint in your mouth was all over my scalp and it was invigorating, I had never felt anything like it before. It felt tingly but in a good way, and lasted for 2 minutes. It was doing some brilliant things to my scalp let me tell you!

As for the hairstyle, they trimmed up my split ends and the layers at the back, also a few short layers at the front that really brings out the shape of my face. Then the blow-dry which gave my hair bounce and showed off my layers.

The result: A healthy head of hair and a fantastic experience with some tender lovin’ care from the Aveda ladies; muchos gracias, now I can say my dream of looking more like a dark-haired goddess came to fruition.

That’s not where it ends though; afterwards I was given a client file, yes my very own client file! And some tempting offers for when I collect points for each treatment I book. I also purchased 1 litre of the colour shampoo and conditioner to go with it to take some care of my hair when it’s off-duty.

All up for the colour, cut & style was $185, a reasonable price at any well-known salon, only this time I got the little extras that were well worth every penny. Service means everything, take note, other hairdressers, you have some fair competition here.

THANKS LADIES AT LUXE AVEDA CONCEPT, I’ll be seeing you in 6 weeks.

Aveda products are available for purchase in-salon, or online at StrawberryNET!

Reviewed by Kelly-Anne, waiting impatiently for her next tingly scalp experience!

Be well,


Mini Manna Wholefoods Trip.

Gourmet Pie

Once again, the lure of Manna Wholefoods was too great to resist, so I met up with a friend for a lovely Sunday afternoon of delicious food and drink.

It’s excruciatingly difficult to pick anything to eat there, as a vegetarian I’m used to choosing between 1-3 options at any given restaurant, whereas here there are almost TOO MANY choices!

I settled on a Spinach & Potato Pie from the Perth brand Gourmet Cookies & Pies, it was delish. I’ve long been a fan of this brand for healthy pies & also their heat-and-eat lasagne is TO DIE FOR. Also they are 100% vegetarian and pretty healthy, I highly advise you to check them out!

To go with this I fabricated a concoction of blueberry, banana & almond milk (wild, I know) & the staff were happy to make it up for me. Twas very tasty and I will have again!

After leisurely eating, we went back in and I purchased a Coconut Juice w/Blood Orange (like last time!) & some fair trade, organic, decaff green tea…in unbleached tea bags – bit of a mouthful!

All this yummy food combined with some sunshine = a pretty excellent way to wind down the weekend. My friend also brought me home-made pumpkin soup & biscuits. Could I even ask for more?!

After all this, I’m brimming with energy and feel fantastic so I had to jump on the computer and let you all know how good I feel after nourishing my body with such great food!

Okay, I’m done now!!! 🙂

Manna Wholefoods & Cafe

274 South Tce
South Fremantle
WA 6162

Ph (08) 9335 7995

Manna Wholefoods and Cafe on Urbanspoon

Be well,



Store Review: Angry Almond, Nedlands.

This almond does indeed look pretty angry…

I first discovered Angry Almond after I was referred there by a lady who has been living in Dalkeith for 60 years. You can’t get much more local than that, so I figured I should take her advice. She warned me that once I go there I would become addicted, and right she was.

The first time I walked into the store I was overwhelmed by the big buckets containing all sorts of wonderful grains, pulses, lentils, beans, quinoa, sugars, tea and anything else you can think of! You will also discover many tubs of nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolates, lollies, sesame bars, sweet potato chips, Turkish delight – you name it, they have it!

I must mention that the prices are fantastic and let’s just say I had a Turkish delight addiction for a while there…

Sweet, sweet turkish delight

There is a fridge in store that sells biodynamic milk products, tempeh, tofu and cheese, among other things. There is also a great selection of organic, fair-trade coffee beans on offer. I am personally a tea-drinker (ahem, guzzler), so I am much more interested in the bulk supply of loose-leaf green tea, oolong tea and chamomile tea, just to name a few.

There is a spice rack, Asian food section, Italian food, and a large variety of pastas…I could go on! One of my personal favourites is the section with various health-food items, such as agave, coconut oil, puffed rice, and non-dairy milks.

The Angry Almond team provides an incredible service, and this is reflected in the number of people who come buzzing through the doors to browse the exotic foods on offer or simply to pick up their regular groceries.

There is something quite satisfying about scooping up all the delicious food you want, minus the usual packaging and commercial distractions. It’s simpler. At the counter there is a plate of different products to taste-test, and if you spend over a certain amount you receive a very cool Angry Almond calico bag!

Being a uni student, there has been the odd occasion where I have gotten to the checkout only to realise that I didn’t quite have enough money to pay for everything. When I try to put items back, the lady simply insists that I take everything I wanted and pay her next time I come in! The trust I get from the owners for being a regular makes me feel valued as a customer and I really appreciate it, coming from a country town I soon realised that you don’t often get that personal touch at stores in Perth.

Healthy (ish!) Brownies!

Oh, and did I mention the prices are good? Every time I get to the checkout I am pleasantly surprised at how little the price is, and when I shop there I buy in bulk! I have been frequenting this store for three years now and I am still discovering products that inhabit this wonderful little space, so I urge you to explore Nedlands’ little secret for yourself and see what you can find! Oh, and do try the gluten-free brownies at the counter – they are divine!

Eds Note: You can also shop online for produce from Angry Almond! Check their website below, and browse their healthy morsels to your hearts content AND they will deliver to anywhere in W.A for only $3.50?! How cheap is that!

Angry Almond

71 Princess, Nedlands W.A. 6009
Ph: 93897950

Article by Heather, stealth about health. Check out her blog!

Product Review: Joi Pure Gentle Facial Wash.

Wellness WA loves supporting local beauty businesses, so when a sample pack arrived from Joi Pure, I was hopeful that the products would be great so that I could share them with you – luckily, they are, so come with me and we’ll have a little chat about this Brigadoon based skincare company!

First of all, I have to mention the packaging – glass pots & jars which are dark blue, helping to shield the inner ingredients from damaging sunlight. They’re also absolutely adorable and I feel calm just looking at them! It’s like there’s a little apothecary in my shower!

Secondly, the ethos behind the brand is very admirable. They’re a natural & organic aromatherapy based line that focuses on the healing qualities of essential oils.

My personal favourite product was the Gentle Facial Wash:

Key Ingredients:
Organic Almond Oil moisturises and cleanses., Aloe Vera soothes and heals., Castile Cleanser gently cleanses., Pure Essential Oils: Lemon,True Lavender,Bergamot Calabrian.

♥ I found it smelled really natural with a hint of ‘herbs’, but in a good way!
♥ Cleansed my combination / breakout prone skin well & without drying.
♥ Worked really well with the Kosmea Muslin Cloth (my current favourite!)

Their products are stocked nationally & internationally including Poland & New Zealand. It’s so inspiring to see W.A. based beauty businesses excelling, we have a lot to offer the world & Joi Pure is a shining example of that 🙂


JOI Pure
31 Tarbenian Way
Western Australia 6069



Be well,