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On the 8th of January our fearless leader and Wellness WA wunderkind, Annette, organized the very first Perth Online Beauty Media meeting of minds and faces at Djurra Day Spa in Fremantle. And what a day it was. Massages, foot treatments and raw pizza from the Raw Kitchen Fremantle (14/36 South Terrace) that was so unbelievably good that I would consider moving down there just to be closer to it. I’m pretty sure Annette has a photo somewhere of me that looks like I am inhaling my slice. WHAT A WHACKY GAL! (ED: Yup, I do!)

The POBM was a wonderful day of chatting to like minded ladies about all things beauty…you probably gathered as much…so let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Everyone that attended was the lucky recipient of not one but TWO gift bags filled to the brim with products to try. So now that a couple of weeks have passed and I have been able to steadily make my way through everything I woke up this morning and felt something coming on…can you feel it too? That’s right it’s time for a TOP FIVE COUNTDOWN.

5. Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear

I usually give sunscreen related products and moisturizers pretty high scores but don’t think that I am just phoning this one in on account of the SPF, which in this product is a 30+ by the way. The Invisible Zinc tinted daywear is my number 5 because I have never owned a tinted moisturizer before, let alone a tinted sunscreen. I just didn’t see the point. I mean I was right into the coloured zinc as a kid but unfortunately time, society and a small sense of dignity have told me to grow out of that. So what is the point?

Well here’s three points for you, one- the sun protection, two- the dewy appearance that it gives your skin with just a hint of tint, which I just love because you may not be a runway model but dewy skin sure makes you feel like one and three – if you use it in place of your normal moisturizer in the morning then you will never forget to put sunscreen on. And how about this… BONUS point 4- the anti ageing properties of this product will help to keep you looking fresh faced for longer.

Available from David Jones, Myer, Priceline, Terry White and all good pharmacies.

4. Foltene Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatment – $27.95

This was one of the products from our mega beauty product swap, and is an odd choice for me. Largely due to the fact that I am still not sure that you can actually grow more eyelashes and eyebrows on top of what nature gave you, I just don’t understand the science behind it, surely DNA plays a role here or something? Beakers, Bunsen Burners, periodic tables, lab coats?…I don’t know. What I do know is that you condition your hair to keep that healthy so you can grow it long without it breaking off, or shriveling up, ergo the same basic principle can apply to your eyebrows and eyelashes. And that’s why this product is my number 4. It is very easy to apply because it’s just like a clear mascara wand, use it after you’ve washed your face at night and let the conditioning begin. The best unexpected benefit of this product is that when you use the wand on your eyebrows it actually holds them in place a bit which makes them look neater and a better shape which we all know is ultimately more flattering to your entire face. Bravo Foltene.

3 &2. Aveda Colour Conserve Shampoo and Conditioner

After I washed and conditioned my hair with these Aveda products one of my housemates came home and said ‘what smells so good in here?’, we did a quick checklist, new perfume? No. Just cooked something? No. Just cleaned something? No…waitahotminute- yes, it’s my new shampoo and conditioner! The lovely smell that lingered in my house followed me around for days after (in my hair of course) causing compliments from friends and strangers alike. It just really does smell that damn good. Which makes sense when you consider the ingredients- green tea, grape seed, rosea root, pine bark, orange peel and jojoba seed oil. Because my hair is quite long now (I feel like I manage to drop this achievement into every review I do these days) I am all about conditioner, and the Aveda really steps up to the job on this one, my ends felt smooth and silky like I had just had a trim. Perfection. The only thing I can’t comment on is the ‘colour conserve’ factor because I don’t have coloured hair. If any of you with coloured ‘do’s give it a go please let me know how it fares!

Available at Djurra Day Spa, go in and see what other great hair and beauty services they offer!

1. Franc Serum Intensive Skin Rescue – $72

Why have I never heard of Franc? A West Australian business based in Darlington and founded by Chantal Vanderhaeghen who has made a strong commitment to only using botanical ingredients in her products. This means no sodium laurel sulfate and no artificial colours, fragrances, chemicals or additives. I should’ve been on top of this ages ago! Oh Franc why did we take so long to find each other?!

Dewy skin, anyone?

I love serums, I love putting them on before bed and waking up in the morning with (sorry here’s those words again) nice fresh and dewy skin. I guess I just like the hydration factor. It feels good knowing you are putting a carefully formulated recipe of macadamia oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, carrot oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil and vitamin E on your face and not much else! My skin has felt really great lately and I’m sure using this every night has had a big role in that. Franc deserves this number one spot. I hope we meet again. Well done.

What do you think of my top 5 picks?!

Review by Adriane Daff, with sweet smelling hair, dewy skin and better eyelashes – thanks to POBM!

Be well,


Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Adriane Daff, Actress.

Welcome to our BRAND NEW segment, where we will uncover for you all the secret tips & tricks that well-known and upcoming “Perthonalities” employ to keep them looking and feeling on top of the world (or Kings Park)!

