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Top 5 Gut Health Tips for Vegans & Vegetarians from Lee Holmes.


Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or anything in between, looking after your gut doesn’t need to be difficult. While bone broths may not be on the menu, there are plenty of ways to show your gut and the planet some veggie love. Check out my top 5 recommendations below…!

Probiotics are currently experiencing their time in the limelight, but they’ve actually been utilised for centuries for their health-boosting properties. Probiotics are our ‘friendly’ gut bacteria. They’re living organisms that provide a boatload (or should I say, gut-load) of health benefits. They’ve been used to manage and treat a variety of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome/disease, metabolic syndrome, diarrhoea and more.

Probiotics can also reduce the likelihood of developing type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity and lactose intolerance by altering gut flora, regulating insulin levels and lowering cholesterol! Some sensitive tummies can experience gas and bloating when incorporating probiotic-rich food, so always start off slow and build up your tolerance.

If you want to try out some probiotic-rich foods but don’t know where to begin, you may want to give sauerkraut a go. This fermented cabbage is filled with goodness that can improve digestive health, boost circulation and protect your heart. Full-fat yoghurt for my vegetarians or coconut yoghurt for my vegans can also be amazing for gut-health as it’s full of lactic-acid producing bacteria which helps produce more of our good gut bacteria.

If you’ve never given tempeh a whirl, I couldn’t recommend it enough. For all of you tempeh newbies, tempeh’s basically tofu’s cooler older sibling. Tempeh is made up of fermented soybeans that are thriving in good bacteria. It can be stir-fried in a pan, cooked on the BBQ, or broken up into small pieces and used as a Bolognese replacement. 

2. Prebiotics

Another key thing to remember in any good veggie diet is variety! Not only does filling our plate with vibrantly-coloured vegetables nourish our body, it also gives us a great source of prebiotics. Prebiotics help nourish the probiotics within the digestive system. Without prebiotics, probiotics would have a poor chance of survival. Some prebiotic-rich foods to include in your diet include:

♥ Dandelion greens
♥ Avocados
♥ Bananas
♥ Leeks
♥ Sweet potatoes
♥ Onions

I encourage you to incorporate both prebiotic and probiotic-rich foods into your diet so you can maintain a healthy gut for life.

3. Fibre
When it comes to getting things moving internally, fibre should be one of your first ports of call. Unfortunately, many of us don’t consume enough dietary fibre which seriously compromises our gut health. Eating both soluble and insoluble fibre has many health benefits, not just for our gut health! Adding more fibre-rich vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds will help keep our good gut bacteria thriving and our digestion moving.

4. Plant-Based Wholefoods

While some vegetarians and vegans go full-steam ahead on the refined carbohydrates train to fill them up, these foods tend to inflame the gut. Refined carbohydrates such as breads and pastas, processed products laden with sugar and even some faux meats on the market can inflame the gut and make our guts blow up like a balloon. It’s so important to emphasise real plant-based foods rather than ones you buy in the aisles. Aim to base your diet on fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and some grains rather than processed foods to reduce gut inflammation.

5. Sleep

Lack of sleep has become such a common issue that it’s one we’ve kind of let slip away from us. However, sleep has a huge impact on the state of our digestive system. When we’re asleep, the digestive organs are replenished and restored for the next day. They’re put to detoxing mood and help get rid of wastes from the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, your gut health can become compromised and you may experience a series of symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, fatigue and more. Sleep, or a lack of it, controls our hunger hormones too, which may make us absolutely ravenous and craving sweet foods the next day! Try getting at least 7 hours of sleep at night and go to bed between 9-10pm to reach optimum sleep and rest.

Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful! If you have any questions for Lee, please pop them below, and make sure you check out her new book Supercharge Your Gut!

Be well,


Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: My Favourite SPF 50+ Facial Sunscreen, kX Pilates Subiaco & Adalase.

