Daily Wellness Routine: Katie Eales, Founder of Sabbia Co.

First up, briefly tell us a bit about yourself and what you do!

I grew up in Port Douglas, in a half Italian / half Australian household. Growing up diving the Great Barrier Reef, camping under the stars and eating 90% homegrown was where I found my deep love and appreciation for the planet. I moved to the Gold Coast to study marketing straight after year 12, I then went on to travel throughout many Asian countries, Europe and the States. In 2017 I met my husband Dave, in 2018 we found ourselves on a remote beach in Sri Lanka and were devastated over the amount of single-use personal items we were surrounded by.

When we arrived home we decided to minimise all single-use items in our home. As we started to research and test reusable products we fell in love with many amazing sustainable swaps. Our mission was no longer to overhaul our home but everyone else’s. And this is when Sabbia Co was born (September 2019). An ethical brand with minimal impact on the environment, that creates unique facial kits out of sustainable, biodegradable, reusable and chemical free tools. Along with sustainably sourced and packaged skincare that is formulated by myself.

Sabbia translates to sand in Italian. I’m half Italian and the purpose of what we do at Sabbia Co is to create sustainable products that can go back into the Earth like a grain of sand.

What time do you wake up most days and how many hours of sleep do you aim for?

We wake up at 4/4.30am each weekday and aim to get to sleep by 8.30pm – 7-8 hours beauty sleep is essential!

What’s your morning routine to set you up for a great day?

Dave wakes up at 4am, does his morning meditation and mini workout then comes in with coffee and I get up around 4.30am. I start every morning with coffee in bed and meditation before anything else. I then go for a beach walk, Pilates or yoga around 5/5.30, shower, breakfast and journaling if I have time before getting into the office at 7.30am.

Describe a typical day of eating for you.

I start the morning with a glass of water then coffee with oat milk, I drink 3-4L of water throughout the day and limit myself to 1 coffee. Breakfast is either avo and egg on sourdough or coconut yogurt with muesli and banana.

Lunch varies between rice paper rolls, sushi and wraps. Dinner is also always different (stirfry, salad, rice bowls or pasta), I am currently pregnant so trying to incorporate organic read meat, chicken or salmon a little more than usual. We both have a sweet tooth, I try to make healthy bliss balls and cookies but we can’t go past a block of chocolate every now and then.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine! What are your non-negotiables for looking and feeling your best?

Skincare is my biggest passion, hence Sabbia Co…


Cleanse with konjac sponge and botanical glow cleanser, revive face mist, collagen c serum, multi-vitamin moisturiser, Ultra Violette SPF and Mineral BB Cream – everything is from our sustainable skincare brand Sabbia Co except for the sunscreen from Ultra Violette.

♥ Sabbia Co botanical glow cleanser


Remove makeup with reusable makeup cloth, cleanse with konjac sponge and botanical glow cleanser, revive face mist, collagen c serum and multi-vitamin moisturiser. I alternate between facial treatments – matcha clay mask, overnight hydrating mask with multi-vitamin moisturiser or Gua Sha/Facial Cupping with our antioxidant repair oil.

Do you have an evening wind-down ritual?

We eat dinner around 6pm so that we can clean up, have a stretch and begin to wind down. We have a no phones after 7.30/8pm rule which we both love!

What are your top 3 wellness non-negotiables?

Early wake up, meditation / movement and nourishment (food, mind, skin, soul)!

Favourite farmers market or healthy place to shop for healthy goodies.
Palm Beach farmers markets every Saturday. The olive sourdough is my staple! And I love being able to eat seasonal vegetables and fruits from local farmers.

What’s your fitness routine & favourite way to get sweaty and where’s your go-to?

Beach walk, pilates and yoga – I’ve done my yoga and pilates teacher training so I tend to create my own flows at home.

I studied at Studio Pilates in Brisbane, Essence of Living and Fire Shaper on the Gold Coast. I don’t teach as it was more of a self exploration study but I love to practice in the comfort of my home or reformer Pilates at Ritual in Palm Beach.

If you could only wear one brand of activewear for the rest of your life it would be…


What’s the one beauty or wellness treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

Gua Sha and Facial Cupping – seriously life changing! We have a free ebook so that our customers can learn and perform in the comfort of their own homes.

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven’t got around to yet?

Facial massage, I have done it to myself but I would love to find somewhere where I can have a professional perform it on me.

Are you into any woo-woo wellness trends?

Very much so, I read my cards and manifest with the new moon each month. The cards I use & love are Wisdom Of Gaia by: Toni Carmine Salerno.

Thanks to Katie for taking the time to share her lovely routine with us – head to the Sabbia Co website to find out more about their sustainable beauty products!

Be well,


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