If you have any suggestions for Perth based darlings you’d like us to interview, send through an e-mail and we’ll try and get them to shed some light on their health and beauty routines.

First up is Adriane Daff, actress and local pretty Perthie, she has worked in films, television and most recently two plays that received rave reviews, including “The Pride“.

Read on to see how she keeps looking great…

Tell us about your daily beauty routine!

Trying to remember to cleanse, tone and moisturize. Trying to remember to put on sunscreen. Trying not to touch my face throughout the day. Trying to do at least some sort of exercise. Trying to drink as much water as I can. Trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Trying to eat apples. I would describe the whole routine as ‘trying’.

Whats the one beauty treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

IPL at The Beauty Gallery is pretty damn amazing. Mircrodermabrasion at the same place is also really good. And I like facials.

The best facials I’ve ever had in my life were at a place in the West Village in New York that I went to regularly up until about a year ago when I left America. My therapist was a very stern Eastern European lady (called something like Olga) and told me if I just drank more water and slept more it would make a huge difference. I wish I could go to her regularly. She was so matronly and matter of fact. I miss her.

Who do you trust with your hair in Perth, and why?

I trust anyone and everyone. I’m not too prescious about my hair (and maybe not too kind) but I feel like it’s the one thing that no matter what you do to it, it’ll always grow back. So you should dye it, cut it, do whatever you like to it because it’s only temporary. In saying that though nine times out of ten when I say to someone I love your hair they tell me they got it done at Head Studio.

Favourite budget / at home beauty treatment?

Visine eye drops. Eight dollars!

Juicy Tubes!

Your three, absolutely cannot live without, favourite products?

Lancome juicy tubes, Aesop sunscreen, Dior Diorshow mascara.

Do you have any secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Sleep and water drinking! Just like Olga said! Boring. But it works, I think.

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven’t yet? (Due to time, money, scared etc!)

One day I would like to go to a really intense day spa that lasts for maybe a week and is in a really remote part of the world and you do things like immerse yourself in snow/steam in a sauna/roll around in honey/get blasted with a high pressure hose and eat only rice two times a day. Something really harsh, just to see if it works.

Describe a typical day of eating for you?

I’m not so good with routine, I find it really hard to get into good habits. Food both bores me and overwhelms me. I try to eat things that I know are good for me but more often than not I don’t care enough. I’m working on it.

Describe your fitness routine.

Again I’m really bad with routine so I go through phases of exercise but things I always find myself going back to are walking (because it doesn’t feel like you are exercising) swimming and yoga. I recently started Bikram Yoga which I like because its mental and physical. And very challenging.

Do you take part in any alternative therapies or take supplements? If so, discuss.

Not really, I’m pretty cynical and ignorant when it comes to alternative therapies (I’m sorry to say). I try to remember to take calcium tablets but that’s about it!

Thanks Adriane!

Do you like our new section?

Who would you most like to have reveal their beauty / health secrets?

Any questions for our actress friend?

Be well,


Quick n Zippy Beauty Crushes: Lime Crime Lipgloss, Apple Cider Vinegar, Models Prefer Eyeliner.

Lime Crime Carousel lipgloss in Snowsicle

Vegan friendly super glittery lipgloss. Need I say more?

They’ve also got a really cute tumblr!

If you'd rather check it out in person first, Red Stripe Clothing in Northbridge have a great range of Lime Crime makeup. Just before Christmas I was in there and mentioned this lipgloss and they got it in in their next order and THEN texted me when it came in so I wouldn’t miss out. Just wanted to give them a shout out because they deserve your business!

Apple Cider Vinegar by Braggs

Already a huge fan of their liquid aminos, it seemed only a matter of time til I found my way to the ACV. Benefits? Well it depends on whom you talk to, but for me personally- digestion and skin goodness are really copping the awesomeness. *Get the one with mother!*

Models Prefer Kohl Pencil in Matte Black

Makes me feel like Daria Werbowy. Pencily on one end, smudgy on the other. You want a smoky eye? No problem. Oh you want a cat eye? Can-do. A kohl pencil is a staple (seriously everyone needs one) and this is a hard-working, versatile number. Purchase.

Are any of these favourites of yours too? Have you tried Apple Cider Vinegar for it's health benefits before? Leave a comment and let me know!

Article by Adriane Daff, equal parts fan of vinegar & makeup.

Be well,


Celebrity Makeup Tips & Tricks for Award Season!

Tis the season. Yes. Awards Season. It’s all a-happening in the world of outside beauty, and while the team at Wellness WA are 100% advocates of the more important inside beauty it is nice to have a bit of a play with the many, many fun looks we will be seeing in droves on the inter-nettles over the coming months. I watched the Golden Globes last Monday night so I say let’s give them a go! Let’s make them our own! Today let’s focus on the eyes and let’s pretend for a bit that… ok sure why not…We CAN look like Sienna Miller (‘s cousin?).

