Beauty Product Review: Jane Iredale “Feeling Alive” Collection.

Have you noticed that it’s starting to get gloomy in Perth? I’m pulling out my jumpers, turning on my oven to cook veggie lasagna (yay!) and wearing darker toned makeup. And while I’m all for a rich plum lip and darker tones on the lid to tie in with winter, wouldn’t it be a nice change if we wore makeup to lift and brighten the face during a cold day?

Jane Iredale has the answer in her new autumn colour collection, ‘Feeling Alive!’

For those who aren’t familiar with the lady and the brand, I’ll give you the run down. Working in conjunction with world-renowned plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Jane Iredale has developed a ‘skin care first’ mineral makeup line. Effective, yet gentle, Jane Iredale products are a favorite amongst beauty editors, makeup artists and the folks here at Wellness WA!

The ‘Feeling Alive’ collection was created to give your complexion a much-needed lift as we move into the cooler months. Incorporating bright tones for the eyes and dewy fresh colours for the lips, the products offer the wearer a fresh sun kissed complexion, even if you feel the exact opposite.

The kit includes:

Rose Dawn Bronzer – $90.00

The bronzer is split into four rose tones, which can be used individually on the cheeks or mixed together then swept across the cheekbones. The colours offer a subtle glow and can be used as a highlighter, on the eyes as eyeshadow and as a bronzer. The soft glow omitted from the powder is the perfect pick me up you need when it’s raining outside!

♥ Rose Dawn Bronzer

Eye Gloss in Pink Silk and Aqua Silk $33.00 each

Little tubes of bright colour seem a bit daunting at first but these Eye glosses are easy to blend and can also be worn as eyeliners. Just sweep a sheer amount across the lid for a subtle wash of colour or draw a thin line on the tip lash line for an interesting pop during a drizzly day.

Lip Definer Pencil in Pink $22.00

A pretty rose coloured lip liner, which can be worn with the two lip plumpers in the kit or worn on its own with a swipe of gloss over the top. Rose colours are great for your makeup collection as they can be worn by many skin tones and are a beautiful change from a nude lip for the office.

Just Kissed Lip Plumper in L.A. and Rio $56.00 each

With a slight scent of peppermint and just the right amount of shine, these lip plumpers are comfortable to wear and really do plump! The team from Jane Iredale told me that the Lip Plumpers contain ‘time released peptides which increase hydration and stimulate collagen synthesis through out the day’ which I translated to ‘comfortable, hydrated, plumped up lips throughout the day,’ success!

The Jane Iredale ‘Feeling Alive’ Pack will be available for purchase as of mid may and can be picked up through selected destination salons, spas and medical practitioners.

Does this pack sound like it would lift your winter blues? Do the eye silks sound exciting or scary to you? Have you used any Jane Iredale products before?

Review by Jacqui Bradfield, Makeup artist, winter lover and owner of glowing skin.

Be well,


Beauty and Wellbeing Crushes: Hairfree Centre, Superb Makeup Artists, Jojoba Company Prodz.

Hello! Did we all enjoy the past week? I hope so 🙂 I’m finding that beauty & wellbeing crushes keep flying at me from all angles… which I guess can only be a good thing, lets jump into this weeks loves shall we?

1. Wonderful Makeup Artists

I find it can be a bit intimidating going up to a gorgeous looking makeup artist in a department store, when you’ve just been working all day, not a speck of makeup left on your face and a fresh zit popping out to say hello to the world. Not to mention the hard sell. Lately I’ve had two fantastic experiences that I’d love to share.

MAC Makeup Counter, David Jones Perth City – I went in here looking for a red lippy that I’d seen my friend pull off beautifully the weekend prior, a lovely girl happily tried on a few colours on me to find the most suitable one and then when I mentioned I was looking for a new foundation too, she tested those and then provided me with two generous sized samples (each lasted about 5 full face applications!). I will DEFINITELY be going back and picking up my new best-match liquid foundation (MAC Studio Sculpt NW 15).

Jane Iredale Makeup, Skin Resus Floreat – a mineral makeup virgin, I went in not sure what to expect. I had such a great experience which you can read more about here! It’s so nice when you find one place you love, let alone two!

2. Hairfree Centre

Having IPL/SPL is definitely one of the best things I’ve done to lower the amount of time I spend on grooming maintenance. While so far I’ve only had my abdomen, bikini line & underarms intense pulse light-ed, I would love to have my upper legs done too! It’s just so convenient! Tell me, have you had it done? I have a bunch of $50 off for your first session vouchers to giveaway for Hairfree Centre in Subiaco, so email me with your address if you’d like one sent out to you, I’d love to share the joy!

3. The Jojoba Company Prods

I lurve jojoba! I think I have been quite vocal about this in the past. Most nights after a shower I will massage a few drops into my face and wake up with supple skin, however if I use too much, suppleness quickly becomes oiliness. The great thing about these products is the gorgeous packaging design, besides looking like a little like a giant pear drop, the pump is such that you can really control how much product comes out and therefore tread the tender line between glowing and greasy. A big fav of mine!

4. Benefit Positetint

Alright, I almost can’t rave about this one enough. This is one of the most excellent cheek tint products I’ve come across to suit pale skins, aka, moi. The container/application technique is initially bizarre, you paint a couple of thin lines of fluoro pink nailpolish-esque liquid onto each cheek, then blend.

Unique application aside, this baby has earned itself a position in my “must always own” list due to it’s ability to last all day without reapplication. Even if you only apply a little like I do, one line, the subtle pink will be there when you come home at night, even when the rest of your makeup has long since packed up and left home (your face).

5. Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm

I have been loving these sweet slicks of colour which contain an abundance of fab ingredients, including olive oil, coconut oil & vege oil. They come in the dreamiest range of shades, my current faves are hibiscus and rose (pictured above) and they are perfecto for everyday use, when you don’t want something TOO over the top, but you still want a lil sumin sumin on your lips. My only qualm with this crush is that it unfortunately contains lanolin (fat from sheeps wool) which I personally prefer to avoid due to lamb love, so Burt’s Bees, you lose a couple of points there – nix the lanolin and you’ll have me as a lifetime devotee of this product!

Be well my cuties!