Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Conor Mines, Perth Food Blogger.

Conor runs the successful food blog

First up, briefly tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m in my mid-late twenties (some may argue the “mid-“ is stretching it a bit these days), completing the final year of my PhD in environmental engineering, and these days find myself spending most of what time I have left over in the day either talking about, reading about or writing about food.

Although I love to bag it, I love living in Perth but regular travel is necessary for my mental health.

Tell us about your daily beauty routine.

It’s really very basic, and sometimes I wonder when I’ll become a proper grownup and start wearing makeup to work and using night creams. I cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning, then normally wear a SPF-ed tinted moisturiser through the day.

I’d love to say I drink gallons of water a day and always get at least 8 hours of restful sleep but this is rarely the case! Herbal teas keep my water intake at somewhat acceptable levels and coffee keeps my body from punishing me too much about the amount of sleep I let it have.

What’s the one beauty treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

After discovering its joys about a year ago, I am an IPL convert. It’s like magic. Smooth, smooth magic. I was getting it done at Erazer in Claremont and found them to be really good, but my last treatment was done at Hairfree Centre in Booragoon after seeing it promoted on Wellness WA.

Who do you trust with your hair in Perth, and why?

I go to Steve at LASH in Inglewood. He always does a great job, is really affordable, is fun to talk to, never berates me for how long I leave it between visits and he makes decent coffee. He also keeps his magazines up to date, and I never have to resort to reading about Simone Warne or Bec Hewitt.

Favourite budget / at home beauty treatment?

I bought an epilator on eBay a few years ago and have found it to be a great way to save money on leg waxes without having to resort to shaving. It’s a bit old and only works when plugged into the wall, but it’s not like I’d want to go do it down at the park or something anyway.

Natio Tinted Moisturiser RRP $17.23

Your three, absolutely cannot live without, favourite products?

Toothpicks – my teeth gaps are on a constant mission to embarrass me, and I always have toothpicks on hand to thwart their plans.

Natio Tinted Moisturiser – it adds a bit of colour to my face while protecting me from the sun.

Facial Wipes – these are perfect for lazy people who want to keep their face clean, and are a godsend at the end of a big night out.

Do you have any secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Smile 🙂

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven’t yet? (Due to time, money, scared etc!)

I’m curious to see how my body and mind would respond to being in an Isolation tank. While I’m not overly afraid of suffering from claustrophobia inside one, I am apprehensive about paying good money to potentially spend an hour being bored and trying to stop thinking about what I need to buy at the supermarket, how badly I need a haircut, how I really should book myself in for another IPL treatment etc.

Describe a typical day of eating for you.

Eating is one of my main priorities in life, and there is some part of my brain that is constantly thinking about my next meal, even while I’m eating my current meal.

My typical day will start with breakfast of a bowl of steel cut oat porridge with assorted fresh fruits, natural yoghurt, stewed rhubarb and a sprinkling of dried fruits on top.

Lunch will be something like sushi, a wrap and salad, or an enormous chicken or tuna salad.

My standard boring dinner is some sort of embarrassingly large stir fry with a huge amount of vegetables and a protein such as chicken, tofu or fish. I am also constantly snacking throughout the day, and can fade pretty quickly if I have to go very long without sustenance.

Describe your fitness routine.

Given that one of my favourite pastimes is eating, and I am not blessed with magical genes, I maintain a decent fitness routine in order to fit into my clothes and also to keep myself strong and healthy.

Despite the mostly horrendous music, I’m a big fan of the Les Mills group fitness classes. I do Body Pump three times a week and Body Step twice a week when it suits my schedule. I’ve also recently set myself the potentially ridiculous goal of running the half marathon component of the Busselton Half Ironman in May of next year, so have just started doing interval training once a week, and a “long run” once a week. So far my definition of “long” is 10km, which isn’t even half a half marathon. I’m glad May is a long way off, and that Busselton is nice and flat.

Do you take part in any alternative therapies or take supplements? If so, discuss.

Although I have a good diet, I take a daily multivitamin and fish oil supplements in case I’m somehow missing any vital nutrients. I went through a sustained period of getting regular acupuncture, and found it very beneficial for many reasons, but have fallen out of the habit at the moment. I also can’t go long without a neck/shoulder massage and treat myself whenever I can, which is never often enough.

Any questions for Conor?!