Now, full disclosure I am NOT a make-up artist I’m just giving it a go with what some may describe as a devil-may-care attitude (others may call it severe lack of skill) so if you are a make-up artist and you’re reading this, why gosh darn it, I would love to hear any feedback/comments. You’d make me day! OK let’s go have some fun…

1. Sienna Miller

How good was this anti make-up look on the red carpet? She cops a mention in my pre-article spiel as well as topping the list because this is beautiful, brave and b-b-bold. Makes me wanna go listen to the Spice Girls for some reason probably associated with Girl Power and being kick-ass confident.

To get this look I’ve gone ahead and conditioned my lashes to the max with Jane Iredale Pure Lash Conditioner before adding Sax mascara. And holy moly grrl, I got some length. You don’t really need anything else when you’re rolling this way…

Let’s promise to always condition

Before applying a great mascara as good as this…

2. Tina Fey

I love the Fey. She’s smart, she’s funny and this look was so beautiful on her. Browns, eyeliner for eye accentuation…a touch 1940’s dare I say it…

I’ve harnessed the assistance of Ere Perez Without Clothes Eye Shadow Duo (I love their lip stain, why wouldn’t I love this) I’ve applied the darker colour to the socket line/outer edge of the eye and the lighter colour to the inner part of the eye. And just as good as the aforementioned mascara, I’ve also used the Sax eyeliner to complete this look. To make it ‘pop’ as they say in the biz…

Ta da…

Will I become as funny as her now?

3. Nicole Richie & Kerry Washington

Holler at your colour!!! These two get a mention in my book for trying something different! (Look close I peep some purple on KW!)

Let’s go ahead and copy this using either a dark blue or a purple Shimmer Shine Pencil from BYS (Glides on so easy and so fun!) with wonderful help of the Stila eyeshadow duo in Tatiana.

To get this

Again I focused on the outer corners of the eyes blending in with the purple tones and ended up with the pink half of the Stila duo in the inner corners of my eye. Ah- a bold colour. Such a ball of a time.
Plus have any of you seen Django Unchained yet? (Starring Kerry Washington) SO GOOD!

Happy Awards season everyone. Have a blast with your makeup and beauty routine you beautiful people.

Article by Adriane Daff, makeup lover, actress & Siena Miller's cousin.

Be well,


A Tale of 2 Groupon Vouchers… Featuring Discount Gym Passes & Insanely Good Makeup Tools.

Picture a scene: you and friend sitting around doing what you do and all of a sudden their phone goes 'buzzzzz buzzzzzzz' then a second later yours goes 'buzzzzzzz buzzzzzzz' and after reading you both look up and almost perfectly in synch say; 'is $49 for 10 yoga sessions a good deal?'

Has that happened to you? No? It will. Why? Because everyone's inboxes are filling up with DEALS DEALS DEALS! Quick as a wink.

So today I'm going deep for you guys, I'm seeking out the deal BEHIND THE DEAL. And my dealer of choice today, is Groupon. In the first instance it must be said, I know it seems a little overwhelming. I know it seems easier to just bin that email without opening it. But if you do look you may just stumble upon a shining shimmering splendid.

So with that in mind and for the purposes of this article I decided to get myself a 24-piece Makeup Brush Set for $29. I had a choice of colour (black or pink) and the delivery was free. TWENTY NINE DOLLARS! PINK! FREE! !!! My choice was motivated by the fact that I have always gazed at makeup artists brush sets in giddy wonderment (in that clap your hands together and bob on the spot kind of way) and as previously mentioned on Wellness WA, I massively enjoy drawin' on me face.

To balance this out I also bought a 20 session pass to a gym for $49 (CBD Health Spa, a gym I like and where WE ARE LOVING that I don't have to buy a full year membership, aren't we guys?) so we are now looking at a product and a service. Range. I like it.

The brushes are flipping marvellous. I really cannot believe how it worked out to a little over a dollar a brush because the quality of them is so good. No stray brush hairs coming loose and hanging onto your chin like you're growing the world's thinnest most disgusting beard and my makeup application game has gone up a notch or two- hey don't wanna brag…all in all I'm THRILLED. The only downer was that they literally took months to be delivered – like 3 months- but my unease about that has subsided since I use these brushes everyday and am so happy with them. Plus the delivery was free so maybe chill Adriane, gees.

And the gym one? Um…well…you know…uhhh- that one was instantaneous as soon as I bought it and so there were no problems in THAT regard. Full access to the 24hr gym, all classes and even a couple of PT sessions. But I've only been about three times. I KNOW. But I've got three months to use that one so I'll just, you know, go every single day from now until the end of the year and then I will be the Queen of Groupon Success*. That's totally possible right?

If you've been ignoring those emails because they are annoying you in their multitude then downscale to the ones you are interested in (yes you can choose) and be in it to win it. You might end up with something useful for yourself or your loved ones.

What do you guys reckon? Have you got a good Groupon deal of late?

*Groupon never said they would MAKE me go, that has to come from within…is there a deal that could help with that?

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Reviews by Adriane Daff. Make up enthusiast and world class gym procrastinator.