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Hairdresser Review: Pastel Balayage at Head Studio, Perth.

For the low-maintenance lady with a love of sun-kissed locks, balayage has been pretty hard to beat. A popular hair trend that has seen a slew of Erin Wasson hair doppelgangers emerging from salons since 2009, I too jumped on the band-wagon. But this summer, I wanted something different. I’ve seen another band-wagon travelling past, and I have jumped straight on. If balayage was the zeitgeist of a care-free summer beauty routine last year, this summer will see 90s style pastel pretty hair making a come back. You might have also seen it referred to as Ombre, from the French ‘to shade’. It’s basically a dip-dye effect where the hair is dyed from light to dark, or dark to light.

♥ Model Dree Hemingway

I decided to make the switch on a whim, and having heard wonderful things about King Street’s Head Studio, I book myself a last minute appointment. Having called at 10am, I manage to get myself down to their swanky studio by 10.45am. If I wasn’t thoroughly impressed already with their flexibility, Head Studio’s antique decadence leaves me feeling like I’ve entered the royal frontiers of Perth’s hair dressing salons. Perhaps not the place for those looking to relax, Head Studio feels a lot like a busy Northbridge café, with a playlist made in indie heaven (I believe I listened to Wolfmother’s first album) and a staff of very fashionable and talented young things. With some of the hair dressers responsible for the glorious manes of Perth’s Fashion Week, I know I’m in good hands.

♥ Model Charlotte Free

I’m greeted by two lovely ladies who escort me through as we discuss exactly what I want. I’m thinking more along the lines of a subtle hue a la models Charlotte Free and Dree Hemingway rather than My Little Pony, so we decide upon a tasteful and understated magenta. After a complimentary head and shoulder massage (bliss!), my colourist retouches my balayage so the magenta will come up brighter. After that’s developed and I’ve caught up on the latest Oyster magazine, we then get down to business. The magenta is actually a mixture of pink and blue mixed in with toner, and I’m told that sadly, will fade within a few washes.

After a light trim, my hair is then dried and loosely curled with a GHD.

The colour completely washed out after 3 washes, but my hair is notorious for being hard to maintain colour. I’m not too disappointed though – the staff were perfect conversationalists, and if you check in on Foursquare you get a free milkshake! I’ll definitely be back there soon!

Cost: $235 for cut/colour/blow dry


PERTH SALON 08 9481 6464
64 King St, Perth CBD

SUCCESS SALON 08 9498 7577
Shop 20A, Gateway Shopping Centre, 816 Beeliar Drive, Success

Shop 4/7 Railway Tce, Rockingham Beach

Twitter: @headstudio

Pastel hair – 90s raver faux pas? Or fashion forward? What do you think?

Review by Camilla Peffer, pastel haired princess (for a brief time anyway) and curator of Cunning Copy.

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Hair Salon Review: Blackberries for Hair, East Perth.

I had been thinking about getting hair extensions for a little while now. As a lot had changed in my life recently, so I decided new hair was just what the doctor ordered!

I went into Blackberries for Hair in East Perth and had a free consultation with the owner, Evadney, who has been specialising in hair extensions for over 30 years. During the consultation she explained the various ways she can apply the hair and what she recommends based on your hair type. I decided to have the microlink technique with Russian hair.

My hair was looking rather unintentionally balayaged, so she gave me the option to go to my regular hairdresser with the sample of the hair to get my hair a more uniform colour so the hair extensions would blend better.

Evadney applied the microlink hair extensions by separating my hair into even triangle sections with the same amount of hair she clamps onto it. She explained if not enough of your hair is used and then a hair extension is attached which is too heavy, it can lead to your hair getting pulled out, the hair extension falling out or even bald spots!

Lucky for me Evadney is a perfectionist. Once all the hair extensions were expertly put in, she cut and blended my natural hair seamlessly into my new long hair. The whole process took about 4 hours. During this time I had a great chat with Evadney, watched a man get dreads, read some new magazines and learnt how to look after my new hair.

I’m so happy with my new long beautiful hair. I walked out of Blackberries feeling great, confident and a little bit like Rapunzel…

Blackberries is offering an October special, $550 for 120 strands of Russian hair instead of the usual price of $990 which I was very happy to take them up on!

