Endeavour Short Courses: Gut Health, the Microbiome & Wellbeing – A Review!

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

– Kevin Trudeau

Fostering and nurturing our brain is what brings meaning to our lives. That’s why Endeavour College’s short accredited courses, we’re talking 20 hours short, were made for those of us with busy lives who want to explore . As soon as I heard the magic number, I signed myself up (full disclosure: Annette really signed me up).

Getting to know my gut, and the benefits of taking care of it well, intimately has been one of the most rewarding lessons of my life in the past few years.

So it didn’t take much convincing for me to take a baby step (frog leap) into being a student again to learn from the experts at Endeavour College with their Gut Health: the microbiome and wellbeing short course.

What’s brilliant about this course is that it is 100% online and you can completely take it at your own pace, with 12 months in total to complete. Excellent for freelancers like me who love that flexibility in their schedule to learn whenever and wherever. Personally, I was looking forward to completing it ASAP, since it was so packed full of juicy information that piqued my interest and I’m always keen to up-level my gut health. But if the gut ain’t your thing, then there are an abundant array of courses to choose – from herbs to homeopathy, wellness business marketing essentials to flower essence therapy – and so much more – there’s something for anyone with an interest in healthy & wellness.

The easy to follow structure of the course is made up of six core topics. Anatomy of Digestion, Your Microbes and You, Diet and Gut Health, Microbes and Mood, Probiotics and Prebiotics (a personal favourite as I always get these two mixed up ) Supplements, Antibiotics (fascinating) and General Gut Health. 

There are super adorable cartoon videos and fun interactive quizzes to test your knowledge at the end of each topic, and I especially loved the additional resources (I’m a gut nerd, what can I say), including the suggested podcast that take you into another realm of deeper learning and knowledge consolidation.

A really great take-away was the positive influence it had on me to immediately want to choose healthier options and think about my health in a different way – plus feeling inspired to share my learnings with my friends and loved ones!

“Hey, how have you been? Do you know the difference between probiotics and probiotics? Well, let me enlighten you…!”

During the course I stocked up on coconut yoghurt & made the delish hazelnut & fig granola recipe that was included, as well as started taking probiotic supplements again – I started feeling the benefits right away.

The course takes it to another level by allowing you to experience first-hand what the impact is on your own life by utilising an interactive learning journal, which I thought was really cool.

What’s more, I received a digital certificate to pop on my resume if I ever find myself working in the field of nutrition.

I would highly, highly recommend the Endeavour Gut Health course, especially for those who have thought about perhaps changing career paths and want to explore their interests in a new industry through accredited learning.

Overall I completed it within 3 weeks, over about 20 hours all up, and found the takeaways to be life changing for health – and I’m still implementing things I’ve learned today – many months later.

If you’re looking for a boost of inspo in your life / health / career – I say DO IT. You won’t regret it. And your gut will thank you. Check out the course here!

Review by Kelly-Anne, graphic designer, spa lover & gut nerd.

Be well,


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