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Beauty Salon/Spa Review: Priori Yoga Facial & Deep Tissue Massage at Vanity Box Skin Couture, Perth.

A few weeks ago I got to spend some time at what I'm not afraid to say is the most elegantly decorated spa I've ever had the pleasure of being pampered in. And Vanity Box Skin Couture in Perth (the intersection of East Perth, Highgate & Maylands) isn't just a pretty face, though their exquisite decor is the initial drawcard, it's the warm welcome, ambiance and list of 'little extras' about a mile long that really impress. This is definitely your go-to if all out luxury and service is on the cards.

My purpose for visiting Vanity Box was to spend an hour and a half with the gorgeous and delightfully friendly owner, Suzey, to road-test one of her 'bespoke' treatments. Basically this means that you book in for a certain amount of time, and in consultation with Suzey decide on the day what you most feel like having done. Genius! It makes sense to be guided by what your skin and body need at the time, and I've never come across a service like this before, so I was very excited to see what she would suggest for me.

The room I was in, stunning right?!

My afternoon of delights starts with some candle warmed berry tea, while the strains of classical music wash over me and the relaxation process begins…

For someone so petite Suzey has strong hands, which are capable of tailoring the massage treatments to your liking, from tender butterfly kisses, all the way up to strong deep tissue work. My massage was a mixture of both, the preceding deep tissue working out all of my computer slouching sins, while the follow up gentle massage sent me to the brink of sleep. The classical music played during the second half of the massage transported me to a perfectly choreographed ballet, where her hands were the world renowned dancers, and my back the stage.

cure for herpes

The Priori Natureceuticals Coffeeberry Relaxing Yoga Treatment (75 mins) is said to be an intensely relaxing anti-ageing treatment that reduces tension and stress levels as well as brightening the skin. This is where the little extras really kicked in.

♥ My face was massaged extensively during the facial, which was a very enjoyable experience and is meant to help with relieving stress.

♥ I was brought a much appreciated hot water bottle (with plush covering) and a warmed eye bag as it was chilly that day, both of which I loved.

♥ While the face mask was setting I received the longest and most glorious arm massage ever. Divine.

♥ Post-facial I was offered a light mineral makeup application, I gratefully accepted as my skin has been playing up lately and the thought of going bare-faced was a little scary on that day 😉

The second room at Vanity Box – so pretty, this one's my fave!

With my bespoke treatments complete, relaxed muscles and brighter complexion in tow, I couldn't help but think that Vanity Box has completely hit the nail on the head in terms of combining stunning surroundings, wonderful service and a sense of being welcome in those who visit.

This gorgeous spa is the definition of opulence – without the attitude.

Vanity Box Skin Couture
Dilhorn Manor
178 Claisebrook Road
Perth Western Australia 6000

t : +61 8 6468 6471
m : +61 433 133 573
e :
price list: available here

Have you heard of this spa before? What do you think of the decor? And how about the sound of a yoga facial? Lets chat below!

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Home Salon Review: Leg Wax @ Just Beautiful Skin by Kylie Morellini, Shenton Park.

I have trouble finding good waxers. My skin is super sensitive and generally responds terribly to wax rollers. One time my underarms got incredibly burnt from a therapist trying to use a wax roller on them (very bad idea), another time I was told my legs were ‘really really hairy’ by a waxer I’d never met before (they were, but I didn’t need them to remind me!) and a lot of the time there are hairs left over and my skin comes out looking red-raw. All this and the privilege of paying upwards of $50 for the experience.

So I’m excited to let you know that I’ve finnnnalllllllly found a place that has everything a sensitive-legged gal could want in a waxing salon and it’s only $30 for a full-leg wax!!!

I came across ‘Just Beautiful Skin’ by Kylie Morellini on a notice board down at my local shops. I hadn’t had any great ‘at home salon’ experiences before, but something compelled me to email Kylie and book in for a wax. Probably the amazing price and convenient location.