Blackberries for Hair
3/74 Corner of Wellington St & Bennett Street
East Perth
(08) 6161 1431

Review by Jana Tann, aka Rapunzel!

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Two Words Women Don’t Want to Hear! (Or, Hairdresser Review: Maurie Meade, Subiaco.)

I’m pregnant!!

Don’t get me wrong – we love hearing them from friends, then it’s all shrieks, hugs, and tears. But there’s one person we simply do not want to hear it from, and I’m pretty sure I can speak for the whole sisterhood here…your hairdresser.

Years of unflattering cuts, tragic colours, and massively botched home attempts, litters a rite of passage to be endured until you find, THE ONE. So when your hairdresser enthusiastically declares her impending motherhood, I understand that it takes all your strength not to pick up the buzz razor and fashion a reverse Mohawk through the centre of her perfectly sculpted bob.

Word of warning, if you’re a hairdresser about to make a life changing announcement, please don’t be offended if your clients don’t share your enthusiasm, it’s just that we know our life is about to become ruled by our fickle follicles.

When my last hairdresser drifted off into oblivion, I found myself skulking back to a major corporate salon I’d used years ago in the nineties, Maurice Mead Subiaco.

Perhaps it was a case of absence makes the heart grow fonder but I was thrilled with the service. Not only were the magazines post World War II, I was given a cup of tea and placed in front of a television showing the latest fashions, then given a head massage to die for. The act of hair washing reached a whole new level when, lying back on a black leather vibrating massage chair, the apprentice worked his magic for a good 15 minutes, all the while checking on my personal level of pressure, bliss. Numb beyond belief I watched on as my stylist, Ailsa, retrieved my card and identified the colours that had worked best for me in the past then listened to what I wanted. Not only that, she checked regularly to make sure I was happy. In the end I left the salon relaxed and feeling very special. While it was a lot dearer than my previous stylist, I’d almost pay double just for the head massage, but don’t tell them that.

Maurice Meade Subiaco
9/127 Rokeby Road, SUBIACO WA 6008
Salon is located on Barker Rd

PH: (08) 9381 6447

Review by Glennys Marsdon – author, blogger, consumer behaviourist who’s spent a lifetime researching why we do what we do, but still hasn’t worked out Hollywood tap.

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Makeup Look: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Theme Party.

I LOVE themed parties! Give me an excuse to get into costume and play a character for the night and I will be there with bells on; and in this case Swarovski crystals as well.

On this occasion the theme for the party was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The look I wanted to go for was an “ethereal woodland fairy”, much like the mischievous characters from Shakespeare’s play.

I designed the outfit myself. The top was made out of a satin and organza skirt that I shredded into panels and draped strategically over my torso, leaving my back and most of my midriff bare. The flowing, long, white skirt complimented the baby pink top and I painted my toenails with a shimmering polish and went barefoot.

For my hair and make-up, I called in the professionals.

Slajana Spaseski is the founder and owner of the Perth based business, Make-up by Design. She arrived at my house equipped to completely transform me, and efficiently went about turning my bathroom into a salon.

♥ Slaj gives me the tip “during the day it’s always best to work in a room that has natural light”.

Julia before makeup.

Julia after makeup.

Over the next 3 hours, we planned and executed the complex transformation as you can see from the before and after photos. Slaj deftly moved from product to product and so I asked her to give me a rundown of just how she created this design.

Here is a step by step guide you can follow yourself:


♥ Always begin with a clean canvas (baby wipes are best to clean the face because make up wipes often leave an oily residue which can make the base unstable).

♥ Apply a primer to the skin with a foundation brush. The primer will prep the skin for the foundation and will also make it last longer. I used Jemma Kidd Primer. It has light reflecting particles in it which give the skin a youthful glow.

♥ Next I applied Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Available online at StrawberryNet) all over the face.


♥ Julia is naturally gifted with very chiselled cheekbones (thanks Slaj) and so I merely accentuated them by using a peach powder blush on the apples of her cheek.

♥ Then, from my Smashbox Contouring Palette I used the darkest colour powder in the hollow of her cheek and my Smashbox Mosaic Highlighter Palette to accentuate the cheek bone.