Be well,


Beauty & Wellbeing Routine: Adriane Daff, Actress.

Welcome to our BRAND NEW segment, where we will uncover for you all the secret tips & tricks that well-known and upcoming “Perthonalities” employ to keep them looking and feeling on top of the world (or Kings Park)!

If you have any suggestions for Perth based darlings you’d like us to interview, send through an e-mail and we’ll try and get them to shed some light on their health and beauty routines.

First up is Adriane Daff, actress and local pretty Perthie, she has worked in films, television and most recently two plays that received rave reviews, including “The Pride“.

Read on to see how she keeps looking great…

Tell us about your daily beauty routine!

Trying to remember to cleanse, tone and moisturize. Trying to remember to put on sunscreen. Trying not to touch my face throughout the day. Trying to do at least some sort of exercise. Trying to drink as much water as I can. Trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Trying to eat apples. I would describe the whole routine as ‘trying’.

Whats the one beauty treatment you can’t live without? And your favourite place to have it done?

IPL at The Beauty Gallery is pretty damn amazing. Mircrodermabrasion at the same place is also really good. And I like facials.

The best facials I’ve ever had in my life were at a place in the West Village in New York that I went to regularly up until about a year ago when I left America. My therapist was a very stern Eastern European lady (called something like Olga) and told me if I just drank more water and slept more it would make a huge difference. I wish I could go to her regularly. She was so matronly and matter of fact. I miss her.

Who do you trust with your hair in Perth, and why?

I trust anyone and everyone. I’m not too prescious about my hair (and maybe not too kind) but I feel like it’s the one thing that no matter what you do to it, it’ll always grow back. So you should dye it, cut it, do whatever you like to it because it’s only temporary. In saying that though nine times out of ten when I say to someone I love your hair they tell me they got it done at Head Studio.

Favourite budget / at home beauty treatment?

Visine eye drops. Eight dollars!

Juicy Tubes!

Your three, absolutely cannot live without, favourite products?

Lancome juicy tubes, Aesop sunscreen, Dior Diorshow mascara.

Do you have any secret tips you use to keep looking / feeling great?

Sleep and water drinking! Just like Olga said! Boring. But it works, I think.

What beauty treatment/ wellbeing activity would you love to try but haven’t yet? (Due to time, money, scared etc!)

One day I would like to go to a really intense day spa that lasts for maybe a week and is in a really remote part of the world and you do things like immerse yourself in snow/steam in a sauna/roll around in honey/get blasted with a high pressure hose and eat only rice two times a day. Something really harsh, just to see if it works.

Describe a typical day of eating for you?

I’m not so good with routine, I find it really hard to get into good habits. Food both bores me and overwhelms me. I try to eat things that I know are good for me but more often than not I don’t care enough. I’m working on it.

Describe your fitness routine.

Again I’m really bad with routine so I go through phases of exercise but things I always find myself going back to are walking (because it doesn’t feel like you are exercising) swimming and yoga. I recently started Bikram Yoga which I like because its mental and physical. And very challenging.

Do you take part in any alternative therapies or take supplements? If so, discuss.

Not really, I’m pretty cynical and ignorant when it comes to alternative therapies (I’m sorry to say). I try to remember to take calcium tablets but that’s about it!

Thanks Adriane!

Do you like our new section?

Who would you most like to have reveal their beauty / health secrets?

Any questions for our actress friend?

Be well,


Permanent Hair Removal Experience: Follow Up!

♥ ♥ ♥

Since my last experience with SPL hair removal, a lot has happened.

I’ve marveled in delight as the hairs seemingly continued to grow, however with daily exfoliation they slowly but surely all popped out and left me with smooth skin. It took quite a white for any semblance of hairs to grow back after this. Keeping in mind that all the hairs are at different growth stages so the areas I had done (upper leg, tummy & bikini) have never yet been a completely ‘smooth canvas’, it’s still been very promising!

My second SPL experience at Hairfree Booragoon was surprisingly a little more painful than the first.

The results after this second treatment have been fantastic, despite the tiny increase in pain. The hairs have really been minimised and it’s really FUN when the hairs start falling out, it feels like an accomplishment!

I think that after 4 treatments the majority of my treated areas will indeed be hair free and I’m looking forward to getting my kit off at the beach and swimming pools this Summer without having to worry about whether I have to shave / wax to feel good about myself in a bikini.

