Food Review: The Juicy Beetroot, Fremantle.

Tofu Burger @ The Juicy Beetroot, Fremantle.

Once upon a time in a sunny little town by the sea, existed a quaint cafe nestled down a mysteriously secret lane. Those who stumbled upon this lane by chance, or a lifetime of searching, were treated to a bounty of healthy vegetarian & vegan options to fuel them for their next adventure… this cafe was known to the travellers as “The Juicy Beetroot“.

The Juicy Beetroot is, as mentioned in a weird storybook kind of way, a bit of a hidden gem in Fremantle. You most likely wont find it if you’re not looking for it, as it’s not located near the main shopping / eating district.

One thing to mention is that the dining atmosphere is EXTREMELY casual, with a mish mash of chairs & tables, mismatched plates and cups and a cooler where you go to fill your own steel cup with water. The place has a hippie / buddhist kind of vibe to it, with coloured flags and Eastern style paintings and decorations.

There’s the option to sit indoors or outdoors in the sun and under the trees, which is what I usually do to get some Vitamin D.

A word of warning: The trees that grow outside seem to be very attractive to a particular type of small bug, and if you are sitting right under one of the trees, bugs can be known to fall onto the table or your plate or yourself… so do be careful to watch out for these lest you accidentally ingest one :)

The Tofu Burger ($9) is fabulous and definitely worth going out of your way for. A large slab of marinated tofu on one of the most delicious rolls I have ever tasted (I think it might be Abhis Bakery) with avocado, beetroot (which I usually nix), tomato, lettuce, vegan mayo and pesto.

To wash it down I had a self concocted apple, pear & lemon juice. Tasty.

My friend enjoyed his variety of 3-4 curries and brown rice ($9), but just quietly I think the Tofu Burger was better!

Juicy Beetroot is recommended for super casual, healthy, lunchtime meals. As well as the burger and curries, they have a hot dish of the day (Pumpkin Lasagne when we were there), pre-made variety of rolls on crisp baguettes, smoothies, a mix of interesting cold salads, desserts and little sweets.

Please note they don’t accept EFTPOS!

Tum Tum Tree Lane,
132 High St, Fremantle


Type: Vegan-friendly
Half price specials after 3pm. Open Mon-Fri 10am-4pm. Cash only.

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