The Eyes, Eyebrows and the Mask

♥ I began by lightly dusting the entire eye area, up to the mid forehead, with a baby pink loose pigment.
♥ I then drew in the cat eye with a M.A.C eye crayon, extending the wing to the temple.

♥ The eyelashes were then curled using a heated eyelash curler (I loved this! I am going to pick one up from Priceline for about $12, much nicer than the old school eyelash curler!), following by lashings of black mascara.

♥ I applied false eyelashes with a pair of tweezers and Duo Glue.

Benefit – Brows a Go-Go!

♥ While we were waiting for the glue to dry, I gave Julia her dramatic eyebrows using my Benefit Brow Kit . I used the eyebrow wax to set the hairs into place and plot the desired shape. When I was happy with the shape, I accentuated the brows using the darker brow powder applied with a 266 Mac Eyebrow Brush.
♥ The mask was given some depth by drawing in both silver and black streaks using Kryolan paint.
♥ I then glued Swarovski crystals randomly within the mask using Kryolan Spirit Gum.

♥ The feathers were glued on the outer corners of the eyes using spirit gum to accentuate the winged eye make-up.

♥ The lips were lined with a neutral pink lip liner by Napoleon and filled in with a shimmer lip gloss by Modelco .

The tool kit!

♥ The hair was roughly blow dried and lightly sprayed with hair spray. Each section of hair was sprayed again prior to rolling with with Babyliss hot-rollers.

♥ When the make-up was finally finished it was time to pull out the rollers.
Each section was carefully removed so as to not disturb the curl. Each individual curl was then sprayed to hold.

♥ Julia’s body was bronzed and glowing thanks to the application of Chi Chi Solarium in a Bottle.

It was a wonderful experience to get pampered at home and Slaj was very conscious of the time and making sure that I was able to get dressed, have something to eat and take lots of fantastic photos before heading out. The look was very dramatic and caused quite a stir at the party.

People were surprised at how completely unusual I looked. I have never had curly hair and so I was very excited to get the ringlets.

If you want to learn how to create theatrical or natural looks you can attend one of Slaj’s workshops. Find out more here:

Make-up by Design is a completely mobile business so Slaj can come to your home or hotel to prepare you for a big event. She says that now is the busiest time of year with parties and weddings in the warm weather.

She does everything from weddings to photo shoots for clothing labels.

Check it out on Facebook or contact Slajana on: 0433967900 or She is on call 7 days a week.

Review by Julia Hern, personal trainer and event junkie who loves to swim, but doesn’t need water to make a splash!

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Hairdresser Review: Peggy Sues at Last Chance Studio, Northbridge.

Let me introduce Bee. She is 25, nutty, cat obsessed, and a genius with scissors.

Stepping into Bee’s salon, Peggy Sues, was a very different hair experience for me. Walking through Last Chance Studios, then through a kitchen and up a winding staircase (careful not to step on the sleeping kitty!) makes you feel as though you are visiting a friend, not a hairdresser which is always a good thing!

Once seated and robed Bee and I have a chat about what I want and within 5 minutes of talking we both come to a decision… Mermaid hair*. Otherwise known as hair with lots of layers, swish and length, mermaid hair is something I have always longed for and Bee is just as excited as I am about achieving it.

She gets straight into the washing and cutting, (no messing around here) and a short while later I am a very happy lady with pretty mermaid hair. We decided not to redo my balayage, as once the layers were cut in, the colour popped out any ways. This saved me from wrecking my hair with more dye and also saved my pennies! Bee even gave me a quick lesson on how to style my new do at home. Very nice.

If you are after a salon that is comfortable, kitsch, friendly and fun then Peggy Sues Is for you.

If you prefer mood music, cups of tea and white walls then look elsewhere. Bee was previously employed with Circles Subiaco and she charges extremely low prices for the level of expertise offered.


Student Cut+Blowdry- $50
Cut+Blowdry- $60
Mens – $25
Cut,Colour,Blowdry – from $150
Blowdry- $45
Hair Up – $80

(Prices current as of December 2010)

Review by the lovely fashion/beauty blogger April Rose.