Perth Healthy Cooking Class Review: Food in the Nude – A Vibrant Start.

Being on my version of the Earth Diet Challenge: 365 days sugar free, preservative free, MSG free, artificial anything free, I’ve been looking at different ways of preparing food.

About two years ago I was at my diet was 100% raw and I felt absolutely amazing. I had recently been diagnosed with Graves Disease and the medication wasn’t working fast enough and so my specialist recommended removing my thyroid. Things go a little out of control without a thyroid as I soon discovered. I was tired, foggy and if that wasn’t enough I gained 10 kilos in 8 weeks! I ‘discovered’ the raw food diet on a google search and I seriously never felt better.

However as with most things, as I started feeling better the motivation to stay 100% raw diminished, as did my feeling great. Funny that.

I eat fairly well these days, and as I said earlier I committed to the Earth Diet Challenge 56 days ago now and was looking for new ways to prepare my food when along came a 2 for 1 offer to attend a raw food class so how could I say no to that?

Food in the Nude – A Vibrant Start!

I arrived to Michelle’s class and joined the other 10 ladies that were there, her classes are held at the back of her home in a gorgeous room with plenty of natural light.

Michelle started off by telling us about her story, her past health problems and where she gets her passion for raw foods. The best thing was she was totally upfront with all of us and admitted that she wasn’t perfect, not only was she not perfect but she had eaten a Krispy Kreme doughnut recently! Talk about making people feel at ease.

The other great thing about Michelle is there was no “all or nothing” approach. I’ve found that a lot of people who say they’re interested in your health have a belief that their way is the only way and they can be quite painful to deal with.

She went through a dazzling array of equipment that she uses, but was quick to point out that we could start with just the basics of a blender and food processor, knife and cutting board.

♥ Michelle making a green smoothie, check out that glowing skin!

We then progressed to the food, and oh my goodness what a great way to convert people while educating them.

We started off with two different green smoothies, followed by Buckwheat Crispies, Cacao Crispies, Almond Museli, cinnamon gRAWnola and Walnut and Goji Crumble. And just in case there was a chance that we might be able to walk out the door rather than be rolled she then gave us Almond and Chia Porridge followed by my favourite, The Big Brekky! Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Guacamole on Sprouted Toast.

♥ Ingredients for the Buckwheat Crispies

♥ Some various raw food products

♥ The yummy looking tomatoes and mushrooms!

All this was made in front of us showing us just how easy it is to add more raw into your diet and how simple it can actually be to put it all together with no experience at all.

The price ($135) included all the above plus handouts with information on where you can get your nutrients on a high raw diet as well as equipment, methods, kitchen cupboard staples as well as resources to find all the above.

Best of all she gave us the recipes to all the food we sampled as well as a few more smoothie ideas.

Where: Hamilton Hill
What: Raw Food Classes
How much: Generally around $135 for 3 hours learning to prepare (and be filled up on!) fabulous raw foods

Reviewed by Chizelle S Salter, writer, extreme self-love expert and hostess of Chizelle TV.

Green Smoothies: A New Kind of Beauty Therapy!

Women spend thousands of dollars every day on beauty products, therapies and treatments to look good and feel younger, but forget about the importance of greens, which can have amazing beauty benefits.

Green smoothies are full of nutrients which when incorporated into your daily regime have amazing effects such as: brightened eyes, radiant skin, strengthened nails, healthy hair, plump and supple skin, and the body also has an increased ability to heal itself. Not to mention increased energy, motivation and assistance with being at your ideal weight!

If there was one dietary change that would make the most profound difference in your life, drinking a green smoothie a day would be it.

1 Pear
1 Apple
½ Avocado
1 tablespoon of freshly grated ginger
2 cups of spinach
2 cups of filtered water


Chop the pear and apple into cubes and place in the blender. Add avocado and ginger then the spinach and water. Blend on high for 30 seconds. Makes 1 litre – half for now, half for later 🙂

Leave a comment if you are already on this green smoothie gravy train, have another green recipe or just cannot fathom drinking spinach in a smoothie, we’d love to hear from you!

Quick recipe by Louise Ranger, Nutritionist and owner of Healthy Eating Australia.

A basic Green Smoothie recipe!

I don’t think I’ve posted this recipe before, and I’ve had a truck load of people wanting to dip their toes into the wonderful world of these murky looking smoothies!

Green smoothies are one of a few things that make me feel on top of the world, full of energy & song. I cannot recommend them highly enough! Don’t be fooled by their sour looking appearance, they are actually pretty sweet and taste just like a regular berry / fruit smoothie (minus the milk!).

So, without further interference from me, here is a super basic recipe for a green smoothie from which all other recipes of mine stem from!

♥ 1/2 x cup of apple juice
♥ 1 x cup of water
♥ 1-2 x cups of washed, fresh baby spinach (you don’t generally want to use regular spinach as the taste is bitter / stronger)
♥ 1 x decent sized banana or 2 x small bananas
♥ 1/2-1 x cup of frozen fruit (your choice: blueberries, mango, raspberries… they’re all good!)

Get all that whizzing around in your blender and soon you’ll be be a convert, I 99.9% guarantee it.

If you would like some extra tips for experts, check out this Vogue Forum Green Smoothies thread for inspiration galore!

Let me know if you decide to try a green smoothie, otherwise you can come round to my joint and I’ll whip you one up PERSONALLY! Probably not actually, but I have converted a fair few skeptics this way!

Be well,