Bonjour! I hope you’re reading this while having a brilliant hair day, feeling super-nourished, and with a cup of tea (or wine) in hand.

I really love sharing my current favourite products, exercise classes & wellness treats with you – so let’s get cracking!

To Save Face SPF 50+ Sunscreen

This facial sunscreen is my go-to every single day of the year – rain, hail or shine. When I was younger I didn’t wear facial sunscreen and as a result I have a little spot of sun damage on my left cheek. Once it started appearing I quickly sprung into action and as such now make sure to pop some of this on under my makeup each day. It doubles as a primer and I love the way my makeup looks with this as a base so much, that I often use it in the evenings as well!


♥ Reformer Pilates in Subiaco

kX Pilates Subiaco

I’ve been having a little bit of a love affair with ClassPass lately and have slowly been discovering my favourite places to stretch & sweat, creating ever-changing weekly routines that work for me. I love it!

One of my faves is kX Pilates in Subiaco. This is a reformer studio that offers 50 minute classes and goes the extra mile by incorporating weights, yoga stretches, ball-work and more to create seriously shaking muscles and a toned butt & core. I’ve been to around 4-5 classes so far, and all of the teachers are friendly, helpful if you have any new or ongoing injuries, and will work you to your personal maximum ensuring you leave each class feeling like you’ve had a fantastic workout, but not been pushed past your limit. Which is my favourite way to work out!

Do yourself a favour and check out kX Pilates in Subiaco if you’re looking to tone up in 2018 (and beyond).


This one is really new to me – during a delicious gnocchi & wine catch up with my naturopath Marnie Downer (see her, she’s the best!), I mentioned that despite making a number of changes to my diet and supplements, I was still struggling with dairy & sugar based skin breakouts. While I generally try to avoid both of these with varying degrees of success, sometimes there’s cheese and crackers at work or a party and I just can’t help myself… and then instantly regret it when an acne cyst starts popping up within 2 hours.

Cue: Adalase. This is a chewable vegan Vitamin A supplement, somewhat of a miracle, and tastes slightly like liquorice. At first I wasn’t into the taste but grew to really like it! There are 60 tablets in a bottle and for me Marnie recommended I super-dose and take 6 per day (!) and then go down to 1 per day. This proved difficult and I ended up having 2-3 a day, I just broke them in half (they are about the size of a 10 cent piece) and nibbled on them throughout the day. I then went down to 1-2 a day.

Since I have started taking this supplement, around 1-2 months, I can hand on heart say that I have not had ONE new pimple – and I’ve indulged in cheese, icecream, sugar and alcohol. Along with plenty of good things of course 😉 But generally regardless of how much goodness I put in my body, if I stray from the 100% healthy eating path it soon shows up in my skin, and I haven’t gone more than a few weeks without a zit since I was about 13 years old – so that’s 20 years!

I would love, love, love if anyone else with hormonal/cystic/general acne or pimples wanted to try this and let me know how they go with it – it’s been a confidence saver for me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of the above, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below so we can have a chat!

Be well,


New Perth Beauty Clinic Review: Hydrafacial @ Youth Lab by Dr Kate, West Perth.

What if I told you that there was a way to get your skin in tip-top, glowy shape that only required 1 facial a month for 3 months, and then every 2-3 months after that.

Sound good?

That’s what the signature Hydrafacial offering at Perth’s newest beauty clinic, Youth Lab by Dr Kate, promises – and after just one treatment I’m convinced they can deliver.

To start with, this is no ordinary beauty clinic. Dr Kate is one of Perth’s most highly regarded medical aestheticians and she has the raving, dedicated following to prove it. Kate specialises in dermal fillers & cosmetic injectables, non-surgical beauty treatments and other advanced dermal therapies. Most of these aren’t on my radar as I personally align with a more natural approach to beauty (green smoothies, yoga and saunas come at me!), however I’ve seen her work and if you’re looking for this type of service then she is second to none in Perth.