Here’s the reasons it gets a big smiling tick of approval from me:


Stepping into Kylie’s little home salon is like going on a summer holiday. It feels like a mini beach house in there, and as I was staring up at the white, wooden paneled ceiling I found myself contemplating taking a dip in the ocean, then grabbing an icecream.

Best wax rollers, ever

As mentioned above, I had all but resigned myself to never letting a wax roller touch me again. This time I was shocked – the wax rolled on smoothly and not too hot, and was taken off easily by the strip, along with my leg hairs and minimal pain. I couldn’t believe it! Very impressed.


Kylie was extremely thorough in making sure she hadn’t missed any rogue bits of hair, which was much appreciated.

Friendly and caring

Just what you want in a beauty therapist, I found her lovely, super easy to get along with and she even advised me not to get my bikini line waxed, which I had asked for, as I’d previously been having IPL done and it would ‘reset’ all the hairs and I’d have to start again. Eeeek! So, so glad she let me know.

Mild waxing redness

My legs are always going to be a little red after waxing, it’s a fact I’ve resigned myself to. This time though, they were the least red they’ve been in a looooooong time, it was really exciting for me! 😉

The price

$30 for a full leg wax. And with such good service, Cannot. Beat. It.

You can email or call Kylie from Just Beautiful Skin to book an appointment, her salon is located in Shenton Park.


Ph: 0404 183 467.

Where is your favourite place to get your legs waxed in Perth?!

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Beauty Salon Review: Eyebrow Wax at Friendlies Chemist, Subiaco, Perth.

I just had a good eyebrow waxing experience. This may seem like an un-newsworthy point, but for those of you who have ultra-sensitive brow skin, you will understand the rarity of this.

Piping hot wax, multiple waxing over the same spot (sometimes up to three times), burnt red brows that peel for up to two weeks after, and completely disinterested beauty therapists. Just a few of the common pitfalls I’ve experienced while looking for a good brow wax. A friend of mine was even told “girls who take the contraceptive pill are more prone to sensitive skin” when she spoke up about the therapist applying the wax too hot and burning her face. She was not on the pill. This from one of Perth’s most well known beauty salons!

So it can seem that finding somewhere that will give you the brows you want, without burning your face, and without implying that it’s your fault for having sensitive skin can be a rarity, so when I find somewhere good I want to tell the world 🙂

Fast forward to today. I love shopping at Friendlies Chemist in Subi, they have such a giant range of makeup, skincare, natural medicine, books and all kinds of health & wellness products that I could spend hours in there.

The Beauty Room is Jurlique branded, and my therapist Charmaine is a beacon of glowing skin – a great testament to the biodynamic goodness that Jurlique offer. The room itself is really pretty and quite relaxing.

For the wax, baby powder is gently applied prior (tick), then cool-lukewarm wax is applied (seriously, I’ve never felt such non-hot wax being applied to my brows). Charmaine is all compliments too, mentioning I have a great brow shape already and that I should definitely only have the minimum waxed off, which is fine by me.

What really sealed the deal and elevated the experience to ‘pretty damn awesome’ status, was that as she applied some soothing aloe gel to my tender brows post-wax, she asked if I’d like to take home a little sample of home to keep applying throughout the day. Wow! Yes please. And so I was given a tiny pot of calming green goo. Im-pressed.

The cost for a brow wax is $18, and for a non-burny, non-awkward, relaxing & superior service treatment I’d say that’s a bargain price. My brows look pretty good too.

Web: Friendlies Chemist Beauty Room (includes treatments and prices)
Ph: 08 9381 1468

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Perth Day Spa / Beauty Salon Review: Spa Pedicure at Royal Beauty Day Spa, East Perth.

My sister recently gifted me a “Spa Pedicure” at Royal Beauty Day Spa (Royal Street, East Perth) for my birthday. I had a wedding to attend on the long weekend and, with dread, realised that my post winter feet were not in any way peep-toe ready… it was time to put my present to good use.

I called on the Monday (short week due to CHOGM) and was given a Thursday afternoon appointment, which was greatly appreciated given so many were closed due to trips away for the long weekend.