A word of warning though: THIS TREATMENT IS ADDICTIVE!

I’m already planning to get my underarms and the rest of my legs done, it’s totally streamlining my life. I’ve never been the type of girl who can be bothered shaving her legs religiously, it just takes so much darn time, leaning over in the shower, nicks and cuts, missed bits… waxing solved the problem for a while, but it’s expensive and hurts a lot!

Being able to get on with my life without this little extra hassle is totally liberating. Can you tell I’m a fan?!

If you’re keen as well you can head to Hairfree Booragoon and mention Wellness WA for 50% off your first treatment. The offer is only valid until the end of September though so if you’re keen, best to get in while you can.

Hairfree Centre Booragoon

7/135 Riseley St
Booragoon WA 6154

(08) 9316 8402


Have you ever had IPL / SPL / Laser?

Did you love it? Hate it?

Has the beach been smiling at you with a twinkle in it’s eye, giving you a knowing nod as you strut your stuff on the sand?

Be well (my loves!),



Hair Removal Review: SPL (Square Pulsed Light) Bikini Line, Hairfree Centre Booragoon.

: Talk about knickers & bikini lines ahead. You have been warned!

So! I’ve wanted to try permanent hair reduction/removal for quite some time now, I’m tired of shaving, & waxing is a recipe for ingrown hairs! I was lucky enough to organise a complimentary bikini line SPL (Square Pulsed Light) session at my local Hairfree Centre in Booragoon & if you read on, there’s a special deal in it for you too if you decide to try it out!

There’s a lot of information about IPL / SPL hair removal, which I wont go into here as I’m not an expert, but I recommend you read the following information if you are interested in exactly what goes on during permanent hair reduction:

What is SPL?

♥ ♥ ♥

I’m asked to fill out a fairly detailed form on my medical history & skin type, as well as sign a disclaimer. Marissa Pica, the owner of Hairfree Booragoon, is my qualified therapist and shows me into the room where the treatment will take place.

She runs through how the machine works, the life cycle of the hair and why it takes a series of treatments to become ‘hair free’, as well as answering any questions I have & leaves me to prepare (ie. get down to my knickers!)

The treatment room is pleasant enough, with a radio playing (for distraction from the imminent pain, or so I thought), lots of towels and very clean – with a sheet of soft paper on the bed to keep things hygienic.

There is a lolly to be enjoyed & a pair of protective glasses as the Square Pulsed Light can damage eyesight, I close my eyes during the treatment as well to be safe!

The machine hums pretty loudly and I have to admit it makes me a bit nervous.

Marissa draws some lines in white chalk on my body to indicate the boundaries of where we will be removing hair, applies a cool gel all over the areas to be treated (the same stuff they use for ultrasounds) & I prepare myself for my first ‘shot’ of the SPL machine…

It is so much less painful than I expected!
In fact, it really only feels like the slightest ‘prickle’ for each shot, 30 seconds on each side of the bikini line and it’s all over! I’m lucky as I have very fair skin & dark hair, which is optimal for SPL, so I think this added to the ease of the treatment.

Afterwards I’m shown the baby wipes, tea tree moisturiser & tissues if I need them & left to re-dress.

I’m booked in again for 6 weeks time, the hairs should begin to fall out within 3-14 days and it’s recommended that you shave any area you’re having treated the day before you come in. No waxing or sun exposure prior / after the treatment either.

I’m really excited about the prospect of being bikini ready with no effort during Summer & the thought of banishing ingrowns forever fills me with COMPLETE JOY!

Now, back to you!

If you’d like to try SPL on ANY area of the body at Hairfree Centre Booragoon, mention ‘Wellness WA’ to receive 50% off your first treatment!!

That’s a pretty special offer, if you’re interested in the extended bikini treatment which I had, it is $95, so you’d receive 50% off that.

Please note the offer is available at the Booragoon centre only 🙂

SPL is suitable for use on almost all areas including: lip, chin, neck, underarms, brazilian, bikini line, legs, back, abdomen, chest, buttocks & about 1/3 of their clients are men.

I’ll continue updating about my experiences as I have more sessions, in the meantime if you have any questions please leave them in the comments & I’ll do my best to help you!

Hairfree Garden City

Riseley Corporate Centre
Suite 7/135 RIseley Street
Booragoon WA

Ph: 1300 669 767


Be well,