As I mentioned, I generally stick to yoga, green drinks, sweating it out, green tea, vitamin supplements and trying to get to bed early as my “beauty routine”, however after a busy couple of months and more soft pretzels with chocolate dipping sauce than I care to share with the internet, it was time for some serious measures to get my skin back on track and the opening of Youth Lab came at just the right time.

Located on a relaxed, leafy-green West Perth street, the clinic is set in a spacious building with multiple rooms and a chic but welcoming well-lit interior. There’s free parking out the front and it’s very easy to access via public transport – win win. Upon arrival there’s pomegranate tea, comfy lounges and stacks of books to flick through while you wait.

My therapist Alison has the clearest, most glowing skin I’ve ever seen (actually, everyone who works there does!), and is incredibly knowledgable and welcoming. We have a chat and then get down to serious business – it’s Hydrafacial time!

Key Points

♥ The Hydrafacial deeply cleanses, exfoliates, extracts blackheads/clogged pores, AND intensely hydrates the skin within just one treatment

♥ The machine used has an abrasive tip and vacuum to simultaneously suck up the dead cells and dirt, whilst infusing your skin with antioxidants & hyaluronic acid for gleaming skin!

♥ Glycolic & salicylic acid are used for the pore extractions. These two work together to gently dislodge

♥ You get to check out the dirt/gunk that is removed from your skin afterwards… if you’re brave enough!

♥ This facial is perfect for improving skin congestion, and would particularly suit those with breakouts and blackheads

After my facial, I’m taken into another room to lay under the Healite, which is an LED light (simliar to Omnilux) that promises to help promote skin rejuvenation, as well as targeting acne bacteria. Win win. Laying underneath the Healite is like basking in the sunshine on a warm day, bliss.

Post-treatments I’m feeling a little self-conscious with my totally bare skin on display, but I can see the instant improvement in texture, glow & clarity.

The team at Youth Lab recommend 3 treatments to start with, once a month for three months for the best results. If you really want to ramp up the results & acne and sun damage are your primary concerns, a course of 6 monthly treatments is recommended. Following the initial treatment course you can get away with a facial every 2-3 months – which is music to my ears!

The Nitty Gritty

Cost: $149 for the Hydrafacial, Healite additional $50

Location: Youth Lab by Dr Kate, 1 Richardson Street West Perth WA 6005

Special Offer
: If you’re keen to make a booking and check out this facial, just mention Wellness WA for 20% off your first Hydrafacial before the end of March 2018!

Have you had a Hydrafacial before? Would you try one? Let’s chat in the comments!

Be well,


Spa Review: Deep Tissue Massage @ Como Shambhala Urban Retreat Perth.

Stepping into my first ever treatment at the COMO Shambhala Urban Escape in Perth, I took a deep breath – I had been dreaming of this moment for some time now. Located inside of the beautiful Como The Treasury building, the spa is tucked away behind the main reception area, just past the beautiful arched hallways.

Browsing through the deluxe spa treatment menu, I decided to opt for the Deep Tissue Massage as I’ve been hitting the gym hard in the last month and my neck has been stiff and joints aching… the things we do for fitness!

The description on the menu sounded perfect – ‘a prolonged state of reduced muscular tension’ and I knew it was going to do just the trick for my body.

Walking through from the stunning reception area which was kitted out with luxe Sodashi products – I immediately forgot where I was. Right smack bang in the middle of the Perth CBD? It felt like I could have been overseas in an exotic location. Marie, my masseuse, escorted me to the Balinese style treatment room, and from the moment I sat down on the lounge I was transported to a state of happiness. Marie kindly asked me which areas of my body I wanted to focus on and she left me to get changed before returning.

Each movement of the massage was purposeful and soothing. Marie was very mindful to ask me if the pressure was ok. First, focusing on the area that I needed most, my neck and upper back, then from my toes to my head, it felt amazing. I felt amazing. Finishing with a head massage and hot towels on my neck and toes, I couldn’t have asked for more. The 75 minutes always goes so quickly but I try to revel in every moment, and I did.