As it was a short week and I was busy at work, I ran late for my appointment. The central location (opposite The Royal) and great available parking in this section of East Perth made it a lot easier. The therapist owns and runs the Day spa herself and was very gracious even considering my lateness. I was immediately escorted into a treatment room which was simple, but very well decorated and felt very relaxing. The whole Spa is lovely, clean and very inviting.

Would my feet be ready for these in time for the wedding?

The Spa Pedicure ($60 & 40ish minutes) included: exfoliation, foot massage, nail file and paint and, as an added bonus, a great chat. I was told that due to my being late she could not take the time she would usually like to during the treatments as she had another client coming in, but that did not stop it from being thoroughly relaxing! When someone else arrived (noting, as mentioned earlier, that it is sole owned and operated) the therapist said I was more than welcome to stay and relax in the room whilst my nail polish dried.

When she returned after attending to another client, I realised that despite the short period of time there, I was fully relaxed and my feet that were previously atrocious were now polished and ready for my favourite heels!

I am definitely planning on returning and the whole place does make you feel very special knowing that you are more than likely going to be the only one booked in and have the therapist’s full attention. She was very knowledgeable and even gave me tips to keep up my newly pampered and polished feet. It was a very lovely birthday present indeed!

Contact Details


Address: 8/33 Royal Street East Perth WA 6004

Phone: (08) 9221 5900

Review by the pedicure loving, twinkle toed Imogen.

Be well,


Beauty Salon Review: Guinot Facial at Light Aesthetics Skin and Body Clinic, Southern River and Canning Vale Area.

Have you ever paid big bucks for a facial? I have. I have also laid there during said facial and thought to myself, “hmm cleanse, tone, moisturise, mask… pretty sure I do this myself each week for a fraction of the cost” immediately after having that thought, the beautician is turning up the lights and asking you to meet her in the foyer for payment. Facial over.

Yup, it’s a common occurrence, and the main reason I stopped getting facials on a regular basis. With all the amazing products out there, why would I pay someone else to do it for me? Enter Guinot. A luxury skincare range hailing from France, Guinot facials are certified vegan and only practiced by trained therapists. Guinot is a professional range and can only be sold within salons, which definitely means I wouldn’t be able to do it myself at home!

Recently I had the opportunity to receive Guinot’s Signature Hydradermie Facial, at the beautiful Light Aesthetics Skin and Body Clinic in Southern River. Owner/manager Erin administered my Guinot facial and talked me through the process as we went along. Erin explained to me that the Hydradermie facial was a favourite among clients as it really penetrates deep into the skin, creating long lasting results that you can really see.

Here’s Bay Area (Cali!) esthetician Sarah Jane of Advanced Beauty Care using the rollers during the galvanic part of the Guinot facial

While Erin was talking she had placed plant based gels onto my skin which would assist with calming the sensitivity and dehydration that I struggle with. To really assist the gels absorption, Erin uses a galvanic current which passes into the skin through rollers that are moved all over the face and neck. Yes, rollers were used. For me this was the highlight of the Guinot Hydradermie facial, as the rollers omit a subtle current which makes the body tingle just a tad and really cements the feeling that you are receiving a thorough facial.

After a round with the rollers Erin uses a glass probe on my skin which omits high frequency, oxygenating my skin and zapping any unwanted blemishes.

By now I have been in the salon for close to an hour. I really have swallowed my facial pride and I decided that I can definitely justify the $110 a month for this facial. Just when I think it can’t get any better, the Hydradermie facial finishes with a customised mask and a relaxing massage. Sigh.

Swanning out to the foyer I wanted to hug Erin for giving me comfortable and amazingly hydrated skin, something I never get to feel. I was also lucky enough to be sent home with a little care pack of follow up Guinot products which I am still using as I write this.

My facial snobbery now something of the past, I feel I can highly recommend the Guinot range of facials which can be customised to your every need. If you live South of the river, pop out to see Erin and her team for a truly relaxing treat.

What about you readers, do you like to give your self at home facials? Does the Guinot range sound like it could help your skin care needs?

Review by Jacqui, blogger, makeup artist and Guinot facial convert!

Be well,