Day Spa Review: Customised Dermalogica Facial Treatment at Endota Day Spa, Perth CBD.

I had a birthday recently. Aside from the usual stuff, there was something extra special I wanted this year; I wanted the Customised Dermalogica Facial Treatment at Endota Day Spa and my Mum delivered. Good on you, Mum.

Now that we're in the heart of winter my skin has just felt like a big old bag of rubbish. And short of removing my face and sending it on a one way trip to the tip, I sensed that I just needed some professional help, some guidance if you will, because sometimes when you are too close to the problem you start suggesting crazy things like removing your face.

One of the best things about Endota is how you feel so transported, one minute you are amidst the hustle and bustle of Hay Street, the next you are cocooned in their plush surroundings, so lovely that make you feel like you are in a secluded wood cabin and the soft rumble of traffic could in fact be a nearby waterfall. Well, at the very least it's like being in a super comfortable, nicely designed inner city apartment with good lighting. Upon my arrival I am greeted and sent through to the relaxation room where I chill out for a bit, all the while sipping on some rosehip tea served to me by my therapist for the day, Zowie. Cool name huh? I secretly made up that her parents are Bowie fans. I cannot back this up.

Once I get settled, my eyes close, the super sonic light goes on and Zowie gets real with me about the state of my face. Now, this could've been a really scary experience. But I did feel really comfortable here, Endota was so cozy and calm…and Zowie was really clear and made me feel at ease. Plus she had GREAT skin. So that helped. And also, this is what I wanted. Some things that Zowie told me I already knew and some things were new discoveries, all of which informs what products she is going to use on me.

My favorite products from the treatment were the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse, the Daily Microfoliant and the Intensive Eye Repair, all available in spa, on the Endota website or via Strawberry NET. These are the products I can definitely see myself using day to day. After the facial is over I walk away with a sheet detailing everything we discovered about my face with a list of the products Zowie used on me. They keep a copy at Endota so when I go back they know exactly what kind of beast they are dealing with. And let's face it, that's a good idea because I'm probably almost definitely going to lose that sheet.

Would I go back for another facial? Most definitely…the massage technique in the facial was really good and Zowie was just so lovely. I would also go back for a massage because of how relaxing the experience was, and the whole place was just so beautiful and comfortable, it's hard to believe they've been in there for such a short amount of time!

Thanks to the facial I now know where to start. You know how sometimes you know deep down what the problem is but you need someone else to tell you to sort of remember and start doing something about it? No? Just me? Probably. Anyway it's really jump-started my skincare routine and if nothing else then I think that's incredibly valuable. Also Endota stocks all the Dermalogica products that I loved from the facial, so…well, now I think I know what I'll be asking for on my next birthday.

Do you like Dermalogia? Ever tried a facial of theirs? What about David Bowie, do you like him? Leave a comment below!

Review by Adriane Daff, theatrical princess and our latest Endota convert.


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