I decided to use the facilities to wash my hair afterwards, so I jumped into the warm rain shower in the treatment room. I felt calm and I was in a state of total bliss.

Waiting for me outside was a hot cup of home-made ginger, lime and honey tea and a beautiful signature Como Shambhala cookie (the recipe is available in the cookbook pictured above!). Gluten free and coated in honey, with nuts and seeds. Energy for my next adventure of the day!

I opted for the valet parking, which was very convenient for me on an unusually rainy Perth morning in the midst of summer. The staff are highly attentive and will literally have your car brought up to you at the front door once you have said your goodbyes.

If you’re thinking of a treat for yourself, I highly recommend going to the Como Shambhala for a very nurturing and unique spa experience.

The nitty gritty:

♥ 75 minute Deep Tissue Massage at Como Shambhala will cost you $165

♥ Valet Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday & only $30 for 4 hours on weekdays. Make the most of the valet for a weekend treatment & book in early!

♥ There are breakfast and lunch options at Post or Petition if you are feeling peckish before or after your treatment.

Have you been to Como Shambhala Urban Retreat? Share your experiences below, or if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

Review by the glorious Kelly-Anne <3

Be well,


Perth Health & Wellness Workshops & Events – February 2018 ✨

Good morning! While January coming to a close and February sneaking up fast (how did that happen?!), I wanted to start our new blog series dedicated to sharing all the best health & wellbeing events that are popping up all around Perth each month. Shoot me an email if you’d like to suggest another event! Hope you enjoy xo

End of January!

Sunday 28th January

Journey into the Heart with Stuart Watkins & Sounds of Samadhi – $70

Wednesday 31st January

Let That Sh*t Go: Full Moon Event @ Friday’s Studio – 6:30pm-8:30pm – $57

Friday 2nd February

Beyonce Routines Workshop @ Shemoves Dance Studio – 7pm-9pm – $55

Saturday 3rd February

Beginners Yoga Workshop @ Bloom Yoga Perth – 1:30pm-4:00pm – $49

Reset & Realign with Mandy & Mel @ Twisting Peacock Yoga – 12:30pm-2:30pm – $40

Sunday 4th February

Soul Sparkle Day Retreat – 9am-4pm – $190.10

The Perth Wellness Festival @ Friday’s Studio – 10:30am-5pm – $101

Wednesday 7th February

Transform Your Life Through Movement Workshop @ The Little Shop of Plenty – 6:30pm-8:00pm – $10

Friday 9th February

Yoga, Meditation & Nature Weekend Retreat @ Kookaburra Yoga – Friday to Sunday – starting from $450

Saturday 10th February

Mindset Reset @ The Little Shop of Plenty – 9:30am-11:30am – $49 (includes workbook)

Schweattt Sessions @ City Beach – 8am-12:30pm – from $26.50

Love Yourself Festival @ Perth City Farm – 9am-3pm – FREE entry, small fee for workshops

Sunday 11th February

Couples Tantric Connection Workshop by Soul Sparkle – 10am-12:30pm – $245 per couple

Heart Your Body Retreat @ Friday’s Studio – 10am-2pm – $97

Saturday 17th February

Intro to Plant Based Eating @ The Raw Kitchen – 12:30pm-3:00pm – $125

Food As Medicine Masterclass @ The Raw Kitchen – 4:15pm-6:15pm – $125

Sunday 18th February

Sangha Yoga Festial @ Spanda Yoga School – 8am-6pm – $40

Friday 23rd February

Yallingup Retreat by The Reset: Wellness Retreats – 3 days – from $945

Saturday 24th February

Pranayama + Meditate Workshop @ Blue Lotus Yoga – 10:30am-12:30pm – $45

Sunday 25th February

1-day Silent Yoga & Meditation Retreat @ Spanda Yoga School – 9:30am-3:30pm – $165