Beauty & Wellbeing Crushes: Facial Radiance Pads, Illuminating Makeup, Cucumber Slices & More!

FAB Facial Radiance Pads

These babies are a chemical exfoliant, in an incredibly handsome jar (First Aid Beauty has gorgeous packaging. I appreciate such things). They're intended to be used after cleansing, but as a glycolic product, ultra ultra sensitive types might want to let a bit of time lapse after cleansing before using these. They clarify and brighten and are a joy to use in hot weather since the pads are generously saturated with product. Keep in fridge for optimal awesome. Available in David Jones stores & on the First Aid Beauty webstore (US Site)

Face of Australia Illuminators

It's hard to downplay the awesomeness of this range (there's four shades) – mixes well with standard moisturisers for a bronzey glow, a tiny bit lends a glossy blush to the cheeks, and the sheer size and value for money factor is astronomical. There's more in these illuminator tubes than most foundations, and at just over $12 a pop they are truly epic. I highly recommend mineral foundation (loose powder) with a dash of this on the cheeks – optimal effect with minimal layers on the skin, which is all for the best in sweatier months. Check it out here.

Cucumber Slices

It's old, and is likely the absolute first thing your first ever Dolly magazine told you to do. Of course, you could also use teabags instead (I heartily endorse peppermint teabags), and if you've got the time, a cold flannel across your whole face is going to do some pretty wonderful things in terms of de-puffing, de-redding and forestalling your summer lethargy.

Echolife Facial Mists

While Kosmea's Rosewater Mist is a popular favourite in summer, in terms of value for money I have to hand it to the Echolife range of sprays. There are four types, made to address different skin concerns – Lavender, Rose, Tea Tree and Witch Hazel. I'm a big fan of the lavender, and the 250ml bottle invites more liberal usage than Kosmea's dainty little spray bottle.

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Plenty of other dry shampoos have sprung up in its wake, but for me Klorane is still the best. Summer is a rough time for hair – you can be freshly washed but still saturated at the roots within an hour, and things like a rough dry towelling and some dry shampoo will do wonders. And also save you having to rewash and blow dry your hair, as blow drying in summer is a torturous and miserable endeavour. Klorane have also recently released a version of their dry shampoo with nettle to address oilier scalps (hoorah!) so those who have written off dry shampoos in the past would do well to reinvestigate!

Do you have a crush on any of these products too, or some crushes of your own? Leave a comment below and share the crush-love!

Crushes by Suzanne from Don’t They Know Who I Am?

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